List of massacres in Italy

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The following is a list of massacres that have occurred in Italy and its predecessors (numbers may be approximate):

Name Date Location Deaths Notes
Sack of Genoa April 5, 1849 Genoa 10001000 by Army of Piedmont, after revolt in city
Bronte riots August 2, 1860 Bronte 002121 16 people killed in the riots, 5 sentenced to death as rioters by a drumhead court
Bava-Beccaris massacre May 9, 1898 Milan 0284118-450 (+400-2000 wounded) troops under Bava-Beccaris fired on rioters
Biscari massacre July 14, 1943 Biscari (now Acate) 007171 POWs killed by US troops in two incidents
Canicattì massacre July 14, 1943 Canicattì 00088 US troops fired on looters
Boves massacre September 8, 1943 Boves 004545 mass killing by German occupation troops under Joachim Peiper
Ardeatine massacre March 24, 1944 Rome 0335335 mass killing by German occupation troops (SD-Gestapo led by Herbert Kappler)
Sant'Anna di Stazzema massacre August 12, 1944 Sant'Anna di Stazzema 0560560 mass killing by German occupation troops (SS Reichsfuehrer)
Marzabotto massacre September 29, 1944 Marzabotto 0771770+ mass killing by German occupation troops (SS Reichsfuehrer)
Bombing of Gorla October 20, 1944 Milan 0614614 USAAF bombers discarded their bombload on a densely inhabited area: among the victims, 184 pupils of the Gorla elementary school
Villarbasse massacre July 5, 1946 Villarbasse 001010 3 of the perpetrators were sentenced to death; this was the last time the death penalty was applied in Italy
Portella della Ginestra massacre May 1, 1947 Piana degli Albanesi 001111 (+33 wounded) Attack on May Day celebrations by bandits
Ciaculli massacre June 30, 1963 Ciaculli 00077 car bombing of police by Mafia
Viale Lazio massacre December 10, 1969 Palermo 00055 clan warfare by Mafia
Piazza Fontana bombing December 12, 1969 Milan 001717 (+88 wounded) bombing by terrorists
Piazza della Loggia bombing May 28, 1974 Brescia 00088 (+>90 wounded) bombing by terrorists
Italicus Express bombing 1974 August 4, 1974 San Benedetto Val di Sambro 001212 (+48 wounded) bombing by terrorists
Acca Larentia killings January 7, 1978 Rome 00033 killing of right-wing activists by Left-wing terrorists
Ustica massacre June 27, 1980 Tyrrhenian Sea near Ustica 008181 airplane brought down by a terrorist bomb or air-to-air missile (findings disputed)
Bologna Station massacre August 2, 1980 Bologna 008585 (+>200 wounded) bombing by terrorists
Train 904 bombing December 23, 1984 San Benedetto Val di Sambro 001717 (+267 wounded) terrorist attack by Mafia
Pizzolungo massacre April 2, 1985 Erice 00033 (+5 wounded) attack on magistrate C Palermo by Mafia
Fiumicino massacre December 27, 1985 Rome 001616 attack at Rome's international airport, probably carried out by Abu Nidal Organization, which also struck at Vienna's international airport on the same day
Capaci massacre May 23, 1992 Capaci 00055 attack on magistrate G Falcone by Mafia
Via D'Amelio massacre July 19, 1992 Palermo 00066 attack on magistrate P Borsellino by Mafia
Via dei Georgofili massacre May 27, 1993 Florence 00055 (+48 wounded) car bomb by Mafia
Via Palestro massacre July 27, 1993 Milan 00055 (+12 wounded) ?