List of lighthouses and lightvessels in Germany

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This is a list of lighthouses and lightvessels in Germany.


Name Image Water body State Location Built Notes
Amrum Amrum leuchtturm gross ds 05 2009.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Amrum island

54°37′52.24″N 8°21′16.91″E / 54.6311778°N 8.3546972°E / 54.6311778; 8.3546972[1]

Nebel Lighthouse nebel amrum P5252520.JPG North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Nebel, Amrum

54°38′43.2″N 8°21′40.4″E / 54.645333°N 8.361222°E / 54.645333; 8.361222[1]

1981 The construction is identical to the Nieblum light at Föhr island.[2]
Wriakhörn Lighthouse-amrum-germany-1060504.JPG North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Amrum island near the main lighthouse
Norddorf Quermarkenfeuer Norddorf auf Amrum.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Norddorf, Amrum

54°40′8.98″N 8°18′30.65″E / 54.6691611°N 8.3085139°E / 54.6691611; 8.3085139[1]

Büsum Leuchtturm buesum.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Büsum

54°7′36.54″N 8°51′29.64″E / 54.1268167°N 8.8582333°E / 54.1268167; 8.8582333[1]

Dagebüll Dagebuell Leuchtturm.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Dagebüll

54°43′31″N 8°41′59.5″E / 54.72528°N 8.699861°E / 54.72528; 8.699861

1929 Deactivated in 1988
Heligoland Heligoland 07-2016 photo20.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Heligoland island

54°10′54.71″N 7°52′56.38″E / 54.1818639°N 7.8823278°E / 54.1818639; 7.8823278[1]

Helgoland Düne Helgoland Leuchtturm Duene.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Düne (Heligoland)

54°10′56.26″N 7°54′50.58″E / 54.1822944°N 7.9140500°E / 54.1822944; 7.9140500[1]

Hörnum Leuchtturm Hörnum 2012 PD 3.JPG North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Hörnum, Sylt island

54°45′14.73″N 8°17′31.68″E / 54.7540917°N 8.2921333°E / 54.7540917; 8.2921333[1]

Kampen Leuchtturm Kampen.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Kampen, Sylt island

54°56′46.43″N 8°20′26.47″E / 54.9462306°N 8.3406861°E / 54.9462306; 8.3406861[1]

1855 Deactivated in 1975.
List Ost

List West

Leuchtturm Westellenbogen.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein List, Sylt island

55°2′57.95″N 8°26′37.52″E / 55.0494306°N 8.4437556°E / 55.0494306; 8.4437556 (List Ost)[1]
55°3′10.56″N 8°24′5.12″E / 55.0529333°N 8.4014222°E / 55.0529333; 8.4014222 (List West)[1]

1858 These twin lighthouses are Germany's northernmost lighthouses.[3]
Nieblum DEU - Nieblum - Föhr 001.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Nieblum, Föhr island

54°41′3.89″N 8°29′8.43″E / 54.6844139°N 8.4856750°E / 54.6844139; 8.4856750[1]

1981 The construction is identical to the Nebel light at Amrum.[2]
Oland Leuchtturm Oland.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Oland island

54°40′28.83″N 8°41′12.94″E / 54.6746750°N 8.6869278°E / 54.6746750; 8.6869278[1]

1929 Germany's only lighthouse with a thatched roof
Olhörn Wyk Leuchtturm 1.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Wyk auf Föhr

54°40′52.82″N 8°33′58.64″E / 54.6813389°N 8.5662889°E / 54.6813389; 8.5662889[1]

Pellworm Der Pellwormer Leuchtturm mit Wärterhaus.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Pellworm island

54°29′46.63″N 8°39′57.49″E / 54.4962861°N 8.6659694°E / 54.4962861; 8.6659694[1]

Rotes Kliff LeuchtturmRotesKliffBeiKampenAufSylt.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Kampen, Sylt island

54°57′56″N 8°20′16″E / 54.965662°N 8.337812°E / 54.965662; 8.337812

St. Peter-Böhl Lighthouse Sankt Peter-Boehl.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Eiderstedt peninsula at the entrance to the Eider estuary

54°17′14.32″N 8°39′7.57″E / 54.2873111°N 8.6521028°E / 54.2873111; 8.6521028[1]

Westerheversand Westerhever.jpg North Sea Schleswig-Holstein Westerhever

54°22′24.11″N 8°38′23.69″E / 54.3733639°N 8.6399139°E / 54.3733639; 8.6399139[1]

1908 One of the best-known lighthouses in Germany and a popular site for weddings.[3]
Neuwerk Neuwerk-Turm.jpg North Sea Hamburg Neuwerk island in the Elbe river estuary

53°54′54.8″N 8°29′45″E / 53.915222°N 8.49583°E / 53.915222; 8.49583

1814 Originally built in the 14th century as a watchtower, this lighthouse is the oldest building on the German coastline.[4]
Blankenese Low Blankenese Low Lighthouse Only.jpg North Sea Hamburg Elbe river

53°33′27.8″N 9°47′44.66″E / 53.557722°N 9.7957389°E / 53.557722; 9.7957389[5]

Blankenese High Lighthouse2-elbe hg.jpg North Sea Hamburg Elbe river

53°33′21.3″N 9°48′58.36″E / 53.555917°N 9.8162111°E / 53.555917; 9.8162111[5]

Bremerhaven Bremerhaven Oberfeuer 04.jpg North Sea Bremen Bremerhaven 1853 This tower serves as the rear light in a pair of leading lights.
Brinkamahof Bremerhaven Leuchtturm Brinkamahof.jpg North Sea Bremen Bremerhaven 1912 Deactivated and relocated in 1980[6]
Alte Weser AlteWeser 1964.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Outer Weser estuary 1964
Arngast Arngast 2041.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Jade Bight 1910 Listed as a historic building in Germany.[7]
Borkum Old Alter Leuchtturm Borkum 2009.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Borkum island 1817 Established in a tower that dates back to 1576, this lighthouse served as a daybeacon until 1817 when a lantern was added. It was heavily damaged by a fire in 1879 which led to the construction of Borkum Great Light. After its restoration the old lighthouse became a weather and maritime traffic control station. It was transferred to a local historic association in 1982.[7]
Borkum Great Light Borkum Neuer Leuchtturm 03.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Borkum island 1879 This tower was built to replace the Borkum Old Lighthouse when the latter was damaged by a fire.
Campen Campener Leuchtturm, 2010-06 CN-04.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Krummhörn 1891 With 65 metres (213 ft), this skeletal framework construction is Germany's tallest lighthouse, and it also ranks among the tallest of its kind worldwide.[7]
Cuxhaven Cuxhaven 07-2016 photo09 port area.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Cuxhaven 1805 Deactivated in 2001. Built during the Napoleonic wars by the city of Hamburg, the fire as extinguished shortly after until the end of the war in 1814. In 1899, Karl Ferdinand Braun used the site to conduct early experiments in radio transmission.[4]
Kugelbake Cuxhaven 07-2016 photo23 Kugelbake.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Cuxhaven 1940s While not a lighthouse, this unlit wooden daybeacon is an iconic landmark for the city of Cuxhaven.[4]
Eckwarderhörne Eckwarderhörne Leuchtturm 2014-03-07.JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Eckwarden, Butjadingen 1962 Deactivated in 2012, this tower used to serve as the rear light in a pair of leading lights with the front station being in Mundahn. After its deactivation the Eckwarderhörne tower was declared a historic site by the state of Lower Saxony.[8]
Emden Leuchtturm Emden Westmole.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Emden at the Ems estuary 1913 When the tower was renovated in 1982, the old lantern was replaced and relocated.[7]
Hofe Leading Light 2012-05-13 Nordsee-Luftbilder DSCF8502.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Wremen 1974[6]
Hohe Weg Aerial photograph 60D 2012 05 13 8737 DxO.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Outer Weser estuary 1856[6]
Hooksielplate North Sea Lower Saxony Jade Bight 1976 While the light was deactivated in 1998, the tower continues to serve as a radar station.[7]
Imsum North Sea Lower Saxony Langen near Bremerhaven Deactivated in 1996. The tower was removed from its original location in 2005 to allow for the expansion of a container shipping terminal, and was donated to the German Maritime Museum.[6]
Knock VerkehrszentraleEms.JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Knock, 15 km west of Emden 1970 The tower serves as part of the Dutch-German Vessel Traffic Control Centre Ems.[7]
Mellumplate Mellumplate00.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony North of Mellum island 1946
Memmert Leuchtturm Juist 2009.JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Memmert island 1992 Deactivated in 1986 and rebuilt as a replica on Juist island.[7]
Minsener Oog Buhne A MinseA.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Minsener Oog island 1939 Deactivated in 1998, the lighthouse is being undermined by the sea and may eventually collapse.[7]
Minsener Oog Buhne C North Sea Lower Saxony Minsener Oog island 1939 Deactivated in 1998.[7]
Norderney Lt norderney 2007 retouched.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Norderney island 1874 Restored extensively in 2004–5.[7]
Pilsum Pilsumer Leuchtturm 2010-10 CN-I.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Pilsum 1889 Deactivated in 1915. The building was featured in the film Otto – Der Außerfriesische [de] ("Otto – the Outer Frisian") by comedian Otto Waalkes.[9]
Roter Sand Leuchtturm roter sand.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Outer Weser estuary 1885
Sandstedt Sandstedt Leuchtturm Oberfeuer alt.jpg Weser river Lower Saxony Sandstedt 1898 Deactivated in 1981.[6]
Schillig Lighthouse Schillig 7086.JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Schillig, Jade Bight 1961 Deactivated in 1987.[7]
Tossens Leading Lights Tossens range front 7498.jpg

Tossens range rear 7697.JPG

North Sea Lower Saxony Tossens 1987[10]
Tossens Old Rear Light 2013-05-03 Fotoflug Leer Papenburg DSCF7434 (crop).JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Tossens 1973 While the light was deactivated in 1987 following the construction of the new range, the tower still serves as a radar station.[10]
Tegeler Plate TegelerPlate.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Outer Weser estuary 1965 This lighthouse replaced the Bremen lightship.[6]
Voslapp Rear Range Light Leuchtturm Geniusstrand.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Voslapp, north of Wilhelmshaven 1962[7]
Wangerooge Old Lighthouse DEU - Wangerooge - alter Turm 001.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Wangerooge island 1856 Deactivated in 1969, this station was replaced by the new Wangerooge Lighthouse. It is owned by the Wangerooge municipality and serves as a museum.[7]
Wangerooge New Lighthouse 2012-05-13 Nordsee-Luftbilder DSCF9109.jpg North Sea Lower Saxony Wangerooge island 1969 Built as a landfall light for supertankers bound for Wilhelmshaven.[7]
Wilhelmshaven Wilhelmshaven Leuchtturm.JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Wilhelmshaven 2006 When the original tower was sold and relocated in 2005, public outrage resulted in the construction of an exact replica at the Wilhelmshaven navy pier.[7]
Wybelsum Lighthouse Wybelsum.JPG North Sea Lower Saxony Wybelsum, Emden 1970[7]
Bülk Lighthouse Leuchtturm Buelk 1 2009.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Entrance to Kiel Fjord 1865 There had been a lighthouse at the site since 1807 but it was destroyed by lightning in 1863. The current tower was built as a replacement.
Dahmeshöved Dahme-Ostsee-Leuchtturm-sommer.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Dahme at the entrance to the Lübeck Bay 1880 A separate watchtower was added to the station in 1939.[11]
Eckernförde Old Lighthouse Historischer Leuchtturm Eckernförde.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Eckernförde 1907 Deactivated in 1986 it was replaced by a concrete structure resembling an air traffic control tower.[11]
Eckernförde New Lighthouse Eckernfoerde 0207.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Eckernförde 1986 This tower replaced the Eckernförde Old Lighthouse of 1907.[11]
Fehmarnbelt Lightship Fehmarnbelt.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein 1908 1985 Originally used on the 'Außeneider' position in the Eider estuary of the North Sea, the vessel was relocated to the Fehmarn Belt in 1965. It was retired in 1985.
Flügge Flügge Lighthouse, Southeast view 20140812 1.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein South side of Fehmarn island 1916 A historic landmark of Fehmarn, this tower had a leading light added in 1977. During renovations in the 1970s the building was covered in red and white fibreglass panels but the tower is made of unpainted bricks. The tower serves as rear light in a range of leading lights together with Strukkamphuk Lighthouse.[11]
Heiligenhafen Heiligenhafen 6682.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Heiligenhafen 1938 The station was established already in 1885 with a light on top of a fish packing house. When the latter burnt down in 1907, a stone tower was erected to serve as lighthouse instead. The present building was established in 1938.[11]
Kalkgrund Leuchtturm Kalkgrund cropped.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Flensburg Fjord 1963 This lighthouse in the middle of the Flensburg Fjord replaced a lightvessel station.[11]
Kiel Leuchtturm Kiel Kiel2002.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Offshore at the transition from Kiel Bay to Kiel Fjord 1967[11] The lighthouse serves also as a maritime pilot station.[12]
Friedrichsort Leuchtturm Friedrichsort Kiel2014.JPG Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Kiel Fjord 1971 This tower on an artificial island replaced an older lighthouse from 1866.[11]
Holtenau Nord Kiel-Holtenau-Leuchtturm.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Kiel, at the northeastern locks of the Kiel Canal 1895 The lighthouse includes a memorial hall for the German emperors William I, Frederick III and William II who were all involved in ceremonies surrounding the construction of the canal. William II laid the cornerstone of the lighthouse.[11]
Travemünde Travemuende-Leuchtturm.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Travemünde, the port of Lübeck 1539 A light station at Travemünde can be traced back to 1226 and the first lightkeeper was recorded in 1316. This historic tower remained in use until 1974 when a nearby high-rise hotel was used to host the navigational light. The lighthouse tower is now a museum.[11]
Marienleuchte, Fehmarn Leuchtturm Marienleuchte.JPG Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Fehmarn island 1967 The German name Marienleuchte [Marie's light] refers to Danish queen-consort Marie of Hesse-Kassel who inaugurated the first lighthouse in this place on her birthday in 1832. The latter building was replaced by a modern tower in 1967.[11]
Neuland Lighthouse Neuland Lighthouse nr Behrensdorf.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Hohwacht Bay, 1 km north of Behrensdorf 1916 The tower was deactivated in 1996 but has since been used as a warning light by the German Navy during live firing exercises in the area. It is featured in the coat of arms of Behrensdorf.
Pelzerhaken Pelzerhaken 6006.JPG Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein 8 km south of Neustadt in Holstein 1937 This tower was built around an older Danish lighthouse from 1842.[11]
Schleimünde Leuchtturm Schleimünde.JPG Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein At the mouth of the Schlei inlet 1871[11]
Strukkamphuk Leuchtturm Strukkamphuk 2013a.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein South side of Fehmarn island 1935 This tower forms a range of leading lights together with Flügge Lighthouse which serves as the rear light.[11]
Staberhuk Fehmarn lighthouse Staberhuk 02.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Fehmarn island 1904 The tower was originally built with yellow bricks but it turned out that those were not suited for severe Baltic Sea winters. Therefore, the north and west sides were later covered in red bricks which makes the lighthouse appear to have vertical red and yellow stripes. The Fresnel lens installed in the lantern was originally used in the Heligoland Lighthouse while that North Sea island was under British administration in the 19th century. It was transferred to Staberhuk when the lighthouse in Heligoland was replaced in 1901.[11]
Westermarkelsdorf Fehmarn lighthouse Westermarkelsdorf 01.jpg Baltic Sea Schleswig-Holstein Fehmarn island 1881 The tower was heightened in 1902 which left a seam in the wall that is still visible today.[11]
Cape Arkona Lighthouse CapeArkonaLighthouses.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Cape Arkona, Rügen island 1826 This site has two lighthouses and a radio beacon. The older lighthouse was built in 1826 to plans by Karl Friedrich Schinkel. In 1902, an electrically lit tower was erected nearby to replace Schinkel's lighthouse.
Bastorf Leuchtturm Bastorf 1936.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Bastorf at the Mecklenburg Bight 1878 With a focal height of 95.5 metres (313 ft) above sea level, this lighthouse has the highest lantern position in Germany.[13]
Darßer Ort Leuchtturm Darßer Ort-wv.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Darß 1848 The keeper's house has been turned into an aquarium and museum of natural history by the German Oceanographic Museum.[13]
Gollwitz Nebelstation Gollwitz.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Poel island 1953 An older skeletal tower at this station was replaced in 1953 by a short lighthouse overlooking the keeper's house. The light was later elevated to a new mast to form a range of leading lights. After the reunification of Germany, the new mast was removed and a sector light was established in the 1953 facility.[13]
Greifswalder Oie Greifswalder Oie Leuchtturm.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Greifswalder Oie island 1855 The current tower replaced an older lighthouse from 1832. It is the landfall light for ships en route to Stralsund.[13]
Gellen Gellen Leuchtturm O.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Hiddensee island 1905[13]
Dornbusch Lighthouse Leuchtfeuer Dornbusch Hiddensee 2012.JPG Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Dornbusch (Hiddensee) 1888 The site owes its name to thorny bushes that are abundant in the area.[13]
Kollicker Ort Leuchtturm Kolliker Ort 1.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Rügen island 1904 The construction is identical to Ranzow Lighthouse.[13]
Maltzien Maltzien Leuchtturm.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Southeastern part of Rügen island 1934 This is the front light in a range for the approach to Stralsund harbour.[13]
Peenemünde Leuchtfeuer Peenemuende 02.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Offshore 4 km north of Peenemünde[13] 1954
Prora Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Prora, Rügen island 1986 Built for telecommunication purposes rather than navigation, it was deactivated in 1999.[13]
Ranzow Leuchtturm Ranzow Kap Arkona.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Northern shore of Rügen island 1905 Originally built on the Jasmund peninsula it was deactivated in 1999 and relocated to Cape Arkona in 2002 for display. The construction is identical to Kollicker Ort Lighthouse.[13]
Sassnitz East Pier Light Sassnitz Mole Leuchtturm 2012-08-04 063.JPG Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Sassnitz, Rügen island 1937 This lighthouse is located at the end of a 1.5 kilometres (0.93 mi) pier in the former ferry port of Sassnitz.[13]
Timmendorf Lotzenstation Insel Poel.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Poel island 1872 A protected historic site, the facility is also being used as a maritime pilot station for the port of Wismar.[13][14]
Ueckermünde Uecker-an-ihrer-Muendung-15-06-2009-110.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Ueckermünde at the mouth of the river Uecker 2000[13]
Warnemünde Lighthouse Leuchtturm Warnemünde beim "Leuchtturm in Flammen 2012".jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Warnemünde 1898 Navigational lights have been displayed at Warnemünde since 1248.[13] Proposed already in the 1860s as a replacement for an old light, the current tower was established only in 1898. It has become a landmark for the Rostock area.
Wustrow Wustrow Leuchtfeuer.jpg Baltic Sea Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Wustrow 1933 The station was established in 1911 as a fog warning site. In 1993, a separate lighthouse was built. Because the site became increasingly endangered by high-rising floods, a new mast was erected in 2013, and the old tower was deactivated in 2014.[15]
Plauer See Plau am See Aussichtsturm.JPG Plauer See Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Plau am See 2012 The tower itself was erected as a look-out and is open to the public from April to September. A sector light is installed on top of it to mark the entrance into the river Elde from the lake.[16]
Lindau Lighthouse DE Lindau.jpg Lake Constance Bavaria At the harbour entrance to Lindau 1853 The lighthouse and the entire port of Lindau were originally built by the Bavarian Railway Company and later used to be operated by the shipping department for Lake Constance of Deutsche Bahn.[17] Eventually the port was sold to the city works of Constance in 2002 together with the Bodensee-Schiffsbetriebe GmbH shipping company. After several years of negotiations the port area and thus the lighthouse were transferred to the town of Lindau in April 2010.[18]
Konstanz East Pier Light Eingang zum Hafen von Konstanz (Entrance to the harbour at Konstanz) - - 12471.jpg Lake Constance Baden-Württemberg Konstanz 1890 The light is mounted on a mast on top of a building at the end of the east mole of the port of Konstanz.[19]
Helios Tower Ehrenfeldlighthousecomplete.JPG None North Rhine-Westphalia Cologne 1873 Lighthouse of the former Helios AG for test and research purposes.

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