List of managed DNS providers

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This is a list of Managed DNS providers in a comparison table. A Managed DNS Provider offers either a web-based control panel or downloadable software that allows users to manage their DNS traffic via specified protocols such as: DNS Failover, Dynamic IP addresses, SMTP Authentication, and GeoDNS.

Provider PoPs IP Anycast IPv6 Platform Geographical DNS SLA APIs
Amazon Route 53 38[1] Yes No non-BIND Yes 100% REST
CDNetworks 48[2] Yes No BIND Compatible Yes 100% REST
CloudFlare 86 [3] Yes Yes Proprietary Yes 100% REST/JSON
DNSimple 5 Yes  ? non-BIND No 100% REST
Dyn 18 Yes Yes BIND Compatible Yes 100% REST/SOAP[4]
easyDNS 25[5] Yes  ?  ? Yes 100% REST
Google Cloud DNS 12 Yes Yes non-BIND Yes 100% REST 19 Yes  ? non-BIND No 100% REST 30 Yes Yes non-BIND Yes 100% REST/SOAP
Verisign Managed DNS [6] 17 Yes Yes non-BIND Yes 100% SOAP