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Graphic representation of local winds on world map

The list covers regional and local winds and local weather phenomena including seasonal wind


  • Abrolhos (Portuguese elisionast of Brazil)
  • Alisio (easterly trade wind in the Caribbean)[1]
  • Alize (northeasterly across central Africa and the Caribbean)
  • Alizé Maritime (wet, fresh northerly wind across west central Africa)[2]
  • Amihan (northeasterly wind across the Philippines)[3]
  • Autan (fr) (warm, föhn-type southeasterly wind in the Mediterranean Languedoc region)
  • Barguzin wind (steady, strong wind on Lake Baikal in Russia)
  • Bayamo (violent wind on Cuba's southern coast)
  • Berg (South African katabatic wind)
  • Bise (cold, northern wind in France and northeastern wind in Switzerland)
  • Brickfielder (hot and dry wind in Southern Australia)
  • Böhm (cold, dry wind in Central Europe)
  • Bora (northeasterly from eastern Europe to northeastern Italy)
  • Brisote (the northeast trade wind when it is blowing more strongly than usual, in Cuba)[4]
  • Brookings Effect (off-shore wind on the southwestern Oregon coast, United States)
  • Buran (a wind which blows across eastern Asia. It is also known as Purga when over the tundra)
  • Burle (fr) (north wind which blows in the winter in south-central France)


  • Caju (stormy gale-force north-westerly in the Atlantic coast of Brazil)[citation needed]
  • Calima (dust-laden south to southeasterly wind blowing in the Saharan Air Layer across the Canary Islands)
  • Carpinteiro (strong southeasterly wind along the southern Atlantic coast of Brazil)[citation needed]
  • Cape Doctor (dry south-easterly wind that blows on the South African coast in summer)
  • Cers (strong, very dry northeasterly wind in the bas-Languedoc region in southern France)
  • Chetco Effect (alternate term for Brookings Effect, off-shore wind on the southwestern Oregon coast, United States)
  • Chinook (warm dry westerly off the Rocky Mountains)
  • Cierzo (cool north/northwesterly wind on Ebro Valley in Spain)
  • Cordonazo, also referred to as el cordonazo de San Francisco or the Lash of St Francis (southerly hurricane winds along the west coast of Mexico)
  • Coromuel (south to south-west wind in the La Paz area of the Baja California peninsula and the Gulf of California)
  • Crivăț (strong, very cold north-easterly wind in Moldavia, Dobruja, and the Bărăgan Plain parts of Romania.)
  • Diablo (hot, dry, offshore wind from the northeast in the San Francisco bay)
  • Elephanta (strong southerly or southeasterly wind on the Malabar coast of India)
  • Etesian (Greek name) or Meltem (Turkish name) (northerly across Greece and Turkey)
  • Euroclydon (a cyclonic tempestuous northeast wind in the Mediterranean)





  • Oroshi () (strong katabatic wind across the Kanto Plain)
  • Ostro (southerly wind in the Mediterranean)
  • Pampero (Argentina), very strong wind which blows in the Pampa
  • Papagayo (periodic wind which blows across Nicaragua and Costa Rica and out over the Gulf of Papagayo)
  • Passat (medium strong, constant blowing wind at sea in tropical areas)
  • Piteraq (cold katabatic wind on the Greenlandic east coast)
  • Plough Wind (straight line wind which precedes thunderstorms or thunderstorm clusters)[10][where?]
  • Pommie, or Shut Up (strong gusty wind from North West England that persists for an extended period of time)[11]
  • Poniente, ponente, or ponent (strong west to east wind formed by the wind tunnel effect of the Gibraltar Strait; see Levante for the opposite)
  • Puelche (on the western slope of the Andes in south-central Chile)[12]
  • Rashabar (or Rashaba) ("black wind") (a strong wind in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, particularly in Sulaimaniya)[13]
  • Roaring Forties (strong westerly winds in the Southern Hemisphere)


  • Santa Ana winds (southern California)
  • Santa Lucia winds (a downslope wind affecting southern San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties, California)[citation needed]
  • Sarma (cold strong wind at the western shore of Lake Baikal)
  • Shamal (a summer northwesterly wind blowing over Iraq and the Persian Gulf states)
  • Sharqi (seasonal dry, dusty Middle Eastern wind coming from the south and southeast)
  • Simoom (strong, dry, desert wind that blows in Israel, Jordan, Syria, and the desert of Arabia)
  • Sirocco (southerly from north Africa to southern Europe)
  • Solano (south to south-easterly wind in the southern sector of Spain)
  • Southerly Buster (rapidly arriving low pressure cell that dramatically cools Sydney, Australia during summer)
  • Sou'wester (strong wind which blows from the southwest, and also a type of waterproof hat designed to protect from wind and rain)[14][where?]
  • Squamish (strong, violent wind occurring in many of the fjords of British Columbia)
  • Sudestada, (strong offshore wind from the Southeast associated with most of the shipwrecks in Uruguay's Rio de la Plata coast)
  • Les Suêtes (western Cape Breton Highlands) high speed southeasterly winds[15]
  • Sukhovey (hot dry wind in the steppes, semi-deserts, and deserts of the Kazakhstan and the Caspian region)
  • Sundowner, (strong offshore wind off the California coast)



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