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List of magazines published in Scotland is an incomplete list of magazines and comics published in Scotland.

There are over 700 magazines currently being published in Scotland, by nearly 200 organisations, with an estimated total turnover of £157m per annum.[1]

The Scots Magazine, first published in January 1739, is the oldest magazine in the world still in publication, although there have been several gaps in its publication history. The Dandy, first published on 3 December 1937, is currently the longest running comic in the world. Both of these titles are owned by DC Thomson of Dundee, a major publisher of newspapers and periodicals.



Gaelic language[edit]

Scots language[edit]

  • Lallans, bi-annual journal from the Scots Language Society[2][3]

Lifestyle and general interest[edit]

Literature, arts and entertainment[edit]



Scottish interest[edit]

Comics and children's magazines[edit]

DC Thomson[edit]




Comics and children's magazines[edit]

DC Thomson[edit]


No longer published in Scotland[edit]

The following magazines were once published in Scotland, but are now published elsewhere:


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