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A range of laws applying to or of specific relevance to Indigenous Australians. A number of laws have been passed since the European settlement of Australia, initially by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, then by the Governors or legislature of each of the Australian colonies and more recently by the Parliament of Australia and that of each of its States and Territories, these laws, arranged chronologically, include:

Title Jurisdiction Focus Notes
Aboriginal Protection Act 1869 Victoria (colonial) Control
Aborigines Protection Act 1886 (WA) Western Australia Control [1][2][3]
Act to provide certain matters connected with the Aborigines 1889 (statute 24/1889) Western Australia Control
Aboriginal Protection and restriction of the sale of opium act 1897 Queensland Control
Aborigines Protection Act (1909) New South Wales Control
Aborigines Act 1910 Victoria
Aborigines Protection (Amendment) Act (1940) New South Wales Control
Half-Caste Act 1886 (Vic) Victoria Control [4]
Half-Caste Act 1886 (WA) Western Australia Control
Pitjantjatjara Lands Act 1956 South Australia Land rights [5]
Aboriginal Lands Trust Act 1966 South Australia Land rights
Aborigines Act (NSW) 1969 New South Wales Control [6]
Aboriginal Lands Act 1970 Victoria Land rights
Aboriginal Affairs (Arrangements with the States) Act 1973 Commonwealth of Australia Inter-governmental administration
National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NSW) New South Wales Heritage
Aboriginal Relics Act 1975 (No. 81 of 1975) Tasmania Heritage protection
Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1976 Commonwealth of Australia Land rights
Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Land Rights Act, 1981 South Australia Land rights
Maralinga Tjarutja Land Rights Act 1984 South Australia Land rights
Aboriginal Heritage Act 1988 (SA) South Australia Heritage
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission Act 1989 Commonwealth Control
Native Title Act 1993 Commonwealth Land rights [7]
Native Title (South Australia) Act 1994 South Australia Land rights
Aboriginal Lands Act 1995 Tasmania Land rights
Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 (No. 25 of 1995) Tasmania Protection
Hindmarsh Island Bridge Act 1996 Commonwealth Development [8][9]
Native Title Amendment Act 1998 Commonwealth Land rights [10]
Burial and Cremation Act 2002 (No. 4 of 2002) Tasmania Control
National Parks and Reserves Management Act 2002 (No. 62 of 2002) Tasmania Protection and Control
Nature Conservation Act 2002 (No. 63 of 2002) Tasmania Protection
Aboriginal Lands Parliamentary Standing Committee Act 2003 South Australia Land rights
Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (Qld) Queensland Heritage
Commission of Inquiry (Children in State Care and Children on APY Lands) Act 2004 South Australia Investigatory/
Child protection
Aboriginal Land Council Elections Act 2004 Tasmania Elections
Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 Victoria Heritage [12]
Stolen Generations of Aboriginal Children Act 2006 Tasmania Compensation for people of the Stolen Generations
Northern Territory National Emergency Response Act 2007 (No. 129, 2007) Commonwealth Land control, protection, Control [13]

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