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This article provides general information for notable browser engines.

General information[edit]

Engine Status Steward License Embedded in
Blink Active Google GNU LGPL, BSD-style Google Chrome and Chromium, plus many other browsers including Opera and Vivaldi
EdgeHTML Active Microsoft Proprietary Microsoft Edge browser and Universal Windows Platform apps
Gecko Active Mozilla Mozilla Public Firefox browser and Thunderbird email client, plus forks like SeaMonkey and Waterfox
Goanna Active M.C. Straver[1] Mozilla Public Pale Moon and Basilisk browsers
Servo Active Mozilla Mozilla Public experimental browser
WebKit Active Apple GNU LGPL, BSD-style Safari browser, Adobe AIR apps, and other browsers like Maxthon
KHTML Discontinued KDE GNU LGPL Konqueror browser
Presto Discontinued Opera Software Proprietary formerly in the Opera browser
Tasman Discontinued Microsoft Proprietary Internet Explorer for Mac and Microsoft Entourage
Trident Discontinued Microsoft Proprietary Internet Explorer browser and Microsoft Outlook email client

Operating system support[edit]

The operating systems that actively-developed engines can run on without emulation.

Engine Windows macOS iOS Android Linux BSD
Blink[note 1] Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
EdgeHTML Yes No No No No No
Gecko Yes Yes ? Yes Yes Yes
Goanna[2] Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Servo[3] Yes Yes ? Yes Yes ?
WebKit Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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  1. ^ Blink must be embedded as part of Chromium's content layer, which has wide platform support. See here for more info.


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