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This is a list of holders of the office of mayor of the German city of Augsburg. For simplicity they are all called mayors, although the title varied over the centuries.

On the head of the city Augsburg as chairman of the town council governed since 1266 the so-called Stadtpfleger, sometimes also called mayor, so it happened that both titles were in use at the same time.

By 1548 the title was fixed as Stadtpfleger. These officiated for some years and after that they were elected for lifetime. This is why there were sometimes two or more Stadtpfleger simultaneously.

After the transfer to Bavaria in 1806 Augsburg constituted a magistracy with two mayors. It was supported by an additional council of so-called "community commissioners" (Gemeindebevollmächtige).

Since 1907 the mayor has been called Oberbürgermeister, because Augsburg reached a population of 100,000. The title is stated in the Bavarian Gemeindeordnung.

Until 1919 mostly mayors were members of the aristocracy. After the last German Kaiser Wilhelm II was deposed, and the implementation of democracy, the officeholder was elected. From this time on, the mayor normally was a member of a political party.

Nineteenth century[edit]

Name DoB/ DoD Years in office
Albrecht von Stetten 1736–1817 1806
Johann Baptist Peter von Carl 1761–1847 1806
Johann Jakob Besserer von Thalfingen 1753–1834 1807–1813
Johann Christoph von Zabuesnig 1747–1827 1813–1818
Johann Nepomuk von Caspar 1774–1859 1818–1821
Anton Barth 1787–1848 1822–1834
Richard Anton Nikolaus Carron du Val 1793–1846 1834–1846
Georg von Forndran 1807–1866 1847–1866
Ludwig von Fischer 1832–1900 1866–1900

20th century[edit]

Name DoB/ DoD Party Years in office Notes
Georg von Wolfram 1851–1923 1900–1919
Kaspar Deutschenbaur 1864–1950 BVP 1919–1929
Otto Bohl 1885–1969 BVP 1930–1933
Edmund Stoeckle NSDAP 1933–1934
Josef Mayr NSDAP 1934–1945
Wilhelm Ott BVP 1945[1] provisional mayor
Ludwig Dreifuß 1945–1946 provisional mayor
Otto Weinkamm CSU 1946
Heinz Hohner CSU 1946–1947
Nikolaus Müller CSU 1947–1964
Wolfgang Pepper 1910–1997 SPD 1964–1972
Hans Breuer *1930 SPD 1972–1990
Peter Menacher *1939 CSU 1990–2002

21st century[edit]

Name Dob/ DoD Party Years in office Notes
Paul Wengert *1952 SPD 2002–2008
Kurt Gribl *1964 2008 – present acceded for the CSU, still no member (state: 11 May 2008)

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