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This is a list of lineal boxing world champions. A list of lineal champions in professional boxing is maintained by the historical research boxing website Cyber Boxing Zone (CBZ), with input from boxing historian Tracy Callis of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) which was founded in 1982 for the purposes of establishing an accurate history of boxing and compiling complete and accurate boxing records.[1] The historical list of lineal champions were first published in 1994, and are retrospective to the introduction of the Queensberry Rules in 1885.[2][3] The Transnational Boxing Rankings Board, which promotes the concept of one world champion per weight class,[4][5] hands out[clarification needed] the most complete version of the lineal championship and is recognized by CBZ for maintaining the list of genuine lineal world champions.[6]


John L. Sullivan was the first lineal heavyweight boxing champion
Bob Fitzsimmons was the first three-division world champion
Joe Louis held the lineal heavyweight title for more than 11 years
Muhammad Ali was the only three-time lineal heavyweight champion in boxing


Light heavyweight[edit]

Jack Root was the first light heavyweight champion of the world
Jack Dempsey and Georges Carpentier boxed in the first million-dollar gate
Battling Siki

Super middleweight[edit]

Joe Calzaghe in 2007


"Nonpareil" Jack Dempsey
Harry Greb
Robinson being held aloft by Gene Fullmer and Carmen Basilio in 1965

Light middleweight[edit]

Kim Ki-soo was South Korea's first world boxing champion
Sugar Ray Leonard in 1984


Mysterious Billy Smith
Tommy Ryan
William "Matty" Matthews
Joe Walcott
Young Jack Thompson
Henry Armstrong in 1937

Light welterweight[edit]

Pinky Mitchell was the first champion in the light welterweight division
Carlos Ortiz is considered among the best Puerto Rican boxers of all time


Kid Lavigne was boxing's first widely recognized World Lightweight Champion
Battling Nelson
Welsh vs Rivers, St Patricks Day 1914 in Vernon, California
Joe Walcott vs. Joe Gans

Super featherweight[edit]

Jack Bernstein
Torpedo Billy Murphy, c. 1890


George Dixon (c.  1894) was the first black world boxing champion in any weight class
Terry McGovern
Henry Armstrong

Super bantamweight[edit]

Dong-Kyun Yum was crowned the lineal super bantamweight champion in 1976.


Jimmy Barry held the World Bantamweight Championship from 1894 to 1899 and retired undefeated
Panama Al Brown, was a bantamweight boxer from Panama who made history by becoming boxing's first Hispanic world champion
Mario D'Agata was the first, and so far only, deaf world champion in boxing

Super flyweight[edit]

Jimmy Wilde


Pancho Villa was the first Filipino/Asian world champion
Jimmy Wilde And Pancho Villa in the ring before their match, on June 18, 1923
Pascual Perez was Argentina's first world boxing champion
Manny Pacquiao is the only five-division lineal champion in boxing.

Light flyweight[edit]

Yoshio Shirai was crowned Japan's first world champion, 1952.


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