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Manual image annotation is the process of manually defining regions in an image and creating a textual description of those regions. This is a list of computer software which can be used for manual annotation of images.

Software Description Platform License
AnnoStation A cross-platform client–server web application to annotate videos and images. Allows labeling in larger teams, flexible task management, roles and rights, annotation of all kinds of primitives, and flexible XML based configuration. Developed by Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision for development and validation of ADAS and machine learning algorithms. Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP Custom License
Images Annotation Programme A full web application to annotate a collection of images. See this example. Javascript, HTML, CSS, PHP MIT License
Microsoft VoTT A cross-platform tool to annotate videos and images. Supports computer-assisted object tracking with meanshift and direct deep learning framework integration with CNTK, Tensorflow, and YOLO to minimize manual annotation work. Javascript, HTML, CSS, Windows, macOS, Linux[1] MIT License
Alp’s Labeling Tool Macro plugin to label images for Detectnet / KITTI dataset. Windows 10

Ubuntu 14.04

Custom License
Annotorious Annotorious is an Open Source image annotation toolkit written in JavaScript. JavaScript, HTML, CSS[2] MIT License
FastAnnotationTool A tool using OpenCV to annotate images for image classification, optical character reading, ... C++[3] GNU GPL
Image Annotator Plug-in for Drupal The module allows you to annotate images, and works in combination with field_collection. The module defines a new field called 'Image Annotator' that can be linked to an image field, so you can add multiple markers to an image. PHP, Drupal GNU GPL
Image Annotator Plug-in for Wordpress This is a plugin that uses the HTML5 canvas and FabricJS to allow you to add shapes and text on top of images and display those images. PHP, Javascript, Wordpress GNU GPL
LabelImg LabelImg is a graphical image annotation tool and label object bounding boxes in images. Python MIT License
LabelMe The goal of LabelMe is to provide an online annotation tool to build image databases for computer vision research. Perl, Javascript, HTML, CSS[4] MIT License
LEAR Image Annotation Tool A tool that facilitates the annotation of objects in images with bounding boxes. C++ (with Qt library) GNU GPL
Ratsnake Image Annotation Tool[5] A tool for efficient, semantically-aware graphic annotation of images. Allows manual annotation through the use of polygons, splines and grids. It also incorporates a customizable Active Contour Model to enable semi-automatic segmentation of objects. Java Custom License
RectLabel An image annotation tool to label images for bounding box object detection and segmentation. Mac OS X
szoter Load your picture, take a screenshot or capture an image, then annotate, add text, and save to disk Adobe Flash Custom License
VGG Image Annotator A standalone image annotator application packaged as a single HTML file (< 200 KB) that runs on most modern web browsers Javascript, HTML, CSS[6] BSD 2-clause
jsoda Simple pure JavaScript web application for bounding box annotation for object detection. Javascript, HTML, CSS MIT License
Philosys Label Editor Philosys Label Editor allows full annotation of 2D images and 3D scenes represented point clouds with geometrical markers, properties and semantic segmentation. It is freely configurable by XML language and produces XML result data. It is used in automotive market to produce data for machine learning and validation of algorithms for ADAS and Autonomous Driving. Windows7, Windows10 Custom License
Simple Image Annotator An easy-to-use, bare-bones image annotator. Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS MIT License
Annotation of Image Data by Assignments (AIDA) An easy-to-use web based annotation system that allows the definition of prescribed annotation tasks for a given study. Javascript, HTML, CSS, Groovy MIT License


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