List of market towns in London

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Market place in Kingston upon Thames
Historic market right is celebrated in Romford

This is a list of market towns that are now within the current area of Greater London.[1] That is, a settlement where the municipal corporation has a market right, received from the monarch. Dates indicate the earliest known charters. The use of the market rights has lapsed in some towns and in some cases the use of the right was later revived.

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Town Location London borough Charter Coordinates
Barking Barking Market Barking and Dagenham 1175[2] 51°32′10″N 0°04′37″E / 51.536°N 0.077°E / 51.536; 0.077 (Barking)
Brentford Brentford Market Hounslow 1306[3] 51°28′59″N 0°18′32″W / 51.483°N 0.309°W / 51.483; -0.309 (Brentford)
Bromley Bromley Market Bromley 1205[4] 51°32′10″N 0°04′37″E / 51.536°N 0.077°E / 51.536; 0.077 (Bromley)
Chipping Barnet Barnet Market Barnet 1199[5] 51°39′22″N 0°12′11″W / 51.656°N 0.203°W / 51.656; -0.203 (Barnet)
Croydon Surrey Street Market Croydon 1276[6] 51°22′19″N 0°06′04″W / 51.372°N 0.101°W / 51.372; -0.101 (Croydon)
Edgware no longer exists Barnet no charter[7] no longer exists
Enfield Enfield Market Enfield 1303[8] 51°39′07″N 0°04′55″W / 51.652°N 0.082°W / 51.652; -0.082 (Enfield)
Kingston upon Thames Kingston Market Kingston upon Thames 1208[9] 51°32′10″N 0°04′37″E / 51.536°N 0.077°E / 51.536; 0.077 (Kingston upon Thames)
Romford Romford Market Havering 1247[10] 51°34′44″N 0°10′52″E / 51.579°N 0.181°E / 51.579; 0.181 (Romford)
St Mary Cray no longer exists Bromley 1207[11] no longer exists
Uxbridge Uxbridge Market (within The Mall Uxbridge) Hillingdon 1180[12] 51°32′46″N 0°28′52″W / 51.546°N 0.481°W / 51.546; -0.481 (Uxbridge)
Westminster no longer exists Westminster 1259[13] no longer exists
Woolwich Woolwich Market Greenwich 1620[14] 51°29′24″N 0°04′08″E / 51.490°N 0.069°E / 51.490; 0.069 (Woolwich)

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