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This is a list of mayors of the City of Armadale in Perth, Western Australia, and its predecessors.

Armadale was originally established on 14 December 1894 as the Kelmscott Road District, with a chairman and councillors, under the District Roads Act 1871. It was renamed "Armadale-Kelmscott Road District" on 24 March 1910. With the passage of the Local Government Act 1960, all road districts became Shires, with a president and councillors, effective 1 July 1961. On 1 July 1979, the Shire of Armadale-Kelmscott became the Town of Armadale, with a mayor and councillors, and on 15 November 1985 it became a City.[1]

Armadale-Kelmscott Road District[edit]

Chairman Term
William Butcher 1894–1899
Joseph Lockyer 1899–1900
Thomas James 1900–1904
Samuel Turner 1904–1907
Thomas James 1907–1917
James Butcher 1917–1920
William Henry Lockard 1920–1922
George E. Harber 1922–1923
William Henry Lockard 1923–1925
Robert Hanham Briggs 1925–1930
William Lambden Owen 1930–1931
Benjamin Vidgin Cross 1931–1932
Robert Hanham Briggs 1933–1936
Richard Knuckey 1936–1938
Walter Alexander Birrell Haynes 1938–1946
Richard Knuckey 1946–1947
Hugh Aitken 1947–1949
Reginald Owen Williams 1949–1951
Oscar Bruns 1951–1954
Warwick Geoffrey Savage 1954–1956
Ronald Durham Ridoutt 1956–1958
Andrew Wood McPhail 1958–1959
Jack Murray 1959–1961

Shire of Armadale-Kelmscott[edit]

President Term
Cyril Rushton 1964–1965
Peter efrecKargotich 1965–1973
Stanley Vasse Pries 1973–1978
Ian Blackburn 1978–1979

Town of Armadale[edit]

Mayor Term
Ian Blackburn 1979–1985

City of Armadale[edit]

Mayor Term
Ian Blackburn 1985–1986
Stan Pries 1986–1988
Ian Blackburn 1988–1992
Roger Stubbs 1992–1996
Spike Fokkema 1996–1997
Roger Stubbs 1997–2001
Linton Reynolds 2001–2011
Henry Zelones 2011–present


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