List of species in order Carnivora

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This list contains the species in order Carnivora.

Suborder Feliformia (cat-like carnivores)[edit]

Family Felidae (cats)[edit]

Subfamily Felinae (small and medium sized cats)[edit]

Subfamily Pantherinae (large cats)[edit]

Family Viverridae (civets)[edit]

Subfamily Paradoxurinae[edit]

Subfamily Hemigalinae[edit]

Subfamily Prionodontinae[edit]

Subfamily Viverrinae[edit]

Family Eupleridae (Malagasy carnivores)[edit]

Subfamily Euplerinae[edit]

Subfamily Galidiinae[edit]

Family Nandiniidae (African palm civet)[edit]

Family Herpestidae (mongooses)[edit]

Family Hyaenidae (hyenas)[edit]

Suborder Caniformia (dog-like carnivores)[edit]

Family Ailuridae[edit]

Family Canidae (foxes, wolves, coyotes, dogs, jackals, and the dhole)[edit]

Family Ursidae (bears)[edit]

Family Procyonidae (ringtail, cacomistle, raccoons, coatis, kinkajou, and olingos)[edit]

Family Mustelidae (weasels, mink, polecats, ferrets, martens, wolverine, badgers, and otters)[edit]

Family Otariidae (eared seals, sea lions)[edit]

Family Odobenidae (walrus)[edit]

Family Phocidae (earless seals, true seals)[edit]

Family Mephitidae (skunks)[edit]


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