List of lost Russian or Soviet submarines

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These Russian or Soviet submarines either suffered extensive crew casualties or were entirely lost to enemy action or to "storm or perils of the sea." A dagger (†) indicates that the boat was lost.

This list is not known to be complete.

According to the U.S. Navy, "The former Soviet Union secretly disposed of about 16 submarines by sinking them in the northern oceans." [1]

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Before the Russian Revolution[edit]

Before World War II[edit]

  • Щ-103 (1935, storm)
  • Д-1 (1940, sea trials)
  • C-2 (1940, Winter war)

During World War II[edit]


Baltic Fleet
  • Л-2
  • С-1 (scuttled)
  • С-3 (scuttled)
  • С-5
  • С-6
  • С-8
  • С-10
  • С-11
  • Калев
  • Щ-301
  • Ронис (scuttled)
  • Спидола (scuttled)
Black Sea Fleet
  • Д-6 (scuttled)
  • C-34
  • Щ-204
  • Щ-206
Northern Fleet
Pacific Fleet
  • Л-16


Baltic fleet
  • С-7
  • Щ-302
  • Щ-304
  • Щ-305
  • Щ-306
  • Щ-308
  • Щ-311
Black sea fleet
  • С-32
Pacific fleet
  • Щ-138
Northern fleet
  • Д-3
  • Л-24
  • К-2
  • К-23
  • Щ-405


Baltic fleet
  • С-9
  • С-12
Black sea fleet
  • Щ-203
Northern fleet
  • К-1
  • К-3
  • К-22
  • С-55
  • Щ-406
  • Щ-408


  • Л-6
  • Л-25
  • С-54


  • С-4
  • Л-19

After World War II[edit]

After the fall of the Soviet Union[edit]

The Komsomolets Nuclear Submarine Memorial Society aids the dependents of sailors lost in these disasters.


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