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Stadthaus Zürich
Rudolf Brun, first mayor (1336–1360)
Coat of arms of Zürich

The mayor of the Swiss city of Zürich (Stadtpräsident von Zürich) presides the city council (Stadtrat). The office of mayor (Bürgermeister) was introduced with the guild revolution of 1336, and held by Rudolf Brun until 1360. It was abolished in the Helvetic Republic (1798–1803). In 1803, the title of Bürgermeister was given to the head of the cantonal government, and the office of the city mayor was renamed to Stadtpräsident).

Bürgermeister (1336–1798)[edit]

After its accession to the Swiss Confederacy in 1351, Zürich was divided in its loyalties between its alliance with the Confederacy and the ties of its patriciate to the House of Habsburg. The guilds enforced a number of concessions from the pro-Habsburg patriciate in 1373, among other things the reduction of the power of the office of the mayor. From this time, Zürich had two elected mayors, who alternately were in office for half a year. The same conflict erupted once again in the so-called "Schöno dispute" (Schöno-Handel) in 1393, in which the pro-Habsburg mayor Rudolf Schön (Schöno) was deposed by the pro-Confederate guilds and the constitution was changed again to reduce the mayor's influence.

Term Bürgermeister Born–died
1336–1360 Rudolf Brun (d. 1360)
1360–1384 Rüdiger Manesse (d. 1384)
1384 Johannes Vink (d. 1392)
1384–1390 Rudolf Schwend (d. 1390)
1390–1393 Rudolf Schön (d. 1412)
1392/3 Johannes Manesse (d. 1393)
1393 Heinrich Meiss (d. 1427)
1393–1409 Johannes Meyer von Knonau (d. 1409)
1409 Johannes Herter (d. 1409)
1414/5 Pantaleon ab Inkenberg
1415–1427 Jakob Glentner (d. 1430)
1427–1429 Felix Manesse (d. 1434)
1429–1434 Rudolf Stüssi (d. 1443)
1434–1439 Rudolf Meiss (d. 1439)
1439–1441 Jakob Schwarzmurer
1441–1442 Johannes Schwend
1442–1445 Heinrich Schwend
1445–1454 Johannes Keller
1454–1469 Rudolf von Cham
1469–1475 Heinrich Röist
1475–1483 Heinrich Göldli
1483–1489 Hans Waldmann (1435–1489)
1489 Konrad Schwend
1489–1499 Felix Brennwald
1499–1502 Rudolf Escher
1502–1505 Matthias Wyss
1505–1510 Marx Röist (1454–1524)
1510–1524 Felix Schmid
1524 Heinrich Walder
1524–1542 Diethelm Röist
1542–1544 Johannes Haab
1544–1557 Joh. Rudolf Lavater
1795–1798 David von Wyss (1763–1839)

From 1803–1850 the title of Bürgermeister was held by the cantonal government, while the title of the city's mayor was changed to Stadtpräsident.

Stadtpräsident (1803 to present)[edit]

Mayor of Zürich (Stadtpräsident von Zürich)
1890–1909 Hans Konrad Pestalozzi (1848–1909)
1909–1917 Robert Billeter (1857–1917)FDP/PRD
1917–1928 Hans Nägeli (1865–1945)Demokraten
1928–1942 Emil Klöti (1877–1963)SPS/PSS
1942–1944 Ernst Nobs (1886–1957)SPS/PSS
1944–1949 Adolf Lüchinger (1894–1949)SPS/PSS
1949–1966 Emil Landolt (1895–1995)FDP/PRD
1966–1982 Sigmund Widmer (1919–2003)LdU
1982–1990 Thomas Wagner (born 1943)FDP/PRD
1990–2002 Josef Estermann (born 1947)SPS/PSS
2002–2009 Elmar Ledergerber (born 1944)SPS/PSS
2009–present Corine Mauch (born 1960)SPS/PSS


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