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Fanad lighthouse

This is a list of lighthouses in Ireland. The Commissioners of Irish Lights are responsible for the majority of marine navigation aids around the island though a small number are maintained by local harbour authorities. The main list identifies those lighthouses in a clockwise direction starting with Crookhaven lighthouse, County Cork.

Maintained by Commissioners of Irish Lights[edit]

Maintained by other Irish marine authorities[edit]

Dingle Harbour Commissioners[edit]

  • Dingle Harbour Light

Drogheda Port Company[edit]

  • Aleria Lighthouse

Dublin Port Company[edit]

  • Balbriggan Lighthouse
  • Howth Harbour Lighthouse (the new beacon at the end of the sea wall; the old lighthouse is no longer operational)
  • North Bull Lighthouse (on the North Bull Wall)
  • North Wall Quay Lighthouse (inside the port)
  • North Bank Lighthouse, sits in the middle of the mouth of the Liffey, inside the sea-walled area – a rectangular green lighthouse on a platform on stilts.
  • Poolbeg Lighthouse (on the Great South Wall)

Dundalk Harbour Commissioners[edit]

  • Dundalk Pile Light

Galway Harbour Company[edit]

  • Galway Harbour Light

Irish Landmark Trust[edit]

  • Old Keeper Dwellings Blackhead Antrim Lighthouse [1]
  • Wicklow Head Lighthouse, since 1996

Larne Harbour Ltd.[edit]

  • Vessel Traffic Management Equipment at Ferris Point Light [1]

Limerick Harbour Commissioners[edit]

  • Tarbert Island Light

Londonderry Port and Harbour Commissioners[edit]

  • Warren Point Lighthouse

Northern Ireland Fishery Harbour Authority[edit]

Port of Waterford[edit]

Rosslare Europort[edit]

  • Rosslare Harbour Lighthouse

Wicklow Harbour Commissioners[edit]

  • Wicklow East Pier Lighthouse



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