List of mayors of Arbon

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Stadthaus Arbon
Martin Klöti, mayor 2006–2012, later member of the government of the canton of St. Gallen
Coat of arms of Arbon

This is a list of mayors of Arbon, Thurgau, Switzerland. The mayor of Arbon (Stadtammann von Arbon) chairs the city council (Stadtrat).

Mayor of Arbon
Term Mayor Lifespan Party Notes
(19 November 1477) Hans Schlapperitzin
1985–1999 Christoph Tobler SVP/UDC
1999–2003 Giosch Antoni Sgier (born c. 1954) CVP/PDC
2003–2005 Lydia Buchmüller
2006–2012 Martin Klöti (born 1954) FDP.Die Liberalen
2012 Patrick Hug (born c. 1958) CVP/PDC ad interim
2012–present Andreas Balg (born 1963) [1]