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Casualties of terrorist incidents worldwide

This is a list of terrorist incidents conducted by violent non-state actors, i.e. excluding state terrorism. Events are listed if they resulted in more than 100 deaths.

Attacks 1950 to 1999[edit]


Cinema Rex Fire

  • Killed: 421
  • Location: Iran
  • Perpetrator: Unknown


Air India Flight 182 bombing


Pan Am Flight 103


Tokyo subway sarin attack

  • Killed: 13 (Injuries estimated to be in between 1,000 and 6,000)
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Perpetrator: Aum Shinrikyo (Ikuo Hayashi, Kenichi Hirose Toru Toyoda, Masato Yakayama and Yasuo Hayashi)

Oklahoma City bombing


Russian apartment bombings

  • Killed: 367
  • Location: Russia

2000 to 2014[edit]


September 11 attacks

  • Deaths: 2,996
  • Location: United States
  • Perpetrator: al-Qaeda


2002 Bali Bombings

Moscow theater hostage crisis

  • Deaths: 130
  • Location: Russia


Beslan school siege

2004 Madrid train bombings

  • Deaths: 191
  • Location: Spain
  • Perpetrator: al-Qaeda


2007 Yazidi communities bombings

  • Deaths: 796
  • Location: Iraq
  • Perpetrator: Unknown


2008 Christmas massacres

2008 Mumbai attacks


Camp Speicher massacre

  • Deaths: 106
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Perpetrator: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant suspected
  • Deaths: 212
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Perpetrator: Boko Haram
  • Deaths: 300
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Perpetrator: Boko Haram
  • Deaths: 255
  • Location: Iraq
  • Perpetrator: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant
  • Deaths: 144
  • Location: Pakistan
  • Perpetrator: Taliban
  • Deaths: 1,566
  • Location: Iraq
  • Perpetrator: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant


Date Type Killed Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
January 3–7 Baga massacre 150-2000 Unknown Baga, Borno State, Nigeria Boko Haram militants opened fire on northern Nigerian villages, leaving bodies scattered everywhere, reporting over 100 fatalities with as many as 2,000 people unaccounted for—feared dead.[1] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
March 20 2015 Sana'a mosque bombings 142 351+ Sana'a, Yemen Islamic State militants in Yemen carried out five suicide bombings at the Badr and al-Hashoosh Shia mosques during prayers in the city of Sana'a.[2] Islamic State Yemen branch Yemeni Civil War (2015–present)
April 2 Storming and hostage taking 148 79 Garissa, Kenya Six to ten gunmen associated with the Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabaab open fired at the Garissa University in Kenya. Christians were their main target of the attack, with the Islamic extremists separating the Muslims from Christians before executing them. Up to three hundred students are unaccounted for. One hundred and forty-eight students were reported killed, along with seventy-nine wounded. Four gunmen were killed by security forces.[3][4] Al-Shabaab War in Somalia
June 25 Massacre 223+ 300+ Kobanî, Syria On 25 June 2015, fighters from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant detonated three car bombs in Kobanî, close to the Turkish border crossing. Islamic State Syrian Civil War
July 1–2 Shooting 145 17 Kukawa, Nigeria Boko Haram militants attacked multiple mosques between July 1 and 2. Forty-eight men and boys were killed on the 1st at one mosque in Kukawa. Seventeen were wounded in the attack. Ninety-seven others, mostly men, were killed in numerous mosques on the 2nd with a number of women and young girls killed in their homes. An unknown number were wounded. Boko Haram claimed responsibility.[citation needed] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
July 17 Suicide car bombings 120-130 130+ Khan Bani Saad, Iraq A car bomb was sent to a crowded market in Khan Bani Saad in Iraq, 30 km north to Baghdad, during the Eid al-Fitr celebrations. The explosion killed at least 120 (15 children among them) and injuring another 170 people and brought down several buildings. ISIL claimed responsibility and said 180 people were killed.[5][6][7] Islamic State Iraq War
September 20 Bombings, suicide bombings 145 97-150+ Maiduguri, Nigeria Boko Haram executed a series of blasts, some of which were Suicide bombings, in the north eastern city of Maiduguri, targeting a market and civilians in a mosque during night pray and a football match viewers, bringing the total number of casualties to at least 53 dead and over 90 wounded. The attack was said to be made using homemade weapons.[8] Boko Haram Boko Haram insurgency
October 10 Suicide bombings 109 508 Ankara, Turkey Two suicide bombers blew themselves up near Ankara central station where a rally for peace supported by HDP was taking place.[9] The attack left 109 dead[10] and 508 injured.[11] Islamic State November 2015 Turkish general election
October 31 Bombing (suspected) 224 0 Sinai, Egypt ISIL militants have claimed destruction of Metrojet Flight 9268. Bomb is cited by experts as the most likely cause.[12] Islamic State Sinai insurgency
November 13 Shootings, suicide bombings, hostage taking 137[13] 200+ Paris, France A series of attacks occurred simultaneously in central Paris. The first shooting attack occurred in a restaurant and a bar in 10th arrondissement of Paris. A bomb was detonated at Bataclan theatre in 11th arrondissement of Paris during a rock concert. Dozens were killed, and approximately 100 hostages were taken. Another bombing took place in the Stade de France stadium in the suburb of Saint-Denis during a football game, and the last attack took place in Les Halles mall.[14] Islamic State


Date Type Killed Injured Location Details Perpetrator Part of
11 January Bombings 132 Unknown Sharaban, Iraq January 2016 Iraq attacks: Two huge bomb blasts, one at a teashop and the other at a mosque, killed at least 100 people in the township of Sharaban in Iraq's northern Diyala Governorate. Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
16 January Massacre 135–300+ Unknown Deir ez-Zor, Syria ISIL militants attacked the neighbourhoods of Begayliya and Ayash in Deir ez-Zor, killing dozens of people in execution style murder. Fatality estimates variates between 135 and over 300. International sources reported that the attack was against Syrian Army personal and killed 85 Syrian soldiers along with 50 civilians while Syrian sources said over 300 people were killed, most of whom were children and women. ISIL claimed responsibility for the attack and claimed suicide bombers were used.[15][16][17] Islamic State Syrian Civil WarDeir ez-Zor offensive (January 2016)
21 February Bombing 134 (+2) 180 Sayyidah Zaynab, Syria February 2016 Sayyidah Zaynab bombings: Islamic State militants detonated a car bomb and later launched two suicide bombings, about 400 meters from Sayyidah Zaynab Mosque, a Shia shrine, believed to contain the grave of Prophet Muhammad's granddaughter. 83 to 134 people were killed and 180 wounded, including children. Syrian media said the attack occurred when pupils were leaving school in the area. At least 60 shops were damaged as well as cars in the area. Islamic State claimed responsibility.[18][19] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
17 May Suicide and car bombings, shooting 101+ 194+ Baghdad, Iraq May 2016 Baghdad bombings: A series of eight attacks in Baghdad killed numerous people and wounded more.[20][21][22][23][24] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
23 May Suicide bombing 184 (5) 200 Jableh and Tartus, Syria May 2016 Jableh and Tartous bombings: Nearly 150 people are killed and at least 200 wounded in a series of car bomb and suicide attacks in the Syrian cities of Jableh and Tartus in government-controlled territory that hosts Russian military bases. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims responsibility.[25][26] Islamic State Syrian Civil War
3 July Bombing 342+ (+1) 246+ Baghdad, Iraq 2016 Karrada bombing: At least 346 people were killed, and over 246 injured, in a series of coordinated bomb attacks in Baghdad. Early in the evening of July 3, a large car bomb exploded in the middle of a busy market, killing nearly 346 civilians.[27] The blast occurred in the Baghdad neighborhood of Karrada, which contains Shia Muslims and a large Christian minority. A second car bombing in the district of Sha'ab killed at least 5 people and injured 16, while two more bombings killed at least two more people.[28][29] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War
24 November Suicide truck bombing 125 (+1) 95 Hillah, Iraq November 2016 Hillah suicide truck bombing: A truck bomb killed at least 125 people in Hillah city 95 others are injured.[30] Islamic State Iraqi Civil War


Date Type Killed Injured Location Details Suspected Perpetrator Part of
April 15 Suicide car bombing 126+ 60+ Aleppo, Syria 2017 Aleppo suicide car bombing: In a district of Aleppo a strong explosion occurred. According to provisional data, a motor bomb exploded. The blast killed at least 126 people, including more than 60 children.[31][32] Unknown Syrian Civil War
April 21 Shooting 140–256 (+10) 160+ Balkh Province, Afghanistan 2017 Camp Shaheen attack: Attack of military base by Taliban insurgents in northern Afghanistan killed 256 Afghan soldiers. More than 160 were also injured.[33] Taliban War in Afghanistan
May 31 Car Bombing 150+ 413+ Kabul, Afghanistan May 2017 Kabul attack: A car bombing in Kabul's diplomatic quarter killed at least 150 persons and wounded 413 others.[34][35] Islamic Jihad Union (suspected) War in Afghanistan
October 14 Suicide truck bombing 587 303 Mogadishu, Somalia 14 October 2017 Mogadishu bombings: At least 587 people were killed and 303 wounded in a suicide truck bombing in Mogadishu.[36][37] Al-Shabaab (suspected) Somali Civil War (2009–present)
November 24 Car bombing and shooting 311 128+ Bir al-Abed, Egypt 2017 Sinai mosque attack: A mosque located near the town of Bir al-Abed was attacked by more than 10 militants. The attackers used three car bombs and four off-road vehicles to block escape routes, and open fired at worshippers during a crowded Friday prayer at al-Rawada. First responders were also attacked upon arrival.[38] Islamic State Sinai insurgency

Terrorism in Egypt

In addition, a bomb was let off after American singer Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour in Manchester on May 22 2017 after her finale performance of Dangerous Woman. The bomb went off at exactly 10:31pm after the show had ended


Date Type Killed Injured Location Details Suspected Perpetrator Part of
January 27 Suicide car bombing 103 235 Kabul, Afghanistan 2018 Kabul ambulance bombing: At least 103 people were killed and 235 others injured when a Taliban suicide bomber exploded an ambulance laden with explosives near Sidarat Square in central Kabul where several government offices are located.[39][40] Taliban War in Afghanistan
July 13 Suicide bombing 149 186 Mastung, Pakistan 13 July 2018 Pakistan bombings: At least 149 people, including the Balochistan Awami Party candidate Nawabzada Siraj Raisani, were killed and 186 others injured when a suicide bomber detonated his explosives in Mastung in the Pakistani province of Balochistan.[41][42] Islamic State War in North-West Pakistan
July 25 Suicide bombings, shootings, hostage taking 255 (+63) 180 As-Suwayda Governorate, Syria 2018 As-Suwayda attacks: Islamic state militants carried out suicide bombings and gun attacks in the city of As-Suwayda and a number of villages in the southern Syrian governorate of As-Suwayda, killing 255 people, including 142 civilians, and injuring 180 others. At least 63 terrorists were also killed, including the suicide bombers. The jihadists also seized hostages from the villages they had attacked.[43][44][45] Islamic State Syrian Civil War


Date Type Killed Injured Location Details Suspected Perpetrator Part of
April 21 Suicide


259 500+ Batticaola, Negombo, & Colombo,

Sri Lanka

2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings On 21 April 2019, Easter Sunday, three churches across Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels in the commercial capital Colombo, were bombed. Later in the day, there were smaller explosions at a housing complex and a guest house, killing mainly police investigating the situation and raiding suspect locations. Several cities in Sri Lanka, including Colombo, were targeted. 258 people were killed,[46]including at least 35 foreign nationals, and around 500 were injured in the bombings.[47][48][49][50][51][52] Islamic extremism

Other attacks[edit]

This is a list of terrorist incidents with at least 100 fatalities, that are not included in the chronological timeline.

Estimated Deaths Name Political Ideology Country Location Year
400 Massacre of Trujillo Narcoterrorism Colombia Trujillo, Valle del Cauca 1990
200–800 Rais massacre Islamic extremism Algeria village of Rais, near Sidi Moussa and south of Algiers 1997
200–400 Bentalha massacre Islamic extremism Algeria village of Bentalha about 15 km south of Algiers 1997
385 Beslan school hostage crisis Islamic extremism/Chechen separatism Russia Beslan 2004
341 2016 Karrada bombing Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2016
336+ 2014 Gamboru Ngala attack Islamic extremism Nigeria Gamboru Ngala 2014
329 Air India Flight 182 Sikh extremism Ireland Irish Atlantic airspace 1985
311 2017 Sinai mosque attack Islamic extremism Egypt Bir al-Abed, North Sinai Governorate 2017
307 1983 Beirut barracks bombing Islamic extremism/State-sponsored terrorism Lebanon Beirut 1983
293 Russian apartment bombings Disputed Russia Moscow, Volgodonsk, Buynaksk 1999
270 Pan Am Flight 103 State-sponsored terrorism United Kingdom Lockerbie, Scotland 1988
257 1993 Bombay bombings Islamic extremism India Mumbai 1993
252 2001 Angola train attack Separatism Angola 2001
238 MV Dara Unknown; possibly Omani separatists Southwest Asia Persian Gulf 1961
223–233 Kobani massacre Islamic extremism Syria Kobanî 2015
224 Metrojet Flight 9268 Islamic extremism Egypt Sinai Peninsula 2015
224 1998 United States embassy bombings Islamic extremism Kenya,
Dar es Salaam
215 23 November 2006 Sadr City bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Sadr City 2006
209 2006 Mumbai train bombings Islamic extremism India Mumbai 2006
202 2002 Bali bombings Islamic extremism Indonesia Bali 2002
198 18 April 2007 Baghdad bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2007
186 Jableh and Tartous bombings Islamic extremism Syria Jableh and Tartous 2016
185 20 January 2012 Nigeria attacks Islamic extremism Nigeria Mubi, Yola, Gombi, Maiduguri and Kano 2012
178+ 2004 Ashura bombings in Iraq Islamic extremism Iraq Kerbala and Baghdad 2004
175 2008 Mumbai attacks Islamic extremism India Mumbai 2008
171 UTA Flight 772 State-sponsored terrorism Niger 1989
170 Moscow theater hostage crisis Chechen separatism Russia Moscow 2002
168 Kizlyar-Pervomayskoye hostage crisis Chechen separatism Russia Kizlyar, Pervomayskoye [ru], and Sovetskoye 1996
165+ 2000 Walisongo school massacre Christian terrorism Indonesia Poso 2000
155 October 2009 Baghdad bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2009
154 13 July 2018 Pakistan bombings Islamic extremism Pakistan Mastung, Bannu 2018
152 2007 Tal Afar bombings and massacre Islamic extremism Iraq Tal Afar 2007
150+ May 2017 Kabul attack Unknown Afghanistan Kabul 2017
150+ 2015 Baga massacre Islamic extremism Nigeria Baga 2015
150 St Nedelya Church assault Communism Bulgaria Sofia 1925
148 Gyaneshwari Express train derailment Communism India 2010
147 2015 Garissa University College attack Islamic extremism Kenya Garissa 2015
145 July 2015 Kukawa massacre Islamic extremism Nigeria Kukawa 2015
145 September 2015 Maiduguri bombing Islamic extremism Nigeria Maiduguri 2015
145 2014 Peshawar school attack Islamic extremism Pakistan Peshawar 2014
142 2015 Sana'a mosque bombings Islamic extremism Yemen Sana'a 2015
141+ Brak El-Shati airbase raid Islamic extremism Libya Wadi al Shatii District 2017
140—256 2017 Camp Shaheen attack Islamic extremism Afghanistan Mazar-e-Sharif 2017
140 Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis Chechen separatism Russia Budyonnovsk 1995
136 2007 Karachi bombing Islamic extremism Pakistan Karachi 2007
135 February 3, 2007 Baghdad market bombing Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2007
134 February 2016 Sayyidah Zaynab bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Sayyidah Zaynab 2016
133+ January 2011 Iraq suicide attacks Islamic extremism Iraq 2011
132 January 2016 Iraq attacks Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad Miqdadiyah 2016
130 2015 Khan Bani Saad bombing Islamic extremism Iraq Khan Bani Saad 2015
130 Rafiganj train disaster Communism India Rafiganj 2002
127 Peshawar church attack Islamic extremism Pakistan Peshawar 2013
127 December 2009 Baghdad bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2009
127 2005 Al Hillah bombing Unknown Iraq Al Hillah 2005
126+ 2017 Aleppo suicide car bombing Unknown Syria Aleppo 2017
125 November 2016 Hillah suicide truck bombing Islamic extremism Iraq Hillah 2016
125 Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961 Unknown Indian Ocean 1996
120 2007 Al Hillah bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Al Hillah 2007
120 2012 Sana'a bombing Islamic extremism Yemen Sana'a 2012
120 Palace of Justice siege 19th of April Movement Colombia Bogotá 1985
119 Bojayá massacre United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia Colombia Choco 2002
117 28 October 2009 Peshawar bombing Islamic extremism Pakistan Peshawar 2009
117 2004 Irbil bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Irbil 2004
116 2004 SuperFerry 14 bombing Islamic extremism Philippines 2004
114+ 10 May 2010 Iraq attacks Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2010
114 March 2017 Damascus bombings Islamic extremism Syria Damascus 2017
113+ 2 November 2010 Baghdad bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2010
112 September 14, 2005 Baghdad bombing Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2005
112 Avianca Flight 203 Narcoterrorism Colombia 1989
112 Gulf Air Flight 771 Palestinian nationalism United Arab Emirates Dubai 1983
110 10 October 2008 Orakzai bombing Islamic extremism Pakistan Orakzai 2008
109 2015 Ankara bombings Islamic extremism Turkey Ankara 2015
105 2010 Lakki Marwat suicide bombing Islamic extremism Pakistan Lakki Marwat 2010
104 Mohmand Agency attack Islamic extremism Pakistan Mohmand Agency 2010
103 2018 Kabul ambulance bombing Islamic extremism Afghanistan Kabul 2018
102 First Tyre truck bombing attack Islamic extremism Lebanon Tyre 1982
101 May 2016 Baghdad bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2016
101 19 August 2009 Baghdad bombings Islamic extremism Iraq Baghdad 2009
100 Bolgrad palace bombing Bessarabian separatism Romania Bolgrad 1921
100+ 2011 Damaturu attacks Islamic extremism Nigeria 2011
100 Malaysian Airline System Flight 653 hijacking Communism Malaysia Tanjung Kupang 1977
100 2008 Kandahar bombing Islamic extremism Afghanistan Kandahar 2008

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