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The Mayor of Salem is the head of the municipal government in Salem, Massachusetts. There was no Mayor of Salem until the city charter was accepted on March 23, 1836, because up to that point Salem was still incorporated as a town.


# Mayor Picture Term Party Notes
1st Leverett Saltonstall Leverett Saltonstall I.png 1836–1838 Whig First mayor under the original city charter,
(which included a bicameral legislative body).
From 1836 to 1856 the Municipal year ended on the second Monday in March.
2nd Stephen C. Phillips Stephen Clarendon Phillips.png 1838–1842 Whig
3rd Stephen Palfrey Webb 1842–1845 Whig Also served as the twelfth Mayor of Salem. From 1842–1845 Webb served as the sixth Mayor of San Francisco
4th Joseph S. Cabot 1845–1849 Whig
5th Nathaniel Silsbee, Jr. 1849–1851 Whig
6th David Pingree 1851–1852 Independent
7th Charles Wentworth Upham Charles Wentworth Upham.png 1852–1853 Whig
8th Asahel Huntington Asahel Huntington.png 1853–1854 Know Nothing
9th Joseph Andrews 1854–1856 Know Nothing From 1856 to 1874 inclusive the Municipal year ended on the Fourth Monday in January.
10th William S. Messervy 1856–1858 Democratic
11th Nathaniel Silsbee, Jr. 1858–1859 Republican
12th Stephen Palfrey Webb 1860–1862 Republican Second time as Mayor of Salem. From 1842–1845 Webb served as the sixth Mayor of San Francisco
13th Stephen G. Wheatland 1863–1864 Democratic
14th Joseph B. F. Osgood Joseph B.F. Osgood.png 1865–1865 Democratic
15th David Roberts January 1866 – September 26, 1867 Republican Roberts resigned as a result of disagreement with the Board of Aldermen.
16th William Cogswell William Cogswell2.jpg September 26, 1867–1869 Republican
17th Nathanial Brown 1870–1871 None
18th Samuel Calley 1872–1872 Republican
19th William Cogswell William Cogswell2.jpg 1873–1875 Republican From 1875 on the Municipal year ends on the First Monday in January.
20th Henry Laurens Williams 1875–1876 None
21st Henry K. Oliver Henry K. Oliver.png 1877–1880 Republican
22nd Samuel Calley 1881–1882 Republican
23rd William M. Hill 1883–1884 None
24th Arthur L. Huntington 1885–1885 None
25th John M. Raymond 1886–1887 None
26th Robert S. Rantoul Robert S. Rantoul.png 1890–1893 Democratic
27th James H. Turner 1894–1897 None
28th David P. Waters 1898–1898 None
29th James H. Turner 1899–1899 None
30th David M. Little 1900–1900 None
31st John F. Hurley 1901–1902 None
32nd Joseph N. Peterson Joseph N. Peterson.png 1903–1905 Republican
33rd Thomas G. Pinnock 1906–1907 Republican
34th John F. Hurley 1908–1909 None
35th Arthur Howard 1910–1910 None
36th Rufus D. Adams 1911–1912 Republican Last mayor under the Original (1836) city charter.
37th John F. Hurley 1913–1915 First Mayor under the second city charter adopted in November 1912.
Was Recalled by the voters December 29, 1914.
38th Mathias J. O'Keefe 1915–1915 Elected to finish out John F. Hurley's three-year term

in the December 29, 1914 election that recalled Mayor Hurley.

39th Henry P. Benson 1916–1917 Last Mayor under the second (1912) city charter
(Commission form of Government).
40th Denis J. Sullivan Denis J. Sullivan Mayor of Salem, Mass.png 1918–1923 First Mayor under the January 3, 1916 (Plan B) city charter.
41st George J. Bates George J. Bates.png 1924–1937 Republican Served in U.S. House from January 3, 1937 – November 1, 1949.
42nd Edward A. Coffey 1938–1947 Republican
43rd Joseph B. Harrington 1948–1949 Democratic
44th Francis X. Collins 1950–1969 Democratic
45th Samuel Edward Zoll 1970–1973 Democratic
46th Jean A. Levesque 1973–1983 Republican
47th Anthony V. Salvo 1984–1989 Democratic
48th Neil J. Harrington 1990–1997 Democratic
49th Stanley J. Usovicz, Jr. 1998–2005 Democratic
50th Kim Driscoll January 2006 – Democratic

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