List of listed buildings in Falkland, Fife

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This is a list of listed buildings in the parish of Falkland in Fife, Scotland.

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The scheme for classifying buildings in Scotland is:

  • Category A: "buildings of national or international importance, either architectural or historic; or fine, little-altered examples of some particular period, style or building type."[1]
  • Category B: "buildings of regional or more than local importance; or major examples of some particular period, style or building type, which may have been altered."[1]
  • Category C: "buildings of local importance; lesser examples of any period, style, or building type, as originally constructed or moderately altered; and simple traditional buildings which group well with other listed buildings."[1]

In March 2016 there were 47,288 listed buildings in Scotland. Of these, 8% were Category A, and 50% were Category B, with the remaining 42% being Category C.[2]

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