List of mayors of Bern

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Eduard Müller
mayor of Bern 1888–1895
member of the Federal Council 1895–1919
Coat of arms of Bern

This is a list of mayors of the city of Bern, Switzerland. The executive of Bern is the municipal council (Gemeinderat). It is chaired by the mayor (Stadtpräsident von Bern). From 1832 to 1871, the term Gemeindepräsident was used. Before 1832, the title of the mayor of Bern was Schultheiss.

Mayor of Bern
Term Mayor Lifespan Party Notes
1832–1848 Karl Zeerleder (1780–1851) Conservative
1849–1863 Friedrich Ludwig von Effinger (1795–1867) Conservative
1864 Christoph Albert Kurz (1806–1864) Conservative
1864–1888 Otto von Büren (1822–1888) Conservative Gemeindepräsident until 1871, Stadtpräsident since
1888–1895 Eduard Müller (1848–1919) Free Democrat
1895–1899 Franz Lindt (1844–1901) Free Democrat
1900–1918 Adolf von Steiger (1859–1925) Free Democrat
1918–1920 Gustav Müller (1860–1921) Social Democrat
1920–1937 Hermann Lindt (1872–1937) People's Party
1937–1951 Ernst Bärtschi (1882–1976) Free Democrat
1952–1958 Otto Steiger (1890–1958) People's Party
1958–1966 Eduard Freimüller (1898–1966) SPS/PSS
1966–1979 Reynold Tschäppät (1917–1979) SPS/PSS father of Alexander Tschäppät
1979–1992 Werner Bircher (born 1928) FDP/PRD
1993–2004 Klaus Baumgartner (1937-2015) SPS/PSS
2005–present Alexander Tschäppät (born 1952) SPS/PSS

For earlier mayors, see List of Schultheiss of Bern

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