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This is a list of locations that have appeared in the supernatural dramedy television series Charmed.

Main locations[edit]

The Halliwell Manor[edit]

Floor plan of Halliwell Manor

The Manor has been passed down within the family for four generations. According to the series, the original house was built in 1898, while the existing structure seen on the show was built in 1906 after the Great Earthquake of San Francisco.[1] The Manor is situated exactly at the center of five essential life elements (wood, earth, water, fire, metal), it is thus considered by many as a Wiccan and spiritual nexus, and its power can accessed by good or evil.[1] The Charmed Ones' great grandparents, the Baxters, made sure it would not be abused and bought the land and built the manor. There are several times when demons have wanted to abuse the power of the Nexus, like Cole[2] and Zankou,[3] but after they tried to invade it to their advantage, the sisters managed to keep the shadow underground with a spell that their Grams, Penny, taught Phoebe when she was little.[1] The Nexus has given the girls an extra power boost to vanquish the Source[4] and many other demons. However, in the end, Piper, Phoebe and Paige have no choice but to destroy it so no one will ever have access to it.[3] The Charmed Ones use a spell called "How to Banish a Suxen", Suxen is the word Nexus spelled backwards, provided by the Elders in the Halliwell Book of Shadows. The manor is legitimately located at the address 1329 Carroll Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026.


Piper Halliwell's club, P3 (stylised P3), opens in the beginning of season two,[5] after Piper leaves Quake at the end of the first season.[6] Prue and Phoebe help fund and start the club and its opening is monitored by Piper's boyfriend, Dan Gordon, who is also her new neighbor. In season 4, the club comes under new management and it is renamed The Spot but is changed back to P3 at the end of the episode.[7]

Magic School[edit]

A school for children with good magic, protected by good magic that no one can be killed by evil on its grounds.[8] It was started by one of the most powerful elders, Gideon, who manipulates the rules in Magic School as he is able to kill his own assistant inside the school. Paige becomes headmistress after Gideon's demise[9] and when she resigns, the newly-human Leo briefly takes over. It is invaded by demons after Zankou is able to breach the school's protective spell when he steals the Haliwell's Book of Shadows at the end of Season 7.[3] On the last episode of the series, it is revealed that the sisters reclaimed magic school, allowing magical children to study and learn there once again.[10]

The most famous students that appeared in the school are: Zachary (Dean Shelton) – a telepath, Enola (Elena Finney) – a shaman, Duncan (Blake Bashoff) – a conjurer, Ben (Tac Fitzgerald) – a grad student, Eddie Mullen (Bug Hall) – a witch lost 20 years ago,[11] Ryan (James Immekus) – one of Leo's proudest students and Jen (Kimberlee Peterson) – one of Leo's proudest students.

Other students are: Herman (J. Anthony Woods) – a conjurer, Slick (Adam Hendershott) – a shapeshifter, Quentin (Mitchah Williams) and Sara (Linda Tran) – both telekinetic, Simon (Kenneth Schmidt) – a boy who used to pick on Duncan, and Dan Mullen (Dennis Flanagan) – Eddie Mullen's older brother who died 20 years ago.[11]

The location of Magic School was never mentioned and it was never mentioned how one was to get into the school, other than by magical teleportation (orbing, shimmering, etc.) or potion.

Returning locations[edit]

San Francisco Police Station[edit]

Andy Trudeau and Darryl Morris work as detective partners here. Although Andy is killed at the end of season 1,[6] Darryl stays there and is promoted to Lieutenant in season 5.

Bay Mirror[edit]

Phoebe's workplace as a famous advice columnist since season 4.[12] It is bought by young media mogul and millionaire Jason Dean, who later becomes Phoebe's boyfriend. She first found out about the Bay Mirror when she had to help a friend who she had told the boss that the girl that had worked there was sick but she really wasn't. The set used for the Mirror is the same as that used for the SFPD building. After Phoebe's death, she disguises herself with permanent magic to change her appearance in public so Elise hires Julie Bennet [Phoebe] to work there to remind her and the staff of how great Phoebe was.

Golden Gate Bridge[edit]

Contacts with the Elders by Leo, Paige and Chris are often made on the top of the bridge since season 6.

In season 7, this is where Leo "falls from grace" and becomes a mortal.[13] In season 8, Henry proposes to Paige here and she accepts.

Non-human locations[edit]

"Up There"[edit]

The realm "up above" where the Elders, Whitelighters, and possibly other good beings stay or converge. It is not given an identifiable name in the series.

Among the Charmed Ones, Piper is the only one who has been to the Heavens many times, first at the end of season two,[14] then when the Charmed Ones help the Elders vanquish the warlock Eames,[15] and after Leo and Piper get married, they are welcomed by the Elders during the reception Up There. Piper also goes up there when she becomes the Earth Goddess in season five right after Leo became an Elder.[16]

The Underworld[edit]

The world of demons, monsters and evil beings. Its structure is completely chaotic. It first appears graphically in season two.

Unknown places[edit]

There are certain unknown locations in the series, which exist outside the human world and the realms mentioned above. Such locations are the location of the Tribunal,[17] the Fortress of the Fairy Tale Keeper[18] and the location of the Avatars.

The Demonic Wasteland[edit]

The world where all demons go after being vanquished. There, average demons are destroyed as they arrive, leaving only their powers, which manifest as a cloud of sapphire orbs. A snakelike monster (there may be more than one) prowls the wasteland as the primary predator, and it feeds on the demons' powers and essence for all eternity. Demons with souls (such as Cole Turner) are not destroyed upon entering, but are continuously pursued by the snake-monster. These demons may collect the powers of other demons that arrive. In the end of season 4, Cole is sent to the wasteland,[19] where he gets powers from vanquished demons and eventually kills the snake-monster. The monster isn't picky about its food and will also devour non-demon beings (it tried to eat Phoebe).

Other locations[edit]

Buckland's Auction House[edit]

Prue's work place where Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster pretend to be owners of the Auction House in an attempt to get to the sisters' powers.[20] After their vanquish,[20] Prue remains there until the middle of the second season.[21]


Piper's workplace during season one, where she is the head chef and manager, after she quit her job as a teller in a bank. Realising that working for someone is not her dream, she quits the job[6] and opens P3.[5] She again realises she loves cooking too much and opens her own restaurant.[10]

Paige's Apartment[edit]

The place where Paige lived in Early Season 4 before she moved into the Halliwell Manor

South Bay Social Services[edit]

When Paige first appears, she is working as a social worker assistant.[22] Paige dreams about becoming a social worker, but the day she is finally promoted, she decides to quit in order to focus more on witchcraft (season five, a witch's tail part 2).

San Francisco Memorial[edit]

The main hospital in the series. Where the characters go when injured. It is also the hospital where Piper died at after being shot in All Hell Breaks Loose. It is also the hospital where Chris was born.

415 Magazine[edit]

Prue's third workplace, after the Museum of Natural History and Bucklands Auction House. This is where she realizes her lifelong dream of becoming a professional photographer.[21] Later on, two years after Prue's death, Phoebe, who has, by then, become a celebrity, is profiled by 415 and makes its cover and centerfold (season five).

415 appeared twice in season eight: first, Piper's alter ego-lookalike, Maya, appears on its cover.[23] A few episodes later, the magazine approaches Piper for an article about P3.


When Cole is possessed by The Source, he and Phoebe move to the penthouse in order to weaken the Power of Three. Even after he comes back from the demonic wasteland, he still lives there. However, the penthouse doesn't appear again after he is vanquished permanently.[24]

Montana House[edit]

The Montanas are a family of powerful witches in a feud with the Callaway family for so many generations that no one remembers how it started. After the feud is finally ended, Paige dates a family member, Richard, and temporarily moves in with him in his family's house.

Phoebe's condo[edit]

Where Phoebe moves to in Season 8 when she wants independence. It is added to the show primarily as an excuse to create living space for the show's two newer characters: Billie and Christy.


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