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This is a list of main battle tanks, and other vehicles serving that role, in active military service with countries of the world. A main battle tank (MBT) is the type of powerful, heavily armoured and highly mobile tank which is the backbone of a mechanized land force.

Table of main battle tanks by country[edit]


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Afghanistan T-55 601  Soviet Union
T-62 170  Soviet Union
Albania T-59 721  China Mostly retired or in storage
T-54 75  Soviet Union Mostly retired or in storage
T-55 300  Soviet Union Mostly retired or in storage
Algeria[1] T-54/T-55 270  Soviet Union
T-62 300  Soviet Union
T-72 325  Soviet Union
T-90A 300  Russia
Andorra A strictly ceremonial force is maintained, however, a police force ensures that law and order are kept. France and Spain are responsible for defense.
Angola T-55 200  Soviet Union
T-62 50  Soviet Union
T-72 50  Soviet Union
Argentina[2] TAM 213  Germany/ Argentina Medium tank
SK-105 Kürassier 118 [3]  Austria
Armenia T-55 180  Soviet Union
T-72 210  Soviet Union
Australia M1A1 AIM Abrams 59  United States
Austria[4] Leopard 2A4 56  Germany
Azerbaijan T-90S 94  Russia
T-72 196  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Bahrain M60A3 180  United States
Bangladesh Type 59 36[5]  China Type 59 tank currently going through an upgrade programme to Type 59BD
Type 62 86  China Only 42 remain in service
Type 69/79 250  China 185 Type-69II Mk.2G and 65 Type-69II tanks
MBT 2000 44  China 44 tanks added in 2012
Belarus T-54 29  Soviet Union In storage.
T-72B 1,465  Soviet Union Mostly kept in storage. Approximately +250 still in regular service.
T-80 92  Soviet Union In storage.
Belgium MBTs retired in favour of Piranha IIIs
Bolivia SK-105 Kürassier 54  Austria
Bosnia and Herzegovina T-55 S 142  Soviet Union
M60A3/M60A3 TTS 90  United States
AMX-30 50  France Believed to be in nonoperational state, current state of these tanks is unknown.
M-84 71  Yugoslavia Variant of the Soviet T-72
Botswana SK-105 Kürassier ~30  Austria
Brazil[6] EE-T1 Osório 2  Brazil Two operational tanks with the Centro de Instrução de Blindados of the Brazilian Army[7]
M60A3 TTS 91  United States
Leopard 1A1 127  Germany
Leopard 1A5 221  Germany
Bulgaria T-72 80[8]  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Cambodia T-55 103  Soviet Union
Type 59 200  China
Canada[9] Leopard C2 61  Germany 1A5 equivalent
Leopard 2A6MCAN 20  Germany 20 2A6M leased from Germany, 20 2A4M upgraded from Leopard 2A4 stocks.[10]
Leopard 2A4+ and 2A4MCAN 80  Germany 15 Purchased from Germany as parts stock[11] 12 purchased from Switzerland for use as Armored engineering vehicles (AEV).

Leopard 2A4MCAN  Germany 20

Cape Verde T-55  Soviet Union
Central African Republic T-55 4  Soviet Union
Chad T-55 60  Soviet Union
Chile[12] Leopard 2A4 172  Germany 8 to be used as spares, upgrades for Leopard 2A5 in 2015
Leopard 1V 100  Germany
Main Battle Tank 3000  China In development
Type 99 610+  China
Type 96 2,500  China
Type 88 500  China
Type 69/79 200  China
Type 59 2,360  China
Colombia Defence force exists, but operates no MBTs.
Congo, Democratic Republic of Type 59 30  China
T-55 20  Soviet Union
Congo, Republic of Type 59 20  China
Costa Rica Military abolished 1949.
Croatia M-95 Degman 2  Croatia 2 prototypes, future unknown.
M-84A4 Sniper 75  Croatia all will be upgraded to M-84D standard
Cuba T-55 1,100  Soviet Union
T-62 400  Soviet Union
Cyprus[13] AMX-30B2 52  France
AMX-30G 30  France
T-80U 82  Russia Ordered January 2009
Czech Republic[14] T-72M4 CZ 30  Soviet Union
 Czech Republic
Czech upgrade of T-72
T-72 93  Soviet Union In reserve


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Denmark Leopard 2A4/2A5 57  Germany 57 Leopard 2A5DK (equal to Leopard 2A6 minus the L55 gun)
Dominica No military exists. Police force is responsible for country's defence affairs.


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Ecuador AMX-13 80  France
Egypt T-55E 340[15]  Soviet Union
Ramses II 425  Soviet Union/ Egypt A significantly upgraded T-54/55. Though the initial prototype (T-54E) was delivered in 1984, full production did not begin until 2004–2005, an additional 140–160 are to be converted from stored T-55.
T-62E 500  Soviet Union
T-80 34  Soviet Union 14 T-80UK and 20 T-80U purchased in 1997.[16]
M60A3 1716[17]  United States Out of 735 M60A3 + 700 M60A1 were brought up to A3 Standard from U.S. Army Europe surplus stocks in Germany between 1979–1988 + 173 M60A3 between 1992–2001[18] + 108 M60A3 from the Austrian Army Surplus in 2002,[19]
M1A1 Abrams 1,130[20]  United States
Ethiopia T-55 170  Soviet Union
T-62 50  Soviet Union
T-72 50  Soviet Union
Estonia Does not currently operate main battle tanks.[21]


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Fiji Small military force exists. Does not operate MBTs.
Finland Leopard 2A6 100  Germany
Leopard 2A4 139  Germany
France Leclerc 200  France


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Georgia[22] T-72M1 SIM-1 250  Soviet Union
 Czech Republic
T-55 23  Soviet Union
Germany Leopard 2A5/A6/A6M 250[23]  Germany Leopard 1s in storage.
Leopard 2A6 HEL 170  Germany/ Greece License built in Greece
Leopard 2A4 183  Germany
Leopard 1A4/5 501  Germany
M60A3 101  United States
M48A5 MOLF 390  United States/ Greece Upgraded with a new Fire Control System similar to the one found on the Leopard 1A5
Grenada No military force exists. Police force maintains a special unit for internal security. Regional Security System is responsible for defence affairs
Guinea T-55 8  Soviet Union
Guinea-Bissau T-55 10  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Haiti Military disbanded, but police force exists to maintain internal security.
Hungary[25] T-72M1 107, 30 in active service, rest in reserve.  Soviet Union
Only 30 pieces are in active service. Another 42 pieces T-72 in reserve, the rest are being used as targets for firing.


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Iceland No standing army. NATO is mostly responsible for defense affairs. Indigenous peacekeeping force, coast guard, special operations unit and national police force exist.
India Arjun MBT 248  India The Indian Army ordered 124 Arjun Mk1 MBTs in 2000 and placed another order for additional 124 Arjun Mk1 MBTs and 124 Arjun Mk2 MBTs in 2010, after Arjun tank had conclusively outperformed the T-90.[26][27] Indian Army is set to acquire 124 Arjun Mk2 tanks as a follow-on order, according to the Defence Minister.[28] Army required nearly 3500 MBTs in future.[29]
T-90 1250[30]  Russia Procured in three separate orders. Two batches (310 tanks and knockdown kits in 2000 and a further 300 in 2006[31]) were purchased from Russia. A further 1000 were to be produced locally by 2020. Of those, the first batch of 10 were delivered in August 2009.[32][33]
T-72 2414[34]  Soviet Union
Upgraded to advanced Ajeya Mk1 and MK2 standard mainly based on Polish PT-91 Twardy Tank features developed by DRDO
Indonesia Leopard 2A4 42  Germany Already arrived all from Germany
Leopard 2 Revolution 61  Germany Already arrived all. Up-armored and up-rated version of Leopard 2A4
AMX 13 325  France Already retrofit
FV101 Scorpion 100  United Kingdom Indonesian Army designated as Main Battle Tank equipped with cannon
PT-76 75  Soviet Union Served in Marine
M48 Patton 108  United States
M60 Patton 150  United States
Chieftain MK3 100  United Kingdom
T-62 75  Soviet Union
T-72S 480  Soviet Union
Zulfiqar MBT 150  Iran
Iraq T-55 72  Soviet Union
M1A1 Abrams 146  United States Further 175 on order. Yet to be delivered, Tank is equipped with Export Armor Package.
T-72 125  Soviet Union
Israel[36] Merkava Mk.1 180  Israel
Merkava Mk.2 400  Israel
Merkava Mk.3 780  Israel
Merkava Mk.4 660  Israel
Magach 6 560  United States/ Israel Upgraded M60 tank
Magach 7 1600  United States/ Israel Upgraded M60 tank
Italy[37] Ariete 200  Italy


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Japan[38] Type 74 700  Japan
Type 90 341  Japan
Type 10 80  Japan
Jordan Tariq 292  United Kingdom Centurion. Most of them were modified into Temsah heavy armoured personnel carriers.
M60A3 250  United States Modernized by KADDB
Khaled 274  United Kingdom Chieftain
Challenger 1 392  United Kingdom


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Kazakhstan T-55 540  Soviet Union
T-62 75  Soviet Union
T-72 650  Soviet Union
Kenya[39] Vickers Mk 3 78  United Kingdom
T-72Av 76  Soviet Union
Korea, North T-55 2,000  Soviet Union
T-62 1,000  Soviet Union
Type 59 1,000  China
Chonma-ho 1,000  North Korea
Pokpung-ho 500  North Korea
Korea, South M48A3K 300  United States
M48A5K1, M48A5K2 500  United States
T-80U, T-80UK 35  Soviet Union South Korea was given 133 T-80Us during 1996 and 1997 and 192 T-80UKs in 2005 as a partial interest payment of Russian debts incurred during the Soviet era.
K1, K1A1, K1A2 1,511  Republic of Korea 1027 K1, 2348 K1A1, 3490 K1A2 to be delivered.
K2 Black Panther 206  Republic of Korea Put into service in June 2014. Total 206 to be delivered.
Kuwait M-84D 150  Yugoslavia
M1A2 218  United States DU armor removed.
Kyrgyzstan T-72 210  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Laos[40] T-54/55 15  Soviet Union
T-34/85 10  Soviet Union
Latvia T-55 3  Soviet Union Exclusively for training
Lebanon T-55 205  Soviet Union
M48A5 104  United States
M60A3 66  United States
Leopard 1 43  Germany
T-55 1,500  Soviet Union Large numbers of tanks destroyed by NATO bombings and rebel actions during 2011 Libyan civil war
T-62 350  Soviet Union
T-72 315  Soviet Union
Liechtenstein Military force is abolished, but police force exists to maintain internal security.
Luxembourg Military force does not have MBTs.


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Macedonia, Republic of T-72 31  Soviet Union 20 scrapped. Only 10 are in fine condition.
T-55 98  Soviet Union all were military aid from Bulgaria during the 2001 KLA insurgency. Fate unknown.
Madagascar Military force does not have MBTs.
Malawi T-55 1  Soviet Union
Malaysia PT-91M 48  Poland
Mali T-34  Soviet Union
T-54  Soviet Union
T-55 33  Soviet Union
Marshall Islands No military force exists, but police force exists to maintain internal security. United States is responsible for defense affairs.
Mauritania T-55 35  Soviet Union
Mauritius No military force exists, however, a police force exists to maintain internal security.
Mexico Defence force exists, but operates no MBTs.
Micronesia, Federated States of No military force exists, but a police force exists to maintain internal security. United States is responsible for defense affairs.
Monaco Very small military force exists, however, the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince operate 2 Piranha Vs.[41]
Mongolia T-54 200  Soviet Union
T-55 170  Soviet Union
T-62 250  Soviet Union
T-72 100  Soviet Union
Montenegro All scrapped in 2007
Morocco M1A1 222  United States M1A1SA "Special Armor", to be delivered.
MBT-2000 150  China VT-1A version, 54 received in 2011, 96 to be delivered.
T-72 148  Soviet Union T-72BA ERA
M60A3 427  United States 260 M60A3TTS and 167 M60A3
Mozambique T-55 80  Soviet Union
Myanmar Type 59 280  China
Type 69 190  China
T-72 139  Soviet Union
MBT-2000 200  China On order.


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Namibia T-55 1  Soviet Union
Nauru No military force exists, police force responsible for internal security. Australia is responsible for defence affairs, under an informal arrangement
Netherlands Leopard 2A6 18 MBT retired in 2011, 100 Leopard 2 MBTs sold to Finland in 2014, the remaining 118 might be reorganized in a tank squadron in cooperation with Germany
Nicaragua T-55 31  Soviet Union
Nigeria T-55 24  Soviet Union
T-72 16  Soviet Union
Vickers MBT 108  United Kingdom
AMX-30 16  France
Norway[42] Leopard 2A4 52  Germany Leopard 2A4NL from Netherlands stocks, planned modification and upgrade in 2009 was not commenced


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Oman M60A3 73  United States
Challenger 2 38  United Kingdom


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Pakistan Type 69IIMP 400  China
Type 85-IIAP 300  China
T-80UD 320  Ukraine
Al-Zarrar 600  Pakistan Pakistani-modified Type 59
Al-Khalid 300+  Pakistan Pakistani-modified MBT-2000
Palau No military force exists. United States is responsible for defense affairs.
Panama Standing military force abolished, but defence force remains. Does not operate MBTs.
Paraguay M4 Sherman 8–10  United States
Perú[43] T-55 240  Soviet Union 50 operatives, 75 in store.
Philippines Has no MBTs, but the Scorpion CVR 90 serves as the principal light fire support tank
Poland T-72M1 584  Soviet Union
License built in Poland
PT-91 232  Poland
Leopard 2 A4,A5 247  Germany 142 Leopard 2 A4 and 105 Leopard A5.
Portugal M-60 A3TTS 96  United States
Leopard 2A6 37  Germany
M48A5 Patton 86  United States In storage. Replaced by M60A3 TTS and Leopard 2A6.


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Qatar AMX-30 24  France


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Romania[44] T-55 250  Soviet Union
TR-580 42  Romania
TR-85 91  Romania
TR-85M1 54  Romania
Russia[45] T-54/55 1,200  Soviet Union Mostly kept in storage. Approximately 100 still in regular service.[46]
T-62 1,689  Soviet Union Mostly kept in storage. Approximately 100 still in regular service.[47]
T-64 4,000  Soviet Union Mostly kept in storage. Approximately 100 still in regular service.[48]
T-72 10,255  Soviet Union Mostly kept in storage. Approximately 12 still in regular service.[49]
T-80 4,500  Soviet Union All 4500 kept in reserve/storage as of December 2013.[50]
T-90 550[51][52][53]  Russia
T-14 Armata 20  Russia
Rwanda T-55 12  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Saint Kitts and Nevis Defence force exists, but operates no MBTs. Regional Security System is also responsible for defence affairs
Saint Lucia No military force exists. Police force maintains a special unit for internal security. Regional Security System is responsible for defence affairs
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Samoa No military force exists. May request military aid from New Zealand, which is obliged to consider any requests, according to the 1962 Treaty of Friendship
San Marino Nominal military force exists. Italy is responsible for defence affairs
Saudi Arabia AMX-30 145  France
M60A3 450  United States
M1A2 442  United States DU armor removed, all will receive upgraded digital systems from US standard M1A2SEP and will be designated M1A2S.
Serbia M-84 212  Yugoslavia
T-72 13  Soviet Union
Singapore[54] Leopard 2SG 196 (30 tanks with additional feature)  Germany Upgraded ex-German Leopard 2a4 / leopard 2sg 1200
Slovakia T-72 30  Soviet Union
Slovenia[55] M-84 54  Yugoslavia 28 in active service
M-55S 30  Soviet Union Heavily modernized T-55 in cooperation with Israel, reserve status
Solomon Islands No military force. Police Force previously responsible for defence, but it was disarmed after ethnic violence on the island.
Somalia T-55  Soviet Union Number in operable condition unknown
M47 Patton  United States Number in operable condition unknown
South Africa Olifant 1A/1B 167[56]  United Kingdom/ South Africa Upgraded/modified Centurion
South Sudan T-55  Soviet Union
T-72 110  Soviet Union
Spain Leopard 2A6E 219  Germany/ Spain License built in Spain
Leopard 2A4 108  Germany 54 reserve
M60A3 TTS 17  United States Spanish Marines
Sri Lanka T-55 140+  Soviet Union
Type 59 80  China
Type 69 20  China
Sudan T-55 250  Soviet Union
Sweden Leopard Strv.122 120  Germany/ Sweden Leopard 2A5 modified to Swedish specifications. Sweden also previously leased and operated 160 Leopard 2A4s (locally designated Strv 121) from Germany, but most of these have been returned.[57]
Switzerland[58] Leopard Pz 87 250  Germany/  Switzerland Leopard 2A4; 134 upgraded to Pz87 Leopard WE with PERI-R17A2, driver rear view camera and electric Turret drive, produced in Thun/Switzerland
Syria T-55 2,000  Soviet Union
T-62 1,000  Soviet Union
T-72 1,500  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Republic of China (Taiwan)[59] M60A3 480  United States
CM11 Brave Tiger 450  Taiwan
Tajikistan T-72 44  Soviet Union
Tanzania Type 59 30  China
Thailand M48A5 105  United States
M60A1 and M60A3 178  United States
BM Oplot 20(+29)  Ukraine/ Thailand
Togo T-55 2  Soviet Union
Tunisia M60A3 84  United States
Turkey[60] Altay 4 prototypes  Turkey A 4th generation MBT designed and produced by Otokar. The Altay will enter serial production phase in 2016. It is expected that a total of 1000 Altays will be produced, in 4 batches of 250 for the Turkish Army.
Leopard 2A4 354  Germany/ Turkey Modernized in Turkey.
Leopard 1A3/A4 397  Germany/ Turkey Modernized in Turkey.
M60T 170  United States/ Israel/ Turkey The Sabra was initially developed as a further evolution of the Magach 7C. The ballistic profile of the appliqué armor was improved, and it incorporated the MG253 120 mm gun developed by Israel Military Industries. Some assembled in Turkey.
M60A3 TTS 762  United States/ Turkey Modernized in Turkey.
M48A5T2 850  United States/ Turkey Improved version of the M48A5T1 upgraded along similar lines to the M60A3 with thermal imaging, M60A3 fire control system and a laser rangefinder. In storage.
Turkmenistan T-72 702  Soviet Union
T-90 10  Russia


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Uganda T-55 20  Soviet Union
T-90 44  Russia
Ukraine T-64 2,271  Soviet Union (≈447 T-64B and T-64BV in service)
T-72 180  Soviet Union (stored as reserve)
T-80UD 215  Ukraine (Ukrainian diesel version;)
BM Oplot 10  Ukraine
United Arab Emirates OF-40 Mk.2 36  Italy Being withdrawn from service.
AMX-30S 45  France
Leclerc 388  France
United Kingdom Challenger 2 227  United Kingdom The Challenger 2 has been cut by 40%[citation needed]
United States M60A3 400  United States In Reserve storage, and used by National Guard.
M1/M1A1/M1A2[61] 7,970  United States Army: 1,174 M1A2 and M1A2 SEP variants, 4,393 M1A1 variants
Marines: 403 M1A1
Uruguay Ti-67 15  Soviet Union/ Israel T-55 significantly upgraded by Israel
Uzbekistan T-55 80  Soviet Union
T-62 170  Soviet Union
T-64 100  Soviet Union
T-72 70  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Vanuatu No military force. Police Force responsible for defence.
Vatican City No military force, except the Swiss Guard and a civilian gendarmerie force. Italy is informally responsible for defence affairs.
Venezuela AMX-30V 81  France
T72M1M 92  Soviet Union/ Russia Purchased in Sept, 2009; the deliveries started in January, 2011, to be complemented with the T-90S[62]
Vietnam M48 Patton 20  United States
Type 59 350  China
T-55 900  Soviet Union
T-62 200  Soviet Union
T-72 300  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Yemen M60A1 50  United States
T-55 450  Soviet Union
T-62 200  Soviet Union
T-72 60  Soviet Union


Country Type Quantity (Estimated) Origin Notes
Zambia T-55 10  Soviet Union
Zimbabwe T-54/55 32  Soviet Union
Type 59 35  China
Type 69 10  China

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