List of law enforcement agencies in Virginia

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This is a list of law enforcement agencies in the state of Virginia.

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics' 2008 Census of State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies, the state had 340 law enforcement agencies employing 22,848 sworn police officers, about 293 for each 100,000 residents.[1]

State agencies[edit]

Special District agencies[edit]

  • Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel District and Commission Police Department

County agencies[edit]

City agencies[edit]

Town agencies[edit]

Town agencies include:[3]

Airport agencies[edit]

University/college police agencies[edit]

Private police departments[edit]

Per Virginia Code 9.1-101, which provides that any DCJS recognized Private Police Departments in existence as of January 1, 2013, shall remain authorized Virginia Private Police Departments. In section 3 of the code it lists as follows:

"3. That, for the purposes of this act, the following private police departments were in existence on January 1, 2013, and were recognized as private police departments by the Department of Criminal Justice Services at that time: Aquia Harbor Police Department, the Babcock and Wilcox Police Department, the Bridgewater Airpark Police Department, the Carilion Police and Security Services Department, the Kings Dominion Park Police Department, the Kingsmill Police Department, the Lake Monticello Police Department, the Massanutten Police Department, and the Wintergreen Police Department."[6]

Federal Law Enforcement[edit]

Railroad Police[edit]

Defunct law enforcement agencies[edit]


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