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Mayor of Karachi
ناظم کراچی
Logo of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation.png
Karachi Metropolitan Corporation
Waseem Akhtar

since 30 August 2016
Residence Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan
Term length Four years
Deputy Dr. Arshad A Vohra

Nazim (ناظم) or Mayor and Naib Nazim (نائب ناظم) or Deputy Mayor are the heads of the Local Government system of Karachi.

Karachi Local Government system is the Third Tier of the system of political governance in Pakistan after the Federal Government and the Provincial Government.

Karachi Local Government System[edit]

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation Building (KMC) completed in 1932 houses the city counsel hall for seating of general counsel meeting for 304 elected counselors and the offices of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor

The Karachi Local Government consists of Karachi Metropolitan Corporation which is subdivided into of 6 District Municipal Corporations (DMCs) which are headed by Chairmen (چیرمین) and Deputy Chairmen (نائب چیرمین). the districts or Zila (ضلع) of Karachi Local Government as of Sindh local government act 2013 are District Central (ضلع وسطی), District West (ضلع غربی), District East(ضلع شرقی), District South(ضلع جنوبی), Malir (ملیر) and Korangi(کورنگی).

In February 2010, after the completion of tenure of City Nazim Mustafa Kamal, Karachi Local Government also known as City District Government Karachi which consisted of 18 towns was abolished and Administrator System was implemented during 2010 - 2016.

On the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan, Provinces were ordered to restore the Local Government and elections were held in Karachi on 15th of December 2015

The new Sindh Local Government act 2013 has taken away major departments, authorities and revenue generating bodies from the new Mayor. Karachi Water and Sewage Board (KW&SB), Karachi Building Control Authority (KBCA), Karachi Development Authority (KDA) have been separated from the Karachi Local Govenrnment and merged with the Sindh Provincial Government.

On August 24th 2016, Waseem Akhtar became the new Mayor of Karachi after the absence of Karachi Local Government for 6 years.

List of Mayors[edit]

Karachi City Municipal Act (1933 - 1976)[edit]

Karachi City Municipal Act was promulgated in 1933. Initially the municipal corporation was administrated by a mayor, included 57 councilors. The Mayors served for one-year period in pre-independence era and were elected regularly. After independence, the Local government system was replaced with commissioner system and only on few occasions mayor were elected.

Following is the list of city nazims of Karachi.[1][2]

List of Mayors of Karachi
No. Name of nazim Starting term Ending term
1 Jamshed Nusserwanji Mehta November 1933 August 1934
2 Teakum Dass Vadhumull August 30, 1934 May 3, 1935
3 Qazi Khuda Buksh May 3, 1935 May 9, 1936
4 Ardeshir H. Mama May 9, 1936 May 4, 1937
5 Durgadas Advani May 4, 1937 May 6, 1938
6 Hatim Ali Alvi May 6, 1938 May 5, 1939
7 R.K. Sidhwa May 5, 1939 May 7, 1940
8 Lalji Malhootra May 7, 1940 May 6, 1941
9 Muhammad Hashim Gazdar May 6, 1941 May 8, 1942
10 Soharab K.H. Katrak May 8, 1942 May 11, 1943
11 Shambo Nath Molraaj May 11, 1943 May 10, 1944
12 Yousaf Abdullah Haroon May 10, 1944 May 8, 1945
13 Manuel Misquita May 8, 1945 May 1, 1946
14 Wishram Das Dewan Das May 9, 1946 May 9, 1947
15 Hakeem Muhammad Ahsan May 9, 1947 May 25, 1948
16 Allah Bakhsh Gabol Apr 1951 January 10, 1953
17 H.M. Habibullah Paracha 1953
18 Mahmoud Haroon January 19, 1954 May 26, 1955
19 Al-Haj Malik Bagh Ali May 26, 1955 May 29, 1956
20 Siddique Wahab May 30, 1956 December 14, 1956
21 S.M.Taufiq 1958
22 Allah Bakhsh Gabol May 1961 October 1962

Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (1976 - 2000)[edit]

In 1976, Karachi Municipal Corporation was upgraded to Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. non party based elections were held for a brief period of ten years. In 1988 first party based local government elections were held and the new emerging party MQM won the first party based elections in Karachi. In 1992 after culmination of mayoral tenure of Farooq Sattar, the elected mayor system was abolished and the appointed Administrator System was implemented during 1992 - 2001.

List of Mayors in Karachi
No. Name of nazim Starting term Ending term Political Party
23 Abdul Sattar Afghani (1st term) November 9, 1979 November 07, 1983
24 Abdul Sattar Afghani (2nd term) November 07, 1983 February 12, 1987
25 Farooq Sattar January 9, 1988 July 27, 1992 MQM
Administrator System was implemented during 1992 - 2001

City District Government Karachi (2000 - 2010)[edit]

City District Government Karachi logo

In January 2000, under Pervez Musharraf local government amendment bill was passed and Karachi Metropolitan Corporation was given the status of City District Government of Karachi and the mayors of the city were made powerful for the first time and were given important administrative authority and financial independence except law enforcement. The city's new delimitation was made based on updated population data and was divided into 18 towns headed by 18 town Nazims. After the culmination of mayoral tenure of Mustafa Kamal, the City District Government Karachi was abolished by the new government and The appointed Commissioner System was implemented during 2010 - 2016. The commissioner was directly appointed by Local bodies minister of Sindh province. The 18 towns were abolished and the city was divided into four districts.

MQM Boycotted the 2001 elections.

List of Mayors in Karachi
No. Name of nazim Starting term Ending term Deputy Mayor Political Party
26 Naimatullah Khan August 14, 2001 May 2005 Jamaat-e-Islami
Syed Mustafa Kamal at the tomb of Quaid-e-Azam.jpg

Syed Mustafa Kamal

October 17, 2005 February 2010 Nasreen Jalil MQM
Commissioner System was implemented during 2010 - 2016

Sindh Local Government Act 2013[edit]

The Sindh Local Government Act was passed in 2013, which further carved the city into 6 districts. two new districts of Korangi and Malir were formed. The Sindh Local Government Act also proposed the formation of 7th district called 'district counsel' which comprises the rural areas of Karachi and doesn't come under Karachi Metropolitan Corporation. The important Local Bodies and revenue generating machines for Karachi Metropolitan Corporation (KMC) like KW&SB (Water Board), KDA, KBCA etc were removed from KMC and merged with the Sindh province. The powers of mayor under new act were greatly reduced compared with the one passed in 2000.

In 2014, Supreme court ordered the provinces to restore Local Government system and following the court's decision, Government of Sindh finally agreed to conduct Local Government elections on December 15th 2015. The mayor election was held on August 24th 2016 and as a result, Waseem Akhtar was elected as the city's mayor by securing 208 out of 294 (304) votes in his favor[3]. People's party candidate secured second position with total 100 votes.

Waseem Akhter was crowned mayor of Karachi on August 30, 2016. Ceremony was held at Polo Ground.

List of Mayors in Karachi
No. Name of nazim Starting term Ending term Deputy Mayor Political Party
28 Waseem Akhtar August 30, 2016 present Dr. Arshad A Vohra MQM

Karachi Local Government 2015 election results[edit]

Circle frame.svg
  MQM (62.9%)
  PPP (12.2%)
  PML(N) (8.8%)
  PTI (4.8%)
  JI (3.4%)
  others (7.8%)

The following are the results of Karachi Local Government Election 2015 according to Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) [4]

Parties KMC Malir East West Central South Korangi
MQM 129 1 18 21 50 11 28
PPP 25 5 6 4 1 9 0
PML(N) 18 3 1 9 0 4 1
PTI 10 0 2 4 0 2 2
JI 7 1 2 3 0 1 0
Others 16 3 2 5 0 4 2
Total 205 13 31 46 51 31 33

Oath taking controversy[edit]

PTI Karachi leader Faisal Vawda submitted petition for the disqualification of Karachi mayor-elect Waseem Akhter few hours before his oath taking ceremony in the Sindh High Court[5]. Sindh High Court withdrew his production orders and all sessions judges in Karachi were stopped from administering the oath after not getting clearance from the Sindh High Court[6]. Faisal Wavda petition was later rejected and second production orders were issued[7].

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