List of marine Perciform fishes of South Africa

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This is a sub-list of the List of marine spiny-finned fishes of South Africa for perch-like fishes recorded from the oceans bordering South Africa. This list comprises locally used common names, scientific names with author citation and recorded ranges. Ranges specified may not be the entire known range for the species, but should include the known range within the waters surrounding the Republic of South Africa.

List ordering and taxonomy complies where possible with the current usage in Wikispecies, and may differ from the cited source, as listed citations are primarily for range or existence of records for the region. Sub-taxa within any given taxon are arranged alphabetically as a general rule. Details of each species may be available through the relevant internal links. Synonyms may be listed where useful.

Map of the Southern African coastline showing some of the landmarks referred to in species range statements


Order Perciformes[edit]

Suborder: Acanthuroidei[edit]

Family: Acanthuridae — Surgeonfishes and unicornfishes[edit]

Subfamily: Acanthurinae — Surgeonfishes

Subfamily: Nasinae — Unicornfishes

Family: Ephippidae — Batfishes[edit]

Family: Luvaridae — Louvar[edit]

  • Louvar Luvarus imperialis Rafinesque, 1810 (All oceans and Mediterranean sea, Not reported in polar seas or near equator)[1]

Family: Scatophagidae — Scatties[edit]

Family: Siganidae — Rabbitfishes[edit]

Family: Zanclidae — Moorish idol[edit]

Suborder: Blennioidei[edit]

Family: Blenniidae — Blennies[edit]

Family: Clinidae — Klipfishes[edit]

Family: Tripterygiidae — Threefin blennies or Triplefins[edit]

Suborder: Callionymoidei[edit]

Family: Callionymidae — Dragonets[edit]

Suborder: Gobiesocoidei[edit]

Family: Gobiesocidae — Clingfishes[edit]

Suborder: Gobioidei[edit]

Family: Eleotridae — Sleepers[edit]

Family: Gobiidae — Gobies[edit]

Subfamily Amblyopinae
Subfamily Gobiinae
Subfamily Gobionellinae
Subfamily Oxudercinae

Family: Microdesmidae — Gobies[edit]

Subfamilia: Ptereleotrinae

Suborder: Labroidei[edit]

Family: Cichlidae — Cichlids[edit]

Family: Labridae — Wrasses[edit]

Family: Pomacentridae — Damselfishes[edit]

Family: Scaridae — Parrotfishes[edit]

Suborder: Percoidei[edit]

See article List of marine fishes of the suborder Percoidei of South Africa

Suborder: Scombroidei[edit]

Family: Gempylidae — Snake mackerels[edit]

Family: Istiophoridae — Sailfish, spearfishes and marlins[edit]

Family: Scombridae — Tunas, mackerels and bonitos[edit]

Subfamily: Gasterochismatinae

Subfamily: Scombrinae

Family: Sphyraenidae — Barracudas[edit]

Family: Trichiuridae — Frostfishes[edit]

Family: Xiphiidae — Swordfishes[edit]

Suborder: Stromateoidei[edit]

Family: Centrolophidae — Ruffs[edit]

  • Black ruff Centrolophus niger (Gmelin, 1789) (Temperate waters of Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa, also North Atlantic and Mediterranean)[1]
  • Antarctic butterfish Hyperoglypha antarctica (Carmichael, 1818) (Temperate waters; islands of south Atlantic and southern Indian oceans; New Zealand, southern Australia and South Africa)[1]
  • Schedophilus huttoni (Waite, 1910) (Circumglobal in southern ocean, taken off Cape Town, common off Namibia)[1]
  • Black butterfish or Peregrine driftfishSchedophilus velaini (Sauvage, 1879) (Gulf of Guinea, to South Africa)[1](syn. Hyperoglypha moselii (Cunningham, 1910))
  • Flabby driftfish Tubbia tasmanica Whitley, 1943 (Temperate waters of Southern Ocean; New Zealand, Tasmania and South Africa off Natal)[1]

Family: Nomeidae — Driftfishes[edit]

Family: Ariommatidae[edit]

Family: Tetragonuridae — Squaretails[edit]

Family: Stromateidae[edit]

  • Blue butterfish Stromateus fiatola Linnaeus, 1758 (Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean round the Cape to Natal)[1]

Suborder: Trachinoidei[edit]

Family: Ammodytidae — Sandlances[edit]

Family: Champsodontidae — Gapers[edit]

Family: Chiasmodontidae — Swallowers[edit]

Family: Creediidae — Sand burrowers[edit]

Family: Percophidae — Duckbills[edit]

Family: Pinguipedidae — Sandsmelts[edit]

Family: Trichonotidae — Sand divers[edit]

Family: Uranoscopidae — Stargazers[edit]

Suborder: Zoarcoidei[edit]

Family: Zoarcidae — Eelpouts[edit]


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