List of lighthouses in Newfoundland and Labrador

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This is a list of lighthouses in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador in Canada.

Name Image Water body Region Location Built Notes
Bacalhao Island Light
Baccalieu Island Light
Bay Bulls Light
Bear Cove Point Light
Bell Island Light
Belle Island South End Lights
Belle Isle Northeast Light
Belleoram Light No longer standing
Boar Island Light Historic light is no longer standing. Replaced with a 1990s-style steel tower.
Brigus Light
Broad Cove Point Range Lights
Brunette Island Light No longer standing
Burnt Point Light
Cabot Islands Light
Camp Islands Light
Cape Anguille Light Cape Anguille Lighthouse.jpg
Cape Bauld Light
Cape Bonavista Light NLE Bonavista2 tango7174.jpg
Cape Norman Light
Cape Pine Light Cape Pine Lighthouse.JPG
Cape Race Light Cape Race Light.jpg
Cape Ray Light
Cape Spear Light Originalcapespear.jpg Please see Cape Spear (new lighthouse).JPG
Cape St. Francis Light
Cape St. Mary's Light CapeStMarysLight.jpg
Change Islands Light No longer standing
Channel Head Light Channel Port aux Basque lightstation.jpg
Colombier Islands Light No longer standing
Conche Light
Cow Head Light CowHeadLight.JPG
Dawson Point Light
Double Island Light
English Harbour West Light No longer standing
Ferryland Head Light Ferryland lighthouse.jpg
Flowers Island Light
Fort Amherst Light Fort Amherst lighthouse, Shea Heights, Newfoundland.jpg
Fort Point Light (Newfoundland)
Fortune Head Light
Fox Point Light
François Bay Light South Coast Francois Standing. Accessible by 6 km round trip hike over barrens on unmarked path.
Frenchman's Head Light No longer standing
Garnish Light
Grand Bank Light
Green Island Light (Catalina)
Green Island Light (Fortune Bay) No longer standing
Green Point Light
Gull Island Light
Hants Harbour Light
Harbour Grace Harbour Light
Harbour Grace Islands Light No longer standing
Harbour Point Light
Heart's Content Light
Ireland Island Light No longer standing
Keppel Island Light
Kings Cove Head Light Kings Cove Head Lighthouse.jpg
La Haye Point Light
Little Burin Island Light Demolished in the 2010s.
Little Denier Island Light
Lobster Cove Head Light Lobster Cove Head Lighthouse.jpg
Long Island East End Light This Notre Dame Bay lighthouse was demolished ~2005.
Long Island Light (Newfoundland) This Placentia Bay Lighhtouse was demolished ~2005. The lantern room is now in a park in Petite Forte, Newfoundland and Labrador
Long Point Lighthouse CrowHeadNL Light.JPG
Manuel Island Light (Labrador) No longer standing
Manuel Island Light (Newfoundland)
Marticot Island Light
Middle Head Light
New Férolle Peninsula Light CapeFerolleLight.JPG
North Penguin Island Light No longer standing
Northwest Head Light
Offer Wadham Island Light
Pack's Harbour Light No longer standing
Peckford Island Light
Point Amour Lighthouse PointAmour Light.JPG
Point Latine Light No longer standing
Point Verde Light
Point Riche Lighthouse Port aux Choix lighthouse.jpg
Powles Head Light
Puffin Island Light
Random Head Harbour Light
Red Island Light No longer standing
Rocky Point Light
Rose Blanche Light Rose Blance Lighthouse.JPG
Saddle Island Light No longer standing
Salmon Point Light
Sandy Point Island Light No longer standing
Sloop Harbour Point Light No longer standing
South Head Light (Newfoundland and Labrador) No longer standing
St. Jacques Island Light
St. Lawrence Point Light No longer standing
St. Modeste Island Light
Surgeon Cove Point Light
Tides Cove Point Light
Westport Cove Light
White Point Light No longer standing
Winsor Harbour Island Light No longer standing
Woody Point Light Woody Point Light.jpg


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