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A patty prepared from crushed soybean, avocado, tomato and beetroot

This is a list of meat substitutes. A meat substitute, also called a meat analogue, approximates certain aesthetic qualities (primarily texture, flavor and appearance) or chemical characteristics of a specific meat. Substitutes are often based on soybeans (such as tofu and tempeh), gluten, or peas.[1] Whole legumes are often used as a protein source in vegetarian dishes, but are not listed here.

Meat substitutes[edit]





Tempeh is a traditional soy product originally from Indonesia that is prepared by a natural culturing and controlled fermentation process that binds soybeans into a cake form.
Cubes of young green jackfruit pulp sold as a meat substitute
  • Eggplant
  • Jackfruit, a fruit whose flesh has a similar texture to pulled pork when cooked


  • Burmese tofu, which is made from water, chickpea flour and turmeric.
  • Falafel, a traditional Middle Eastern bean fritter, believed to have been created by ancient Copts as a meat substitute during Lent
  • Ganmodoki, a traditional Japanese tofu based dish similar to veggie burgers
Thawed and sliced frozen tofu
Tempeh burger served in a restaurant



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