List of libraries in Bangladesh

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Public and private libraries in Bangladesh, both physical and electronic.

Government libraries[edit]

National libraries[edit]

Cabinet libraries[1][edit]

  • Prime Minister's Office Library, Dhaka
  • Ministry of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs Library
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Library
  • Ministry of Labour and Employment Library
  • Ministry of Education Library
  • Ministry of Agriculture Library
  • Ministry of Shipping Library
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Library
  • Ministry of Primary and Mass Education Library
  • Economic Relations Documentation Centre, Ministry of Finance[citation needed]
  • Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission Library

Institutional libraries[edit]

Public libraries[edit]

Educational institutions[edit]

Public university libraries[edit]

Private university libraries[edit]

College libraries[edit]

Non-government libraries[edit]

  • Bir Chandra Ganapathagar, kandirpar, Comilla (Established in 1985)
  • Book Centre, Chandpur City (the largest library of Bangladesh)
  • Friends Library, Kanungopara, Boalkhali, Chittagong (Since-1902)
  • Surdhuni Library, Asad Road, Khalilgonj, Kurigram 5600 (Established in December, 2013;[4])
  • Dania Pathagar, South Dania, Dhaka 1236 (Established in 1989)

Public libraries[edit]

Medical libraries[edit]



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