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Fall River Government Center

This is a list of mayors of the City of Fall River, Massachusetts from 1854 to present. Fall River was led by a three-member Board of Selectmen from 1803 until its re-incorporation as a city in 1854.

From 1854 until 1902, mayoral elections were held every year and mayors served one-year terms. In 1902, the mayoral term was increased to two years, which lasted until the city charter was changed in 1965. That year, the mayoral term was again increased, this time to a four-year term. This change would be overturned by voters in 1973 and a two-year term was reinstated.

The mayor's office is located at Fall River Government Center.

# Mayor Picture Term Notes
1st James Buffington JBuffington.jpg 1854–1855 Previously a Selectman from 1851 until establishment of the city.
2nd Edward P. Buffinton 1856–1857
3rd Nathaniel B. Borden Nathaniel B. Borden.png 1857–1858 Previously a Selectman from 1840–1841.
4th Josiah C. Blaisdell 1858–1860
5th Edward P. Buffinton 1860–1867
6th George O. Fairbanks 1867–1869 Previously a Selectman[1] from 1852 until 1854.
7th Samuel M. Brown 1869–1873
8th Robert T. Davis RobertTDavis.jpg 1873–1874
9th James F. Davenport 1874–1877
10th Crawford E. Lindsey 1878–1879
11th William S. Greene WilliamSGreene.jpg 1880 – March 28, 1881 Resigned.
Acting Robert Henry 1881–1881 Elected by the city council
12th Henry K. Braley Henry King Braley.png 1882–1883
13th Milton Reed 1884–1884
14th John W. Cummings JohnWCummings.jpg 1885–1885
15th William S. Greene WilliamSGreene.jpg 1886–1886
16th John W. Cummings JohnWCummings.jpg 1887–1888
17th James Frederick Jackson 1889–1890
18th John W. Coughlin John W. Coughlin.png 1891–1894
19th William S. Greene WilliamSGreene.jpg 1895–1897
20th Amos M. Jackson 1898–1899
21st John H. Abbott 1900–1901
22nd George Grime 1902–1904 Sitting in 1902.
23rd John T. Coughlin 1905–1910
24th Thomas F. Higgins 1911–1913
25th James H. Kay January 5, 1913 – 1923
26th Edmond P. Talbot 1923–1926 Sitting in 1923.[2] First Mayor of French-Canadian descent.
27th W. Harry Monks 1927–1928
28th Edmond P. Talbot 1929–1930
29th Daniel F. Sullivan 1931–1932
30th Joseph Leo Hurley 1933–1934
31st Alexander C. Murray 1935–1945
32nd William P. Grant 1946–1951
33rd John F. Kane 1952–1957
34th John M. Arruda 1958–1963 First Mayor of Portuguese descent.
35th Roland G. Desmarais 1964–1967
36th Nicholas W. Mitchell 1968–1971
37th Wilfred C. Driscoll 1972–1978
38th Carlton M. Viveiros 1978 – December 23, 1990 Resigned to become clerk-magistrate of the Southeastern District Housing Court.[3]
Acting Daniel Bogan December 23, 1990 – June 25, 1991 Acting mayor.[3]
39th John R. Mitchell June 25, 1991-January 1996 [3]
40th Edward M. Lambert, Jr. January 1996 – October 26, 2007 Resigned to accept a position at the University of Massachusetts.[4]
Acting William F. Whitty October 26, 2007 – January 7, 2008 Acting mayor.[4]
41st Robert Correia January 7, 2008 – January 4, 2010
42nd William A. Flanagan January 4, 2010– December 29, 2014 Recalled
43rd C. Samuel Sutter December 29, 2014 - January 4, 2016 Won recall election to succeed William Flanagan. Lost election to a full term Nov. 2015.
44th Jasiel F. Correia II January 4, 2016 Youngest Mayor elected at 23 years old. First Mayor of Cape Verdean descent.
Number of Mayors of Fall River by party affiliation
Party Mayors
American 1
Democratic 24
Independent 1
Republican 20
Whig 1

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All information from 1803–1877 taken from A Centennial History of Fall River, Mass. by Henry H. Earl, 1877.

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