List of warship classes of the Royal Australian Navy

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This is a list of major classes of warship operated by the Royal Australian Navy. Included are capital ships, amphibious vessels, cruisers, destroyers and frigates.

Aircraft Carriers[edit]

Following the Second World War, the RAN began a policy of blue water operations built around an aircraft carrier. Two light fleet carriers were purchased from the Royal Navy, one of which, HMAS Melbourne, was modified with all the latest enhancements in carrier design. Melbourne continued as the RAN's flagship until 1982, when it was planned to replace her with a STOVL carrier, again purchased from the Royal Navy. However, the sale of HMS Invincible was cancelled by the British Government after the Falklands War. Soon after, the Australian Government decided to end aircraft carrier operations.

Conventional Aircraft Carriers[edit]

Seaplane Carrier[edit]

Capital Ships[edit]

When the RAN was first founded, it was decided that a capital ship would be constructed to serve as the fleet flagship. Initially conceived as a unit of the Royal Navy, the second Indefatigable-class battlecruiser was paid for and crewed by Australians, and was thus commissioned as HMAS Australia. Australia was the only true "capital ship" to serve in the RAN.[1]


Amphibious Assault Shipping[edit]


Heavy Cruisers[edit]

Protected Cruiser[edit]

Light Cruisers[edit]





  1. ^ Aircraft carriers were not considered capital ships until after World War II—some definitions exclude light fleet carriers like those operated by the RAN.

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