List of mayors and city managers of Lowell, Massachusetts

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This is a list of mayors and city managers of Lowell, Massachusetts. Lowell became a city in 1836. From 1836 to 1943 the mayor of Lowell was the chief administrative officer of the city. Lowell switched to a Massachusetts "Plan E" form of city government in 1943, since January 1, 1944 the city has been administrated by a professional city manager, the office of mayor, while retained under "Plan E", is strictly a ceremonial one.


# Mayor Picture Term Party Notes
1st Elisha Bartlett 1836–1838 Whig
2nd Luther Lawrence 1838 – April 17, 1839
A Elisha Huntington April 1839 – April 1840 Whig Became acting mayor after the death
of Luther Lawrence in April 1839.
3rd Elisha Huntington April 1840 – April 1842 Whig
4th Nathaniel Wright April 1842 – April 1844 Citizens ticket, (1842); Whig (1843)
5th Elisha Huntington April 1844 – January 1846 Whig
6th Jefferson Bancroft Jefferson Bancroft portrait at Lowell Masonic Temple; Lowell, MA; 2012-05-18.jpg 1846–1848 Whig
7th Josiah B. French 1849–1850 Coalitionist
8th James H.B. Ayer 1851 Whig
9th Elisha Huntington January 1852 – January 1853 Whig
10th Sewall G. Mack 1853–1854 Whig
11th Ambrose Lawrence 1855 Native American Party
12th Elisha Huntington 1856 Whig
13th Stephen Mansur 1857 Republican
14th Elisha Huntington January 1858 – January 1859 Whig
15th James Cook 1859 Republican
16th Benjamin C. Sargent 1860–1861 Republican
17th Hocum Hosford 1862–1865 Citizens ticket (1862-1863), Republican (1864)
18th Josiah G. Peabody 1865–1866
19th George F. Richardson George Francis Richardson 1872.png 1867 – January 4, 1869 Republican
20th Jonathan P. Folsom January 4, 1869–1870
21st Edward F. Sherman 1871
22nd Josiah G. Peabody 1872
23rd Francis Jewett 1873–1875
24th Charles A. Stott January 1, 1876–1877 Republican
25th John A.G. Richardson January 7, 1878–1879 Democratic
26th Frederic T. Greenhalge Frederick T. Greenhalge.jpg 1880 – January 2, 1882 Republican
27th George Runels January 2, 1882
28th John J. Donovan 1883–1884 Democratic
29th Edward J. Noyes 1885
30th James C. Abbott 1886–1887
31st Charles Dana Palmer Charles Dana Palmer.png 1888–January 1891
32nd George W. Fifield George W. Fifield.png January 1891–1892 Democratic
33rd John J. Pickman John J. Pickman.png 1893–1894 Republican
34th William F. Courtney 1895–1897
35th James W. Bennett 1898
36th Jeremiah Crowley Jeremiah Crowley (politician),.png 1899–1900 Democratic
37th Charles A.R. Dimon Charles A.R. Dimon.jpg 1901 – May 5, 1902
A William E. Badger 1902 Acting
38th Charles E. Howe 1903–1904 Republican
39th James B. Casey 1905–1906
40th Frederick W. Farnham 1907–1908 Republican
41st George H. Brown January 1, 1909-January, 1910 Republican
42nd John F. Meehan 1910–1911
43rd James E. O'Donnell 1912–1913
44th Dennis J. Murphy 1914–1915
45th James E. O'Donnell 1916–1917
46th Perry D. Thompson Perry D. Thompson.png 1918–1921 Republican
47th George H. Brown 1922 Republican
48th John J. Donovan 1923–1926
49th Thomas J. Corbett 1927–1928
50th Thomas H. Braden 1929–1931 Republican
52nd Charles H. Slowey 1932–1933 Democratic
53rd James J. Bruin 1934–1935 Democratic
54th Dewey G. Archambault 1936–1939 Republican
55th George T. Ashe 1940–1943 Democratic
A Joseph J. Sweeney 1943 Acting mayor.
Last mayor before the City Manager form of government was established under a Massachusetts Plan E Charter.
56th Woodbury F. Howard 1944–1945 First ceremonial mayor.
Beginning of the weak mayor system.
City manager form of government
established on January 1, 1944.
57th Leo A. Roy 1946–1947
58th George A. Ayotte 1948–1949
59th William C. Geary 1950
60th George C. Eliades 1951
61st Henry Beaudry 1952–1953
62nd John Janas 1954–1955
63rd Samuel S. Pollard 1956–1959
64th Raymond J. Lord 1960–1961
65th Joseph M. Downes 1962–1963
66th Ellen A. Sampson 1964–1965
67th Edward J. Early, Jr. 1966–1967
68th Robert G. Maguire 1968–1969
69th Richard P. Howe 1970–1971
70th Ellen A. Sampson 1972–1973
71st Armand W. Lemay 1974–1975
72nd Leo J. Farley 1976–1977
73rd Raymond F. Rourke 1978–1979 Democratic
74th Robert C. Maguire 1980–1981
75th M. Brendan Fleming 1982–1983
76th Brian J. Martin 1984–1985
77th Robert B. Kennedy 1986–1987 Democratic
78th Richard P. Howe 1988–1991
79th Tarsy T. Poulios 1992–1993 Democratic
80th Richard P. Howe 1994–1995
81st Edward "Bud" Caulfield 1996–1997
82nd Eileen Donoghue 1998–2001 Democratic
83rd Rita Mercier 2002–2003
84th Armand Mercier 2004–2005
85th William F. Martin 2006–2007 Democratic
86th Edward "Bud" Caulfield 2008–2009
87th James L. Milinazzo 2010–2011 Democratic
88th Patrick O. Murphy 2012–2013 Inaugurated at age 29,
became youngest mayor in Lowell history.
89th Rodney M. Elliott 2014–2016 Democratic
90th Edward J. Kennedy 2016-Present Democratic

City Managers[edit]

# City Manager Term Notes
1st John J. Flannery 1944–1952
2nd Ulysses J. Lupien 1952–1953
A William Sullivan 1953
3rd Frank E. Barrett 1953–1962
4th Cornelius Desmond 1962–1963
5th P. Harold Ready 1963–1966
6th Charles Gallagher 1966–1970
A Leo Morris 1970
7th James Sullivan 1970–1974
A Robert W. Healy 1974
8th Paul J. Sheehy 1974–1975
A William Busby 1975
9th William S. Taupier 1975–1979
A Victor Normand 1979
10th B. Joseph Tully 1979–1987
11th James Campbell 1987–1991
A James Kennedy 1991
12th Richard Johnson 1991–1995
13th Brian J. Martin 1995–2000
14th John F. Cox 2000–2006
A James Kennedy 2006
15th Bernard F. Lynch 2006–2014
16th Kevin J. Murphy 2014–present

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