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This list includes libraries located in Boston, Massachusetts, active in the 19th century. Included are reading-rooms, circulating libraries, subscription libraries, public libraries, academic libraries, medical libraries, children's libraries, church libraries, and government libraries.

Conditions of Blakes' circulating library, no.1 Cornhill, 1800
Ad for Suffolk Circulating Library, corner Brattle and Court St., 1822
Ad for Franklin Circulating Library, Court St., 1824
Mercantile Library Association, Merchants Hall, corner Congress and Water St., 1820s-1830s
Ad for S.H. Parker's circulating library, Washington St., 1832
Portrait of Elizabeth Peabody, proprietor of foreign library, West St., 19th century
Boston Public Library, Boylston St., mid-19th century
Boston Public Library, Boylston St., mid-19th century
Boston Athenaeum, Beacon St., 1850s
West Church, Lynde St., West End, mid-19th century
Catalogue of S. Urbino's foreign circulating library, 19th century (American Antiquarian Society)
Massachusetts Horticultural Society, Horticultural Hall, Tremont St., mid-19th century
Library in house of George Ticknor and his daughter Anna Ticknor, Park St., Boston, ca.1890s
"Book railway" used in Boston Public Library, 1895. Made by Lamson Consolidated Store Service Company, of Boston
  • Campbell's Circulating Library[2]
  • Carney Hospital Library[2]
  • Carter's Circulating Library[2][12]
  • Callender's Library, School St.; also known as the Shakespeare Library; Charles Callender, H.G. Callender[3][12][16]
  • Charlestown High School Library[2]
  • Christ Church Library[2]
  • Christian Unity Library[2]
  • Church Home for Orphans Library[2]
  • Church of the Advent Library[2]
  • City Point Circulating Library[2]
  • Clarendon Library, Clarendon St.[6]
  • W.B. Clarke's circulating library[12]
  • Columbian Circulating Library, no.43 Cornhill
  • Columbian Social Library (est.1813), Boylston Hall[17][18]
  • Comer's Commercial College[1]
  • Congregational Library,[2] corner of Beacon and Somerset[1][6]
  • Consumptives' Home Library[2]
  • Deaf Mute Library Association[2]
  • Democratic reading room, corner Congress St. and Congress Sq.[3]
  • Dorchester Athenaeum Library[2]
  • Dramatic Fund Association[1]
  • J.H. Duclos & Bro., no.57 Warren St.[6]
  • East Boston Library Association[1]
  • Ministerial Library of Eliot Church[2]
  • Caroline Fanning[19]
  • Farrer's Circulating Library[2]
  • First Christian Church Library[2]
  • First Universalist Church Library[2]
  • Frederick Fletcher, no.55 Meridian, East Boston[20]
  • Franklin Circulating Library, no.69 Court St.[21]
  • Franklin Typographical Society Library[1][2]
  • Gate of Heaven Church Library[2]
  • Library of the General Court[1]
  • General Theological Library (est.1860);[2][12] no.12 West St.[6]
  • Gill's Circulating Library[2]
  • Good Samaritan Church Library[2]
  • Grand Lodge of Masons Library[2]
  • Grant & Brown, no.873 Washington St.[6]
  • Guild Library of Church of the Advent[2]
  • Halliday's Circulating Library, West St.[2][5]
  • Hancock Library, 42 Hancock; A. Boyden[22]
  • Handel and Haydn Library[1]
  • Harvard Chapel Library[2]
  • Harvard Musical Library[2]
  • Medical College of Harvard University Library[2]
  • C.W. Holbrook's circulating library; no.88 Dover[6]
  • Holy Trinity Church Library[2]
  • Home for Aged Women Library[2]
  • House of Correction Library[2]
  • House of Industry Library[2]
  • House of Reformation Library[2]
  • Jamaica Plain Circulating Library[2]
  • Joy Street Baptist Church Library[2]
  • Keating's Circulating Library;[2] no.1027 Washington St.[6]
  • King's Chapel Library[1]
  • Ladies Circulating Library, Washington St.; N. Nutting, proprietor[19]
  • Lawrence Association Library[2]
  • R.L. Learned's circulating library, Tremont St.[5]
  • Lincoln School Library[2]
  • Lindsay's Circulating Library;[2] George W. Lindsey, Washington St.[20]
  • Liscomb's Circulating Library[2]
  • Loring's Circulating Library;[2] Loring's Select Library, Washington St.;[20] A.K. Loring[12]
  • A.F. Low's circulating library, Meridian St.[5]
  • Lowe's Circulating Library[2]
  • Quinn's Circulating Library[2]
  • Lydia Reed[19]
  • Republican Institution[1]
  • Republican Reading Room, Bromfield St.[20]
  • E.R. Rich & Son; no.477 West Broadway[6]
  • Roxbury Athenaeum Library[2]
  • Roxbury High School Library[2]
  • Sage's Circulating Library;[2] William Sage, no.371 Tremont[6]
  • Sailors Home Library[2]
  • School of Technology Library[2]
  • Second Methodist Church Library[2]
  • W.F. & M.H. Shattuck, no.106 Main[6]
  • Shawmut Avenue Baptist Church Library[2]
  • Shawmut Mission Library[2]
  • Social Law Library[2]
  • Society to Encourage Studies at Home
  • South End Circulating Library[2]
  • Mary Sprague's circulating library, no.9 Milk St.[12][28]
  • St. Francis de Sales Church Library[2]
  • St. Joseph Circulating Library[2]
  • St. Mary's Young Men's Sodality Library[2]
  • St. Stephen's Church Library[2]
  • State Agricultural Library[2]
  • Stoughton Street Church Library[2]
  • Suffolk Circulating Library; corner of Court and Brattle St.; N.S. Simpkins, J. Simpkins[29]
  • Sumner library, no.6 Winthrop block, East Boston[20]


  • Village Church Library[2]
  • Vine Street Congregational Church Library[2]
  • Walker's Circulating Library[2]
  • J.B. Walker, no.1392 Tremont[6]
  • Thomas O. Walker, no.68 Cornhill[3][5][12]
  • Warren Street Chapel Library[2]
  • Washington Circulating Library, no.38 Newbury St.[31]
  • Washington Circulating Library, no.11 School St.[32]
  • Washingtonian Home Library[2]
  • West Boston Library, Cambridge St.[12]
  • West Church Library[2]
  • West Roxbury Free library, Centre St.[6]
  • West Roxbury High School Library[2]
  • Whig reading room, no.144 Washington St.[3]
  • Winkley & Boyd's Central library[20]
  • Workingmen's Reading Room
  • Zion Church Library[2]


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