List of lighthouses in Jamaica

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This is a list of lighthouses in Jamaica. There are nine onshore lighthouses in operation and two offshore.[1] They are maintained by the Port Authority of Jamaica, an agency of the Ministry of Transport and Works.[1]

  1. Morant Point Lighthouse
  2. Plumb Point Lighthouse
  3. Portland Cottage (light structure)
  4. Lover’s Leap Lighthouse
  5. Negril Lighthouse
  6. Rose Hall (light structure)
  7. Unused number. The official numbering[1] suggests that there is or was an additional, non-operational lighthouse or structure numbered 7.
  8. Galina Lighthouse.
  9. Folly Lighthouse.
  10. Pedro Cays Lighthouse (offshore).
  11. Morant Cays Lighthouse (offshore).

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