List of made-for-television films with LGBT characters

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The following is a sortable listing of films made for television which include central LGBT themes or characters.


Year Title Network Character name Actor Notes
1959 South ITV Jan Wicziewsky Peter Wyngarde Wicziewsky is a Polish army officer living in exile in the antebellum South. He is torn by his feelings for fellow officer Eric MacClure (Graydon Gould). South is believed to be the earliest television film dealing with homosexual themes.[1][2]
1972 That Certain Summer ABC Doug Salter
Gary McClain
Hal Holbrook
Martin Sheen
A teenager deals with the knowledge that his divorced father is gay.
1974 Born Innocent NBC Moco Nora Heflin In a controversial scene, Christine Parker (Linda Blair) is raped with a mop handle by a girl gang led by Moco in a juvenile detention center.
1975 The Naked Civil Servant ITV (Thames) Quentin Crisp John Hurt
1975 Cage Without a Key NBC Tommy Jonelle Allen Tommy has been described by gay media researcher Steven Capsuto as probably the earliest well-developed gay teen character on television as well as the first well-developed non-white gay character.
1976 Song of Myself CBS Walt Whitman
Peter Doyle
Rip Torn
Brad Davis
1977 Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn ABC Alexander Duncan Leigh McCloskey Sequel to the telefilm Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway. Alexander becomes a hustler in Los Angeles.
1977 In the Glitter Palace NBC Ellen Lange
Casey Walker
Daisy Dolon
Grace Mayo
Kendis Winslow
Barbara Hershey
Diana Scarwid
Carole Cook
Lynn Marta
Tisha Sterling
Salome Jens
Ellen hires her ex-boyfriend Chad Everett to defend her lover Casey from a charge that she murdered Norma Addison (Gloria LeRoy). Daisy is a nightclub entertainer. Ricky is hiding a child she lost in a custody suit. Grace was hired by Norma to seduce women so Norma can blackmail them. Kendis is a judge and another blackmail victim.
1977 Terraces NBC Dr. Roger Cabe
Alex Bengston
Lloyd Bochner
James Phipps
A married doctor has a sweet, heartfelt affair with a younger man. When the doctor breaks it off for the sake of his wife and family, his young lover cannot cope and takes drastic measures.
1978 A Question of Love ABC Linda Ray Guettner
Barbara Moreland
Gena Rowlands
Jane Alexander
1981 Sidney Shorr: A Girl's Best Friend NBC Sidney Shorr Tony Randall Pilot film for the series Love, Sidney.
1983 Making of a Male Model ABC Chuck Lanyard Jeff Conaway
1983 An Englishman Abroad BBC Guy Burgess Alan Bates Story of the chance encounter between gay "Cambridge spy" Burgess and actress Coral Browne.
1985 An Early Frost NBC Michael Pierson
Peter Hilton
Aidan Quinn
D. W. Moffett
One of the first mainstream treatments of AIDS on American television.
1985 Consenting Adult ABC Jeff Lynd Barry Tubb TV movie about a family's struggle to accept their son's homosexuality. Based on a novel by Laura Z. Hobson, and also starring Marlo Thomas and Martin Sheen as the parents.
1986 Second Serve CBS Renée Richards Vanessa Redgrave Biopic of transgender surgeon turned professional tennis player.
1986 Welcome Home, Bobby CBS Bobby Cavalero Timothy Williams TV movie about a gay teenager who struggles with rejection from his school friends and his father when his sexuality becomes known.
1986 The Truth About Alex HBO Alex Prager Peter Spence After school special-style drama.
1987 Two of Us BBC Matthew
Jason Rush
Lee Whitlock
1990 102 Boulevard Haussmann BBC Marcel Proust
Amable Massis
Alan Bates
Paul Rhys
a 1990 film in the BBC series Screen Two written by Alan Bennett; love story about Marcel Proust and violist Amable Massis
1991 Our Sons ABC James Grant
Donald Barnes
Hugh Grant
Željko Ivanek
Drama about two mothers (Julie Andrews and Ann-Margret) whose sons are in a relationship, but one of them is terminally ill.
1991 The Lost Language of Cranes BBC
Owen Benjamin
Philip Benjamin
Elliot Abrahams
Geoffrey Lane
Derek Moulthorpe
Robin Bradley
Brian Cox
Angus MacFadyen
Corey Parker
Rene Auberjonois
John Schlesinger
Ben Daniels
British production based upon the novel by American writer David Leavitt about a young man who comes out to his family which leads his middle-aged father to face his own hidden sexuality.
1992 Doing Time on Maple Drive Fox Matt Carter
William McNamara
Bennett Cale
Family drama
1992 Citizen Cohn HBO Roy Cohn James Woods Story of the life of Joseph McCarthy's controversial chief counsel Roy Cohn.
1994 Family Album NBC Lionel Thayer
Paul Steel
Joe Flanigan
Paul Satterfield
Joel Gretsch
Based on Danielle Steel's novel
1994 Roommates NBC Bill Thomas Eric Stoltz
1994 X-Rated CBC Nathan Jones Billy Merasty Pilot for the CBC drama series Liberty Street
1995 Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story NBC Margarethe Cammermeyer
Glenn Close
Judy Davis
1995 The Price of Love Fox Bo Jay R. Ferguson 16-year-old Bret (Peter Facinelli) is thrown out of his house. He runs away to Los Angeles, where he meets a hustler named Bo and becomes a hustler himself. Bo is gay but Bret is strictly gay-for-pay.
1997 Any Mother's Son Lifetime Allen R. Schindler, Jr. Paul Popowich based on a true story of a hate crime
1997 In the Gloaming HBO Danny Robert Sean Leonard
1997 The Twilight of the Golds Showtime David Gold Brendan Fraser
1998 Gia HBO Gia Carangi Angelina Jolie Biopic about the bisexual supermodel.
1999 Execution of Justice Showtime Harvey Milk Peter Coyote Adaptation of stage play about the assassination of Milk by Dan White.
2000 Common Ground Showtime Dorothy Nelson
Gil Roberts
Brittany Murphy
Jason Priestley
Mimi Rogers
Steven Weber
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
James LeGros
Andrew Airlie
Three short stories dealing with acceptance of gays and lesbians over three different decades.
2000 If These Walls Could Talk 2 HBO Edith Tree
Abby Hedley
Vanessa Redgrave
Marian Seldes
Michelle Williams
Chloë Sevigny
Sharon Stone
Ellen DeGeneres
Three short stories dealing with lesbian women.
2000 The Truth About Jane Lifetime Jane
Ms. Lynn Walcott
Ellen Muth
Alicia Lagano
Kelly Rowan
2000 Anatomy of a Hate Crime MTV Matthew Shepard Cy Carter First of three TV movies about Shepard's murder.
2001 What Makes a Family Lifetime Janine Neilssen
Sandy Cataldi
Brooke Shields
Cherry Jones
When Sandy dies suddenly, Janine must fight to keep the child Sandy bore through artificial insemination.
2002 Bobbie's Girl Showtime Bailey Lewis
Roberta Langham
Bernadette Peters
Rachel Ward
Shows committed relationship between two lesbians
2002 The Matthew Shepard Story Showtime Matthew Shepard Shane Meier
2002 No Night is Too Long BBC Two Tim Cornish
Ivo Steadman
Thierry Massin
Lee Williams
Marc Warren
Salvatore Antonio
Tim is bisexual.
2003 Murad Indus TV Saima
Sohail Asghar
Qazi Wajid
Nabeel Zafar
Murad aka Eunuch's Motherhood is a part of Maa Aur Mamta TV series of films based on Mothers.
2003 Normal HBO Roy Tom Wilkinson
2003 Soldier's Girl Showtime Calpernia Addams Lee Pace
2004 Jack Showtime Paul Ron Silver
2004 Prom Queen: The Marc Hall Story CTV Marc Hall
Aaron Ashmore
Mak Fyfe
2005 Deadly Skies here! Donovan
Antonio Sabato, Jr.
Michael Boisvert
Film was released in multiple versions, with and without gay content.
2005 Tides of War here! Cmdr. Frank Habley
Lt. Cmdr. Tom Palatonio
Adrian Paul
Mike Doyle
Film was released in multiple versions, with and without gay content.
2006 Trapped! here! Samantha
Alexandra Paul
Michelle Wolff
2006 Wedding Wars A&E Shel Grandy
Ted Moore
John Stamos
Sean Maher
Shel is a wedding planner and goes on strike for gay rights while planning his straight brother's wedding. Ted is his lover.
2006 Totally Awesome VH1 Yamagashi James Hong Parody of Miyagi from the Karate Kid films, Yamagashi is an elderly gay lecher.
2006 Loving Annabelle Divine Light Pictures Annabelle
Simone Bradley
Erin Kelly
Diane Gaidry
The rebel Annabelle arrives at boarding school and falls in love with her teacher Simone. They start an affair leading to serious consequences.
2006 A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story Lifetime Gwen Araujo J. D. Pardo
2007 Battlestar Galactica: Razor Sci Fi Channel Helena Cain
Gina Inviere
Michelle Forbes
Tricia Helfer
2008 Ice Blues here! Donald Strachey
Timothy Callahan
Kenny Kwon
Chad Allen
Sebastian Spence
Nelson Wong
Part of a series of films based on the Donald Strachey books.
2008 Kiss Me Deadly here! Jacob "Jake" Keane
Robert Gant Jake Keane is an ex-spy drawn back into danger when his former partner turns up with her memory erased. Paulo is his lover and Jillian a friend with whom Jake has a daughter.
2008 Knight Rider NBC Carrie Ruvai Sydney Tamiia Poitier Pilot for the revival of the Knight Rider franchise.
2009 Prayers for Bobby Lifetime Bobby Griffith
Rev. Whitsell
Ryan Kelley
Dan Butler
Scott Bailey
2010 Christopher and His Kind BBC Two Christopher Isherwood
Heinz Neddermayer
W. H. Auden
Gerald Hamilton
Matt Smith
Douglas Booth
Pip Carter
Toby Jones
Based on the autobiography Christopher and His Kind by Isherwood
2010 Les faux-monnayeurs France 2 Edouard
Melvil Poupaud
Maxime Berger
Based on the novel The Counterfeiters by André Gide
2010 Worried About the Boy BBC Two Boy George
Jon Moss
Douglas Booth
Mathew Horne
Based on the life of Boy George and the formation of Culture Club
2011 Cinema Verite HBO Lance Loud
Candy Darling
Jackie Curtis
Thomas Dekker
Willem Belli
Kyle Riabko
Dramatization of the making of the early reality television series An American Family.[3]
2011 À la recherche du temps perdu France 2 Baron de Charlus
Robert de Saint-Loup
Charles Morel
Didier Sandre
Michel Fau
Andy Gillet
Vincent Heden
Based on the novel In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust.
2011 Steven Niles' Remains Chiller Jensen Miko Hughes Adaptation of the comic series of the same name.[4]
2013 Behind the Candelabra HBO Liberace
Scott Thorson
Billy Leatherwood
Michael Douglas
Matt Damon[5]
Cheyenne Jackson
2014 The Normal Heart HBO Alexander "Ned" Weeks
Felix Turner
Dr. Emma Brookner
Mark Ruffalo
Matt Bomer
Julia Roberts
Based on the play The Normal Heart

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