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Manual image annotation is the process of manually defining regions in an image and creating a textual description of those regions. Such annotations can for instance be used to train machine learning algorithms for computer vision applications.

This is a list of computer software which can be used for manual annotation of images.

Software Description Platform License References
Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT) Computer Vision Annotation Tool (CVAT) is a free, open source, web-based annotation tool which helps to label video and images for computer vision algorithms. CVAT has many powerful features: interpolation of bounding boxes between key frames, automatic annotation using TensorFlow OD API and deep learning models in Intel OpenVINO IR format, shortcuts for most of critical actions, dashboard with a list of annotation tasks, LDAP and basic authorizations, etc. It was created for and used by a professional data annotation team. UX and UI were optimized especially for computer vision annotation tasks. JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, Django MIT License [1][2][3]
dLabel dLabel is a free and online image and video annotation tool to label your datasets for computer vision and AI projects. Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS Custom License
ImageTagger An online platform for collaborative image labeling. It allows bounding box, polygon, line and point annotations and includes user, image and annotation management, annotation verification and customizable export formats. Python (Django), JavaScript, HTML, CSS MIT License [4][5][6] [7][8][9][10]
LabelMe Online annotation tool to build image databases for computer vision research. Perl, JavaScript, HTML, CSS[11] MIT License [12]
RectLabel An image annotation tool to label images for bounding box object detection and segmentation.[13] macOS Custom License [12][14]
VGG Image Annotator (VIA) VIA is a simple and standalone manual annotation tool for images, audio and video. This is a light weight, standalone and offline software package that does not require any installation or setup and runs solely in a web browser. The VIA software allows human annotators to define and describe spatial regions in images or video frames, and temporal segments in audio or video. These manual annotations can be exported to plain text data formats such as JSON and CSV and therefore are amenable to further processing by other software tools. VIA also supports collaborative annotation of a large dataset by a group of human annotators. The BSD open source license of this software allows it to be used in any academic project or commercial application.[15] JavaScript, HTML, CSS[16] BSD-2 clause license [15][17][18]
VoTT (Visual Object Tagging Tool) Free and open source electron app for image annotation and labeling developed by Microsoft. TypeScript/Electron (Windows, Linux, macOS) MIT License [19][20][21][22][23][24]


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