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The first magazine in Finland was published in 1782, which was a women's magazine.[1] The number of the Finnish magazines was about 1,200 in the 1980s.[2] In the 1990s, the circulation of magazines increased, being 5.4 million copies in 1990 and 6.2 million copies in 1999.[3]

The number of magazines was 2,819 in 2001.[3] Magazines accounted for 18% of the Finnish press market in 2007.[4] There were 3,300 magazines in 2008, half of which were trade and business magazines.[5] Total circulation of the magazines was 13.8 million in 2008.[5] In 2009, 29 new magazines were launched.[6]

This is an incomplete list of magazines published in the country. These magazines are published in Finnish or in other languages.

Boat magazines[edit]

Car magazines[edit]

Computer magazines[edit]

Crime magazines[edit]

Cultural magazines[edit]

Current events magazines, formal[edit]

Current events magazines, informal[edit]

Design and living[edit]

Economic magazines[edit]

Family and home magazines[edit]

Men's lifestyle magazines[edit]

Music magazines[edit]

Occultistic magazines[edit]

Paparazzi magazines[edit]

Political magazines[edit]

Pornographic magazines[edit]

Professional magazines[edit]

School magazines[edit]

Scientific magazines[edit]

Sport magazines[edit]

Technical magazines[edit]

University magazines[edit]

Women's lifestyle magazines[edit]

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