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Flat panel displays are thin panels of glass or plastic used for electronically displaying text, images, or video. LCD (liquid-crystal displays), OLED (organic light emitting diode) and MicroLED displays are largely the same, except that an LCD uses a liquid crystal that reacts to an electric current blocking light or allowing it to pass through the panel, where as OLED/microLED displays consists of electroluminescent organic materials (that include carbon, thus the name organic)/inorganic that generate light when a current is passed through the material. LCD, OLED/MicroLED displays are driven using TFT, LTPS, IGZO, LTPO, and A-SI transistor technologies as their backplane using ITO to supply current to the transistors and in turn to the liquid crystal or electroluminesent material. Segment and passive OLED and LCD displays do not use a backplane but use Indium tin oxide(ITO), a transparent conductive material, to pass current to the electroluminescent material or liquid crystal. In LCD displays, there is an even layer of liquid crystal throughout the panel where as an OLED display has the electroluminescent material only where it is meant to light up.

List of LCD panel manufacturers[edit]

Liquid-crystal display (or LCD) is a thin, flat panel used for electronically displaying information such as text, images, and moving pictures. They are usually made of glass but they can also be made out of plastic using OLCD. Some manufacturers make transparent LCD panels and special sequential color segment LCDs that have higher than usual refresh rates and an RGB backlight. The backlight is synchronized with the display so that the colors will show up as needed. The list of LCD manufacturers:

List of OLED panel manufacturers[edit]

Organic light emitting diode (or OLED displays) is a thin, flat panel made of glass or plastic used for electronically displaying information such as text, images, and moving pictures. OLED panels can also take the shape of a light panel, where red, green and blue light emitting materials are stacked to create a white light panel. OLED displays can also be made transparent and these transparent panels are available on the market. LCD and OLED displays are available in different shapes, the most promintent of which is a circular display, which is used in smartwatches. The list of OLED display manufacturers:

Below are some manufacturers that make OLED light panels:

List of MicroLED panel manufacturers[edit]

MicroLED displays is an emerging flat-panel display technology consisting of arrays of microscopic LEDs forming the individual pixel elements. The list of MicroLED display manufacturers:

There are current no MicroLED displays in mass production. Sony produces and sells commerical MicroLED displays called CLEDIS (Crystal-LED Integrated Displays, also called Canvas-LED) in small qauntities.[2]

Below are some manufacturers that make MicroLED light panels:

  • TaiwanLuumii

List of LCD panel fabrication plants[edit]

This list lists current LCD fabrication facilities, former facilities are below this first table. LCDs are made in a glass substrate. For OLED, the substrate can also be plastic. The size of the substrates are specified in generations, with each generation using a larger substrate. For example, a 4th generation substrate is larger in size than a 3rd generation substrate. A larger substrate allows for more panels to be cut from a single substrate, or for larger panels to be made, akin to increasing wafer sizes in the semiconductor industry. Panel Inputs per month is how many substrates can a plant process per month.


Company Plant name Plant location Plant cost (in US$ billions) Started production Substrate panel size (in generations) Process technology (TFT, IPS, LTPS, IGZO, etc.) Panel inputs per month
Sharp Taki Mie[3] Japan[4] 1995
Sharp Kameyama Japan[4] 2004 gen 6, gen 8
Sharp Sakai Japan[5] 2016 gen 10 72,000
AU Optronics Longtan Taiwan[6] 2001, 2003, 2004 gen 4, gen 5
AU Optronics Longke Taiwan[6] 2005 gen 6
AU Optronics Guishan Taiwan[6] 2001, 2003 gen 3.5, gen 5
Japan Display, JOLED, [7]former Panasonic[8][9][10] Mobara Japan, Mobara 2006[11] TFT
Japan Display Kaoshiung Taiwan[12]
Japan Display Tottori Japan[13]
Japan Display Higashiura Japan[14]
Japan Display Ishikawa Japan[15]
BOE Hefei[16] China[17] 6.95[18] 2018[18] gen 10.5[17][19][20] TFT 120,000[21]
BOE Hefei China gen 8.5 TFT
BOE Hefei China gen 6 TFT
BOE Beijing China[17] gen 5 TFT
BOE Ordos China[22] gen 5.5 LTPS
BOE Beijing China[17] gen 8.5 TFT
BOE Chengdu China[17] gen 4.5 TFT
BOE Fuzhou China[17] gen 8.5 TFT
BOE Chongqing China gen 8.5 TFT
BOE Fuqin China gen 8.5 TFT
TCL Shenzhen China[23][24] 9 2019(planned) gen 11[25][26] TFT, IGZO[27] 90,000[28]
TCL gen 8.5 TFT[27]
TCL gen 6 TFT[27]
MYIR Tech Limited Shenzhen, China 2019 TFT[27]
LG Display South Korea gen 10.5[18]
Chungwha Picture Tubes Longtan Taiwan[29] 2002 gen 4.5, gen 6 gen 4.5: 180,000, gen 6: 90,000
Chungwha Picture Tubes Yamme Taiwan[30] gen 4.5, gen 6
Giantplus Technology Bade Plant Taiwan[31] gen 3
Giantplus Technology Hsinchu Plant Taiwan[31] gen 3.5
Giantplus Technology Kunshan Giantplus Optronics Display Technology Co., Ltd China[31]
Giantplus Technology Shenzhen Giantplus Optoelectronics Display Co., Ltd. China[31]
HannStar Display Corporation Nanjing Hannstar Plant Taiwan[32]
HannStar Display Corporation Nanjing Hannspree Plant Taiwan[32]
HKC China[33] 1.7 2017 gen 8.6[34] a-Si 70,000
InnoLux Corporation Taiwan[35]
Sakai Display Products Japan[36] 2009 gen 10[37] 72,000
China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT, also known as Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology)[38] China Under construction gen 10.5
China Star Optoelectronics Technology[39] China 3.5 2010 TFT 140,000
China Star Optoelectronics Technology[39] China 3.5 2015 a-Si TFT 100,000
China Star Optoelectronics Technology[39] g11 project, t7[40] China 6.5 2019 gen 10.5 (gen 11) a-Si TFT 90,000
China Star Optoelectronics Technology[39] t6[40] China 7.25 2019 gen 10.5 (gen 11) a-Si TFT 90,000
Winstar[41] Taiwan


Company Plant name Plant location Plant cost (in US$ billions) Started production Substrate panel size (in generations) Process technology (TFT, IPS, LTPS, IGZO, etc.) Panel inputs per month Ceased Production
Samsung, former S-LCD Asan South Korea 2005, 2007 gen 7, gen 8[42] 362,000[43] Late 2016, turned into amoled production[44]
Chungwha Picture Tubes Taoyuan[45] Taiwan[46] 1973(as CRT display factory), 1995 (gen 3), 1997 (gen 4) gen 3, gen 4 TFT gen 3: 40,000, gen4: 72,600 2015, sold to giantplus and tce photomasks, gen 3 still operated by giantplus, gen 4 line sold to giantplus, equipment sold and line demolished, remainder operated by tce
Panasonic Himeji[47] Japan, Himeji 2010 gen 8 TFT 2017, now makes Li-ion batteries[48][49]

List of OLED fabrication plants[edit]

Only actual plants are listed, former plants should be placed on a table below this one.

Company Plant name Plant location Plant cost (in US$ billions) Started production Substate panel size (in generations) Process technology (TFT, LTPS, IGZO, LTPO, etc.) Panel inputs per month
AU Optronics[50] Singapore Singapore 2013 gen 4.5
Royole[51] quasi-G6 mass production campus China, Shenzhen 2018 gen 6
Samsung Giheung[52] South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Yongin
Samsung Chungcheongnamdo, Cheonan[52] South Korea
Samsung Samsung Display Vietnam[52] Vietnam
Samsung Samsung Display Tianjin (SDT)[52] China, Tianjin [53]
Samsung Samsung Display Dongguan (SDD)[52] China, Guangdong
Samsung Samsung Suzhou LCD (SSL), Module (SSM)[52] China, Jiangsu Province, Suzhou Industry Park, Fengli Street
Samsung[54][55] South Korea, Asan 2018 (planned)
Samsung A3[56] South Korea, Asan? 135,000
Samsung A5[56] South Korea, Cheonan? Under construction 180,000–270,000
Samsung A4[56] South Korea, Asan? 45,000 (planned, by the end of 2018)
Samsung A1[56][52] South Korea, Asan 55,000
Samsung A2[56][52] South Korea, Asan 180,000
Samsung South Chungcheong site South Korea, South Chungcheong 12.6[57]
Sony[58] Higashiura Japan, Aichi
LG Display[59] Paju Display Cluster[60][61][62] South Korea, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do 6.9[63] 2004 70,000
LG Display P9[64][65]
LG Display E6[64][65] 1.78[64] gen 6
LG Display E2[64][65] gen 4.5
LG Display P10[66] 8.71[67] 2018 (planned) gen 6
LG Display E5[64][65] South Korea, Gumi gen 6 7,500
LG Display Guangzhou[68] China, Guangzhou 4.2 2019 gen 8.5 60,000
OLEDWorks[69] USA, NY, Rochester
OLEDWorks[69] Germany, Aachen
Wisechip Semiconductor Taiwan, Hsinchu[70] 2008
TCL[71] China, Shenzhen 90,000
TCL[72] China
BOE[73] Ordos China, Ordos gen 5.5
BOE[73] Chengdu[74] China, Chengdu 2018 gen 6
BOE[73] Sichuan[75] China, Sichuan
BOE[73] Hefei[76] China, Hefei gen 8
BOE[73] Mianyang[77] China, Mianyang[77] gen 6
BOE[73] Chongqing[77] China $1.5 Under construction gen 8
China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT, also known as Shenzhen Huaxing Photoelectric Technology)[78] Wuhan China $5.08 Under construction gen 6 LTPS AMOLED 45,000
China Star Optoelectronics Technology (CSOT)[79] Shenzhen China $6.7 2021 (planned) gen 11
Truly Semiconductors[80] Truly Industrial Area China
JOLED[81] Japan, Nomi gen 4.5 Printed OLED
JOLED[81] Japan, Nomi Under construction gen 5.5 Printed OLED
EverDisplay Optronics[82] China 2014 gen 4.5 20,000
EverDisplay Optronics[83] Shanghai China $4.1 2018 gen 6 30,000
Tianma[84] China gen 5.5
Tianma[85] Wuhan China 2017 gen 6
Tianma[86] Xiamen China Under construction gen 6 30,000
Visionox[87] Hebei China $4.5 2018 gen 6 30,000
Visionox[88] Guangzhou China $6.3 Under construction gen 6 30,000

List of MicroLED fabrication plants[edit]

Only actual plants are listed, former plants should be placed on a table below this one.

Company Plant name Plant location Plant cost (in US$ billions) Started production Substrate panel size (in generations) Process technology (TFT, LTPS, IGZO, LTPO, etc.) Panel inputs per month
Luumii[89] Suzhou Suzhou, China 2019 40,000 (increasing to 100,000 by the end of 2019)

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