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This is a partial list of learned societies, grouped by country.


Name Established Headquarters
Association for Computing Machinery Edit this on Wikidata15 Sep 1947New York City[1][2][3]
Association for Information Science and Technology Edit this on Wikidata13 Mar 1937Silver Spring[4]
Association for Symbolic Logic Edit this on Wikidata1936Poughkeepsie
Association of Internet Researchers Edit this on Wikidata1999
Australasian Society for Experimental Psychology Edit this on Wikidata1997Western Australia
Australasian Law Teachers Association Edit this on Wikidata
Australasian Proteomics Society Edit this on Wikidata1994
Australian and New Zealand Law and History Society Edit this on Wikidata1993
Commission on Isotopic Abundances and Atomic Weights Edit this on Wikidata1899[5]
Chinese Music Society of North America Edit this on Wikidata
Human Behavior and Evolution Society Edit this on Wikidata29 Oct 1986
Illuminating Engineering Society Edit this on WikidataWall Street
International Academy of Quantum Molecular Science Edit this on Wikidata1967Menton
International AIDS Society Edit this on Wikidata1988[6]Geneva
International Association of Amateur Heralds Edit this on Wikidata
International Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation Edit this on Wikidata1956
International Association of Medical Colleges Edit this on Wikidata2005
International Association for the Study of Pain Edit this on Wikidata1973Washington, D.C.
International Behavioral Neuroscience Society Edit this on Wikidata1992San Antonio
International Behavioural and Neural Genetics Society Edit this on Wikidata1996
International Communication Association Edit this on Wikidata1950
International Council for Philosophy and Humanistic Studies Edit this on Wikidata19 Jan 1949[7]
International Council for Science Edit this on Wikidata1931Paris
International Council of Onomastic Sciences Edit this on Wikidata
International Fiscal Association Edit this on Wikidata1938
International Geographical Union Edit this on Wikidata1922Cape Town, Delhi
International Institute for Conservation Edit this on Wikidata1950
International Mammalian Genome Society Edit this on Wikidata1991
International Mathematical Union Edit this on Wikidata10 Sep 1951[8]Weierstrass Institute
International Social Science Council Edit this on Wikidata1952Paris
International Society of Critical Health Psychology Edit this on Wikidata
International Society for Plant Pathology Edit this on Wikidata26 Jul 1968[9]Saint Paul
International Union for Prehistoric and Protohistoric Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1931
International Union of Microbiological Societies Edit this on Wikidata1927
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry Edit this on Wikidata1919[6]Zürich
Latin American Studies Association Edit this on Wikidata1966[10]Pittsburgh
Society for Animation Studies Edit this on Wikidata1987
Society for Ethnomusicology Edit this on Wikidata1955Bloomington
Society for Public Health Education Edit this on Wikidata
Society for Social Studies of Science Edit this on Wikidata1975Evansville
Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship Edit this on Wikidata1992[11]
International Union of Academies Edit this on Wikidata1919[12]
World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies Edit this on Wikidata1955
World Veterinary Association Edit this on Wikidata1863Geneva
International Society on General Relativity and Gravitation Edit this on Wikidata1971[13]


Name Established Headquarters
European Academy of Sciences and Arts Edit this on Wikidata7 Mar 1990Salzburg
European Association for Artificial Intelligence Edit this on Wikidata1982
European Association for Theoretical Computer Science Edit this on Wikidata1972
European Brain and Behaviour Society Edit this on Wikidata1968[14]
Engineers Europe Edit this on Wikidata1951City of Brussels
European Geosciences Union Edit this on WikidataSep 2002[15]Munich
European Mathematical Society Edit this on Wikidata1990Helsinki
European Physical Society Edit this on Wikidata1968Mulhouse
European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology Edit this on Wikidata1998
European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music Edit this on Wikidata
Informatics Europe Edit this on Wikidata2006Zürich


Name Established Headquarters
Academia Argentina de Letras Edit this on Wikidata13 Aug 1931Buenos Aires
Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters Edit this on Wikidata
Argentine Film Critics Association Edit this on Wikidata1942
Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team Edit this on WikidataNew York City, Buenos Aires[16], Córdoba[16]
Argentine Medical Association Edit this on Wikidata1891
Belgranian National Institute Edit this on Wikidata22 Jun 1944
Buenos Aires National Academy of Medicine Edit this on Wikidata9 Apr 1822
Fundación Favaloro Edit this on Wikidata1975Buenos Aires
Fundación Italia Edit this on Wikidata1985
Konex Foundation Edit this on Wikidata1980
National Academy of History of Argentina Edit this on Wikidata1893Former National Congress Building, Buenos Aires
San Martín National Institute Edit this on Wikidata1933
SADAIC Edit this on Wikidata1936
Association Internationale d'Études Occitanes Edit this on WikidataMontpellier


Name Established Headquarters
National Academy of Sciences of Armenia Edit this on Wikidata10 Nov 1943Yerevan
Armenian Economic Association Edit this on Wikidata



Name Established Headquarters
Austrian Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata14 May 1847Vienna
Austrian Institute of Technology Edit this on Wikidata1956Vienna
Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence Edit this on WikidataVienna
Erwin Schrödinger International Institute for Mathematics and Physics Edit this on Wikidata1993Vienna
Gregor Mendel Institute Edit this on Wikidata2000Vienna
Institute Vienna Circle Edit this on Wikidata1991
Joanneum Research Edit this on Wikidata1960Graz
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Neo-Latin Studies Edit this on Wikidata2011


Name Established Headquarters
Asiatic Society of Bangladesh Edit this on Wikidata1952
Bangla Academy Edit this on Wikidata1955Dhaka
Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development Edit this on Wikidata1959Cumilla
Bangladesh Astronomical Association Edit this on Wikidata
Bangladesh Computer Society Edit this on WikidataDhaka
Bangladesh Computer Samity Edit this on Wikidata1987
Bangladesh Research and Education Network Edit this on Wikidata
Bangladesh Entomological Society Edit this on Wikidata
Bangladesh National Geographical Association Edit this on Wikidata
Bangladesh Society of Microbiologists Edit this on Wikidata1976
Bishwa Sahitya Kendra Edit this on Wikidata1980
Shilpakala Academy Edit this on Wikidata
Shishu Academy Edit this on Wikidata1976Dhaka


Name Established Headquarters
Belgian Physical Society Edit this on Wikidata26 Dec 1962Belgium
Koninklijke Vlaamse Academie van België voor Wetenschappen en Kunsten Edit this on Wikidata16 Mar 1938Academy Palace
Royal Academy of Archaeology of Belgium Edit this on Wikidata1842Royal Museums of Art and History, Academy Palace


Name Established Headquarters
Brazilian National Academy of Medicine Edit this on Wikidata30 Jun 1829
Brazilian Academy of Letters Edit this on Wikidata1896Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata3 May 1916Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian Society of Physiology Edit this on Wikidata
Brazilian Society of Health Informatics Edit this on Wikidata
Brazilian Medical Association Edit this on Wikidata1951[6]
Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science Edit this on Wikidata1948São Paulo


Name Established Headquarters
Association francophone pour le savoir Edit this on Wikidata15 Jun 1923[17]
Canadian Institute of Actuaries Edit this on Wikidata1965Ottawa
Canadian Economics Association Edit this on Wikidata1966
Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1996[18]Ottawa[19]
Canadian Historical Association Edit this on Wikidata1922Ottawa
Canadian Information Processing Society Edit this on Wikidata1958Mississauga
Canadian Mathematical Society Edit this on WikidataJun 1945[20]Ottawa
Canadian Political Science Association Edit this on Wikidata
Canadian Society of Forensic Science Edit this on Wikidata1953
Canadian Society of Medievalists Edit this on Wikidata
Canadian Society for the Study of Religion Edit this on Wikidata1965[21]
Chemical Institute of Canada Edit this on Wikidata
Engineering Institute of Canada Edit this on Wikidata
Literary and Historical Society of Quebec Edit this on Wikidata6 Jan 1824[22][23]La Cité-Limoilou
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada Edit this on Wikidata1868Toronto
Royal Canadian Geographical Society Edit this on Wikidata192950 Sussex Drive
Royal Society of Canada Edit this on Wikidata1882Ottawa
Statistical Society of Canada Edit this on WikidataOttawa


Name Established Headquarters
Chinese Academy of Engineering Edit this on Wikidata1994
Chinese Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1 Nov 1949Beijing
Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1977Beijing
Chinese Chemical Society Edit this on Wikidata4 Aug 1932
Chinese Mathematical Society Edit this on Wikidata1935
Chinese Physical Society Edit this on Wikidata1932
Royal Asiatic Society China Edit this on Wikidata2006

Czech Republic[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
Royal Czech Society of Sciences[a] Edit this on Wikidata1791Prague
Societas eruditorum incognitorum in terris Austriacis Edit this on Wikidata1746Olomouc
Union of Czech mathematicians and physicists Edit this on Wikidata1862Prague[24]
Learned Society of the Czech Republic Edit this on Wikidata10 May 1994[25]Prague[24]


Name Established Headquarters
Actuarial Society of Finland Edit this on Wikidata1922
Finnish Academy of Science and Letters Edit this on Wikidata1908, 1838[6]Borgströmin talo, Mariankatu 5
Academic Engineers and Architects in Finland - TEK Edit this on Wikidata1896
Finnish Association of Architects Edit this on Wikidata1892Helsinki
Finnish Literature Society Edit this on Wikidata1831Kruununhaka
Finno-Ugrian Society Edit this on Wikidata1883House of Science and Letters
International Council on Monuments and Sites Edit this on Wikidata1965Charenton-le-Pont


Name Established Headquarters
Académie des Beaux-Arts Edit this on Wikidata21 Mar 1816Paris
Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres Edit this on Wikidata1663Paris
Académie des Sciences Morales et Politiques Edit this on Wikidata22 Aug 1795Paris
French Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata22 Dec 1666Paris
Académie Française Edit this on Wikidata29 Jan 1635[26]Paris


Name Established Headquarters
Académie de Marine Edit this on Wikidata1752Paris
French Academy of Technologies Edit this on Wikidata2000
Société mathématique de France Edit this on Wikidata1872Paris[27]
Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles Edit this on Wikidata1983Paris


Name Established Headquarters
Association of German Engineers Edit this on Wikidata12 May 1856Düsseldorf[28]
Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities Edit this on Wikidata1759Munich
Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities Edit this on Wikidata1992Berlin
German Academy of Science and Engineering Edit this on Wikidata2002Munich
Academy of Sciences of the GDR Edit this on Wikidata1946East Berlin
German Academy of Sciences Leopoldina Edit this on Wikidata1 Jan 1652Halle (Saale)
Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache Edit this on Wikidata1947Wiesbaden
Göttingen Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1751
Latvian Literary Society Edit this on Wikidata1824Riga, Jelgava
North Rhine-Westphalia Academy for Sciences and Arts Edit this on Wikidata1970
Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata11 Jul 1700
Saxon Academy of Sciences and Humanities Edit this on Wikidata1 Jul 1846Leipzig


Name Established Headquarters
Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences Edit this on Wikidata27 Nov 1959Airport Residential Area
Ghana Academy of Film and Television Arts Edit this on Wikidata2001Accra
Ghana Biomedical Convention Edit this on Wikidata2007
Ghana Institute of Architects Edit this on Wikidata1962
Ghana Institution of Engineers Edit this on Wikidata1968
Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation Edit this on Wikidata
Ghana Institution of Surveyors Edit this on Wikidata1969
Ghana Journalists Association Edit this on Wikidata1949
Ghana Medical and Dental Council Edit this on WikidataAccra
Historical Society of Ghana Edit this on Wikidata1951Accra
Nurses and Midwifery Council Edit this on Wikidata


Name Established Headquarters
Hungarian Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata3 Nov 1825Main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Hungarian Historical Society Edit this on Wikidata15 May 1867Budapest

Hong Kong[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Branch Edit this on Wikidata1959


Name Established Headquarters
Indian Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1934
Indian National Science Academy Edit this on Wikidata7 Jan 1935[29], 1935[6]New Delhi, The Asiatic Society[29]
Indian National Academy of Engineering Edit this on Wikidata20 Apr 1987New Delhi
Neurological Society of India Edit this on Wikidata1951
The National Academy of Sciences, India Edit this on Wikidata1930
Asiatic Society of Mumbai Edit this on Wikidata1804[6]
Sahitya Akademi Edit this on Wikidata1954New Delhi



Name Established Headquarters
Lincean Academy Edit this on Wikidata1603[6]Rome
Accademia Nazionale delle Scienze detta dei XL Edit this on Wikidata1782Villa Torlonia
Accademia della Crusca Edit this on WikidataFlorence
Arcadian Academy Edit this on Wikidata1690
Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia Edit this on Wikidata1585


Name Established Headquarters
Asiatic Society of Japan Edit this on Wikidata1872
Chemical Society of Japan Edit this on Wikidata1878Tokyo
Japan Society of Applied Physics Edit this on Wikidata1949
Japanese Society for the History of Medicine Edit this on Wikidata1892
Japanese Society for the History of Pharmacy Edit this on Wikidata1954
Optical Society of Japan Edit this on Wikidata1952
Physical Society of Japan Edit this on Wikidata1877
Society for the History of Western Learning in Japan Edit this on Wikidata
Society of Polymer Science Edit this on Wikidata1951


Name Established Headquarters
Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society Edit this on Wikidata


Name Established Headquarters
Montenegrin Sports Academy Edit this on Wikidata


Name Established Headquarters
Society for the Advancement of Science, Medicine and Surgery Edit this on Wikidata1790Amsterdam

New Zealand[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
Armed Forces Law Association of New Zealand Edit this on Wikidata2000
Legal Research Foundation Edit this on Wikidata
Institute of IT Professionals Edit this on Wikidata1960
New Zealand Dermatological Society Edit this on Wikidata
Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand Edit this on Wikidata1931, 20 Jul 1931
Royal Society Te Apārangi Edit this on Wikidata1867Wellington
The Heraldry Society of New Zealand Edit this on Wikidata1962Auckland
New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Edit this on Wikidata1931


Name Established Headquarters
Association of Cost and Management Accountants Edit this on Wikidata
Association of National Accountants of Nigeria Edit this on Wikidata1979Lagos
Institute of Chattered Chemists of Nigeria Edit this on Wikidata1993Abuja
Nigerian Academy of Engineering Edit this on Wikidata1997
Nigerian Association of Law Teachers Edit this on Wikidata1961
Nigerian Association of Mathematical Physics Edit this on Wikidata
Nigerian Institute of Architects Edit this on Wikidata1960
Nigerian Institute of International Affairs Edit this on Wikidata1961[30]Abuja
Nigerian Institute of Management Edit this on Wikidata1961Lagos
Nigerian Institute of Quantity Surveyors Edit this on Wikidata
Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers Edit this on Wikidata1969
Nigerian Society of Engineers Edit this on Wikidata16 Feb 1958
Pharmaceutical Society of Nigeria Edit this on Wikidata


Name Established Headquarters
Pakistan Academy of Letters Edit this on Wikidata1976Islamabad

Papua New Guinea[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
The Institute of Chemists PNG Edit this on Wikidata


Name Established Headquarters
Collegium Invisibile Edit this on Wikidata1995Warsaw
Polish Copernicus Society of Naturalists Edit this on Wikidata1875Kraków


Name Established Headquarters
Sciences Academy of Lisbon Edit this on Wikidata1779Lisbon

Republic of China (Taiwan)[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
Academia Sinica Edit this on Wikidata9 Jun 1928Nangang District


Name Established Headquarters
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts Edit this on Wikidata7 Nov 1841Belgrade
Matica srpska Edit this on Wikidata1826Novi Sad

South Africa[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
Astronomical Society of Southern Africa Edit this on Wikidata1922
Economic Society of South Africa Edit this on Wikidata1925
Royal Society of South Africa Edit this on Wikidata1908Cape Town
South African Archaeological Society Edit this on Wikidata

South Korea[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch Edit this on Wikidata1900


Royal Academies of the Instituto de España:

Name Established Headquarters
Royal Spanish Academy Edit this on Wikidata1713Madrid, Real Academia Española headquarters
Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando Edit this on Wikidata12 Apr 1752Palace of Goyeneche
Real Academia de la Historia Edit this on Wikidata18 Apr 1738Nuevo Rezado
Spanish Royal Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1847Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales building
Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation Edit this on Wikidata1763Real Academia de Jurisprudencia y Legislación headquarters
Royal Academy of Pharmacy Edit this on Wikidata1737Royal Academy of Pharmacy building
Royal Academy of Moral and Political Sciences Edit this on Wikidata1857Casa y Torre de los Lujanes
Royal Academy of Engineering of Spain Edit this on Wikidata1994Mansion of the Marquis of Villafranca[31]

Sri Lanka[edit]

Name Established Headquarters
National Academy of Sciences of Sri Lanka Edit this on Wikidata1976
Computer Society of Sri Lanka Edit this on Wikidata1976
College of Community Physicians of Sri Lanka Edit this on Wikidata1927
Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka Edit this on Wikidata1959Colombo
Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka Edit this on Wikidata1906
Royal Asiatic Society of Sri Lanka Edit this on Wikidata7 Feb 1845


Name Established Headquarters
Swedish Academy Edit this on Wikidata20 Mar 1786Stockholm Stock Exchange Building
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Edit this on Wikidata2 Jun 1739Frescati
Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences Edit this on Wikidata24 Oct 1919, 1919[6]Stockholm
Swedish Society for Anthropology and Geography Edit this on Wikidata1878
Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities Edit this on Wikidata1753Eken 9
Swedish Linnaeus Society Edit this on Wikidata23 May 1917Uppsala


Name Established Headquarters
Society for Art History in Switzerland Edit this on Wikidata1880


Name Established Headquarters
Siam Society Edit this on Wikidata26 Feb 1904[32]Khlong Tan Nuea


Name Established Headquarters
Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts Edit this on Wikidata1983Carthage

United Kingdom[edit]

United States[edit]

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