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This is a list of lineae on Europa. Most Europan lineae are named after characters and places in the legends of Cadmus and Europa; others are named after important megalithic stone rows built by the Neolithic peoples of Britain and France.

See also the list of craters on Europa and list of geological features on Europa.

Linea Named after
Adonis Linea Adonis
Agave Linea Agave
Agenor Linea Agenor
Alphesiboea Linea Alphesiboea
Androgeos Linea Androgeus
Argiope Linea Argiope (Telephassa)
Asterius Linea Asterius
Astypalaea Linea Astypalaea
Autonoë Linea Autonoë
Belus Linea Belus the Egyptian
Butterdon Linea Butterdon Hill, England
Cadmus Linea Cadmus
Chthonius Linea Chthonius
Corick Linea Corick, Northern Ireland
Drizzlecomb Linea Drizzlecombe, England
Drumskinny Linea Drumskinny, Northern Ireland
Echion Linea Echion
Euphemus Linea Euphemus
Glaukos Linea Glaucus
Harmonia Linea Harmonia
Hyperenor Linea Hyperenor
Ino Linea Ino
Katreus Linea Katreus
Kennet Linea West Kennet Long Barrow, England
Libya Linea Libya
Mehen Linea Mehen, Brittany
Merrivale Linea Merrivale, Devon, England
Minos Linea Minos
Onga Linea Onga (Athena)
Pelagon Linea Pelagon
Pelorus Linea Pelorus
Phineus Linea Phineus
Phoenix Linea Phoenix, brother of Agenor
Rhadamanthys Linea Rhadamanthys
Sarpedon Linea Sarpedon, son of Europa
Sharpitor Linea Sharpitor, England
Sparti Linea Sparti
Staldon Linea Stalldown Barrow, England
Tectamus Linea Tectamus
Telephassa Linea Telephassa
Thasus Linea Thasus
Thynia Linea Thynia
Tormsdale Linea Tormsdale, Scotland
Udaeus Linea Udaeus
Yelland Linea Yelland, England

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