List of mayors of Fargo, North Dakota

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The following is a complete list of the Mayors of Fargo, North Dakota.[1]

Term Mayor
1875–1876 George Egbert
1876–1877 Evan S. Tyler
1877–1880 George Egbert
1880–1882 Jasper B. Chapin
1882–1883 William A. Kindred
1883–1885 Woodford A. Yerxa
1885–1886 John A. Johnson
1886–1887 Charles Scott
1887–1888 Alanson W. Edwards
1888–1890 Seth Newman
1890–1892 Wilbur F. Ball
1892–1894 Emerson H. Smith
1894–1896 Wilbur F. Ball
1896–1902 John A. Johnson
1902–1904 William D. Sweet
1904–1906 Aurelius L. Wall
1906–1907 John A. Johnson
1907–1910 Peter Elliott
1910–1912 Vernon R. Lovell
1912–1913 William D. Smith
1913–1917 Henry F. Emery
1917–1921 Alex Stern
1921–1925 Hamilton W. Geary
1925–1929 John H. Dahl
1929–1933 Alf T. Lynner
1933–1946 Fred O. Olsen
1946–1950 Charles A. Dawson
1950–1954 Murray A. Baldwin
1954–1974 Herschel Lashkowitz (Longest serving mayor in Fargo history).
1974–1978 Richard A. Hentges
1978–1994 Jon Lindgren (Second-longest serving mayor in Fargo history).
1994–2006 Bruce Furness
2006–2014 Dennis Walaker
2014-2015 Dr. Timothy Mahoney (acting mayor)[2]
2015–Present Dr. Timothy Mahoney[3]

†Mayor Walaker died while in office.[4]
‡Deputy Mayor Mahoney served as acting mayor until he was elected in a special election.

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