List of lieutenant governors of the North-West Territories

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This is a list of historical lieutenant governors of the North-West Territories, Canada. The position of Lieutenant Governor lasted from the acquisition of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory in 1869 to the creation of Alberta and Saskatchewan in 1905.

Since the establishment of Saskatchewan and Alberta from the Territories' most populated regions, the territory had no lieutenant governor. Instead, a commissioner represents the federal government and acts as the de facto representative of the King. Yukon was carved out of the North-West Territories in 1898 and has had its own commissioners since then.

Lieutenant governors of the North-West Territories
Name From To Title
The Hon. Sir William McDougall September 28, 1869 May 10, 1870[note 1] Lieutenant Governor of Rupert's Land and the North-Western Territory[1]
The Hon. Sir Adams G. Archibald May 10, 1870 December 2, 1872 Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba and the North-West Territories[1]
The Hon. Sir Francis Godschall Johnson[note 2] April 9, 1872 December 2, 1872
The Hon. Alexander Morris December 2, 1872 October 7, 1876
The Hon. David Laird October 7, 1876 December 3, 1881 Lieutenant Governor of the North-West Territories[1]
The Hon. Edgar Dewdney December 3, 1881 July 1, 1888
The Hon. Joseph Royal July 1, 1888 October 31, 1893
The Hon. Charles Herbert Mackintosh October 31, 1893 May 30, 1898
The Hon. Malcolm Colin Cameron May 30, 1898 September 26, 1898
The Hon. Amédée E. Forget October 4, 1898 September 1, 1905

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  1. ^ Was unable to enter the North-West Territories, but returned to Ottawa, and campaigned against Manitoba becoming a province. He was listed as leader of the provisional North-West Territories government until Adams G. Archibald took over on May 10, 1870.
  2. ^ Appointed but never assumed office


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