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A nation is a people or group of peoples; a political state.[1]

Lists of nation as a state
Transnational lists with nation or national in the name

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  1. ^ Oxford English Dictionary,Second Edition 1989, onlined revisions up to 2008. "nation, n.1"
    • I. A people or group of peoples; a political state.
    • 1. a. A large aggregate of communities and individuals united by factors such as common descent, language, culture, history, or occupation of the same territory, so as to form a distinct people. Now also: such a people forming a political state; a political state. (In early use also in pl.: a country.)
    In early examples notions of race and common descent predominate. In later use notions of territory, political unity, and independence are more prominent, although some writers still make a pointed distinction between nation and state. Cf.
    The term is rarely used to refer to a state in its physical or geographical aspect; but see quot. 1653.
    • †b. of (also by) nation: by nationality. of — nation: of the nationality specified. Obs
    • c. A group of people having a single ethnic, tribal, or religious affiliation, but without a separate or politically independent territory.
    Freq. used of the Jewish people in the Diaspora.
    • d. With the: the whole population of a country, freq. in contrast to a smaller or narrower body within it.