List of mayors of Fremantle

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Fremantle, Western Australia was initially incorporated as a Town Trust with limited powers on 17 April 1848. The Municipal Institutions Act 1871 empanelled the Town Council with a Mayor, and it was made a Municipal Council in 1883. On 3 June 1929, Fremantle was declared a city — Western Australia's second after Perth, which was declared in 1856.

Fremantle Town Trust[edit]

Summary of Members of the Fremantle Town Trust, 1848-1871. Compiled from letters to the Colonial Secretary up to 1856, and thereafter from the Minutes of the Fremantle Town Trust.

Mayor Term
Capt. Daniel Scott 1848–1851
J.W. Davey 1851–1852
Capt. Daniel Scott 1853–1854
Thomas Carter 1855
Capt. Daniel Scott 1856–1858
Charles Alexander Manning 1859–1867
Edward Newman 1868–1869
William Silas Pearse 1870–1871

Town of Fremantle[edit]

Summary of Office-bearers of the Fremantle Town Council. Compiled from the Minutes of the Fremantle Town Council which are intact from 1871-1873

Mayor Term
William Silas Pearse 1871–1872
J. Thomas 1873
William Marmion 1874
J. Thomas 1875
Henry Maxwell Lefroy 1876
James Manning 1877[1]
Edward Higham 1878–1880
Elias Solomon 1881
Edward Higham 1882
Barrington Wood 1883

Municipality of Fremantle[edit]

Summary of Members of the Fremantle Municipal Council 1883-1929. Compiled from the Minutes of the Fremantle Municipal Council.

Mayor Term Notes
Barrington Clarke Wood 1883–1885
Daniel Keen Congdon 1886–1888
Elias Solomon 1889–1891 Also member for South Fremantle 1892–1901;
Federal member for Fremantle (Free Trade Party) 1901–1903
William Frederick Samson 1892–1893 Uncle of Sir Frederick Samson
Daniel Keen Congdon 1894
George Alfred Davies 1895 Brother of Edward William Davies (below)
Elias Solomon 1896–1898
James McHenry Clark 1899
Elias Solomon 1900–1901
Edward William Davies 1901 Removed on the grounds of insanity; died 1904; brother of George Davies (above)
Lawrence Alexander 1901–1902
Tom Smith 1903
Frank Cadd 1904–1905
Michael Samson 1905–1907 Father of Sir Frederick Samson; died in office.
William Murphy 1907–1909
Edward Henry Fothergill 1909–1910
Joseph Holmes 1911 Elected but did not occupy the chair
Frederick James McLaren 1912–1914
William Ernest Wray 1914–1918
William Montgomery 1919
Frank Gibson 1919–1923
John Cooke 1924–1926
Frank Gibson 1927–1929

City of Fremantle[edit]

Summary of Members of the Fremantle City Council, 1929–present.

Mayor Term Notes
Sir Frank Gibson 1929–1951
Sir Frederick Samson 1951–1972 Grandson of Lionel Samson, early settler
Bill McKenzie 1972–1984
John Cattalini 1984–1994
Jenny Archibald 1994–1996
Richard Utting 1997–2001
Peter Tagliaferri 2001–2009
Brad Pettitt 2009–2021 Elected to the Western Australian Legislative Council at the 2021 Western Australian state election
Hannah Fitzhardinge[2][3] 2021–present


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