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This article lists the list of cantonal executives of Switzerland. Each canton of Switzerland has its own executive body, as well as legislative body. The Federal Council is the executive of the Swiss federal government, and is included for purposes of comparison.

The cantonal executives are collegial bodies, each with 5 or 7 members. They are generally called Regierungsrat (Executive Council) in German-speaking cantons and Conseil d'Etat (State Council) in French-speaking cantons.

The below list is up to date as of 29 May 2010.

Canton Executive Members President Party Last election Next election
Aargau AG Aargau Executive Council 5 [1] Peter Beyeler FDP
Appenzell Ausserrhoden AR Appenzell Ausserrhoden Executive Council 7 [2] Jakob Brunnschweiler FDP
Appenzell Innerrhoden AI Appenzell Innerrhoden Standeskommission 7 [3] Daniel Fässler N/A
Basel-City BS Basel-Stadt Executive Council 7 [4] Guy Morin Greens
Basel-Country BL Basel-Landschaft Executive Council 5 [5] Urs Wüthrich-Pelloli SP 11 February 2007
Berne BE Bern Executive Council 7 [6] Hans-Jürg Käser FDP 28 March 2010
Fribourg FR Fribourg Council of State 7 [7] Beat Vonlanthen CVP 26 November 2006 4 December 2010
Geneva GE Geneva Council of State 7 [8] François Longchamp FDP 15 November 2009
Glarus GL Glarus Executive Council 7 [9] Robert Marti BDP
Grisons GR Graubünden Executive Council 5 [10] Claudio Lardi SP
Jura JU Jura Council of State 5 [11] Charles Juillard CVP
Lucerne LU Lucerne Executive Council 5 [12] Anton Schwingruber CVP
Neuchâtel NE Neuchâtel Council of State 5 [13] Jean Studer SP
Nidwalden NW Nidwalden Executive Council 7 [14] Beat Fuchs FDP
Obwalden OW Obwalden Executive Council 5 [15] Esther Gasser Pfulg FDP
Schaffhausen SH Schaffhausen Executive Council 5 [16] Erhard Meister SVP
Schwyz SZ Schwyz Executive Council 7 [17] Georg Hess CVP
Solothurn SO Solothurn Executive Council 5 [18] Walter Straumann CVP
St. Gallen SG St. Gallen Executive Council 7 [19] Josef Keller CVP
Thurgau TG Thurgau Executive Council 5 [20] Claudius Graf-Schelling SP
Ticino TI Ticino Council of State 5 [21] Luigi Pedrazzini CVP
Uri UR Uri Executive Council 7 [22] Isidor Baumann CVP
Valais VS Valais Council of State 5 [23] Jean-Michel Cina CVP
Vaud VD Vaud Council of State 7 [24] Pascal Broulis FDP
Zug ZG Zug Executive Council 7 [25] Peter Hegglin CVP
Zurich ZH Zurich Executive Council 7 [26] Hans Hollenstein CVP
Confederation CH Confederation Federal Council 7 Doris Leuthard CVP 12 December 2007

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