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A massacre is a specific incident which involves the deliberate slaughter of a large number of people in a violent way, especially when they cannot defend themselves.[1][2][3] The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Canada and its predecessors. Some events in which numerous individuals were wounded were also included.

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Lachine massacre August 5, 1689 Lachine, Quebec 72 part of King William's War
Port-la-Joye Massacre July 11, 1746 Port-la-Joye, Ile St. Jean (Hillsborough River (Prince Edward Island)) 34 part of King George's War
Grand Pre Massacre February 10–11, 1747 Grand Pre, Nova Scotia 67 part of King George's War
Dartmouth Massacre May 13, 1751 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 20 part of Father Le Loutre's War
Bloody Falls Massacre July 17, 1771 The location now known as Kugluk/Bloody Falls Territorial Park near Kugluktuk, Nunavut 20
Chilcotin War April 30, 1864 Bute Inlet, British Columbia 19
Cypress Hills massacre June 1, 1873 Cypress Hills, Saskatchewan 23
Black Donnellys massacre February 4, 1880 Lucan Biddulph, Ontario 5
Frog Lake Massacre April 2, 1885 Frog Lake, Alberta 9 part of the North-West Rebellion
Shell Lake murders August 15, 1967 Shell Lake, Saskatchewan 9
Dale Nelson murders September 4, 1970 Creston, British Columbia 8 participated in cannibalism, necrophilia, and pedophilia
National Assembly shootings May 8, 1984 Quebec City, Quebec 3 3 killed and 13 wounded in an attack on the Quebec National Assembly
Lennoxville massacre March 24, 1985 Lennoxville, Quebec 5 part of the Quebec Biker war
École Polytechnique massacre December 6, 1989 Montreal, Quebec 15 14 injured
Sydney River McDonald's Murders May 7, 1992 Sydney, Nova Scotia 3 1 disabled
Concordia University massacre August 24, 1992 Montreal, Quebec 4 1 injured
Mark Chahal massacre April 6, 1996 Vernon, B.C. 9 Estranged husband murders wedding party.
Claresholm highway massacre December 15, 2011 Claresholm, Alberta 4 Man shoots and kills ex-girlfriend and two others, wounding a fourth, before taking own life.
Shedden massacre April 8, 2006 Shedden, Ontario 8 Gang related killing of own gang members.
2014 Calgary stabbing April 15, 2014 Calgary, Alberta 5 Five students stabbed to death at house party.
2014 Edmonton killings December 29, 2014 Edmonton, Alberta 9 52-year-old Phu Lam shot and killed his wife at a house in south Edmonton and then killed eight other relatives, including two children, and drove to a restaurant in Fort Saskatchewan that he owned, and committed suicide inside it.

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