List of mayors of Vienna

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Mayor of Vienna
Wien Wappen.svg
Official Seal of Vienna
Michael Haeupl.png
Michael Häupl

since 7 November 1994
Inaugural holder Konrad Poll
Formation 1282/1920

This is a list of Mayors of Vienna since 1282.

Duchy and Archduchy of Austria[edit]

Habsburg Monarchy[edit]

Austrian Empire and Austria-Hungary[edit]

First Austrian Republic[edit]

# Picture Mayor Term start Term end Party
1 Weiskirchner Richard.png Richard Weiskirchner 1918 1919 Christian Social Party
2 Altbürgermeister Jakob Reumann.jpg Jakob Reumann 1919 1923 Social Democratic Party

Mayors and State governors of Vienna[edit]

In 1921, the city of Vienna, thus far a part of the Lower Austria, was constituted as a separate state of Austria. Thus the mayors also became State governors.
# Picture Mayor Term start Term end Party
First Republic
1 Altbürgermeister Jakob Reumann.jpg Jakob Reumann 1921 1923 Social Democratic Party
2 Karl Seitz cropped.JPG Karl Seitz 1923 1934 Social Democratic Party
3 No image.svg Richard Schmitz 1934 1938 Fatherland Front
Nazi Germany
4 No image.svg Hermann Neubacher 1938 1940 National Socialist German Workers' Party
5 No image.svg Philipp Wilhelm Jung 1940 1943 National Socialist German Workers' Party
6 No image.svg Hanns Blaschke 1943 1945 National Socialist German Workers' Party
Second Republic
7 No image.svg Rudolf Prikryl 1945 1945 Independent
8 Theodor Körner.jpg Theodor Körner 1945 1951 Social Democratic Party
9 Franz Jonas.jpg Franz Jonas 1951 1965 Social Democratic Party
10 Bundesarchiv Bild 183-E0314-0011-002, Bruno Marek, Gabriele Seyfert, Wolfgang Schwarz.jpg Bruno Marek 1965 1970 Social Democratic Party
11 No image.svg Felix Slavik 1970 1973 Social Democratic Party
12 Leopold Gratz (1971).jpg Leopold Gratz 1973 1984 Social Democratic Party
13 Werner Faymann und Helmut Zilk (2721381223).jpg Helmut Zilk 1984 1994 Social Democratic Party
14 Michael Haeupl.png Michael Häupl 1994 Incumbent Social Democratic Party

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