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Medical education in Australia is provided by the medical schools and faculties of various universities, accreditation for which is provided by the Australian Medical Council. There are both undergraduate and graduate medical programs; the former require the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT) whereas the latter require the Graduate Australian Medical School Admissions Test (GAMSAT), or the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT).

Current medical schools[edit]

State/territory School City Est. First Class Current Degree(s) Previous Degree(s) Notes Admissions Test
Australian Capital Territory Australian National University Canberra 2004 MChD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
New South Wales Sydney Medical School Camperdown, Sydney 1883[1] 1888[1] MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
New South Wales University of New South Wales Kensington, Sydney 1960[2] 1967[3] BMedSt/MD[4] MBBS UCAT
New South Wales Western Sydney University Campbelltown, Sydney 2007 2011 BClinSci/MD MBBS UCAT
New South Wales University of Wollongong Wollongong 2006[5] 2007 MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
New South Wales University of Newcastle
University of New England
1982 (BMed at UoN)[7]
2012 (BMed — Joint Medical Program at UoN & UNE)
BMedSc/MD[8] BMed[9]
New South Wales University of Notre Dame School of Medicine, Sydney Darlinghurst, Sydney 2008[10][11] 2011[12] MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
New South Wales Macquarie University School of Medicine Sydney 2018 MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
Queensland Bond University Faculty of Health Sciences and Medicine Gold Coast 2005[13] 2009[14] BMedSt/MD MBBS
Queensland Griffith University School of Medicine Southport, Gold Coast

Birtinya, Sunshine Coast
2004[15] 2008[15] MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
Queensland James Cook University School of Medicine and Dentistry Townsville 2000[16] 2005[16] MBBS
Queensland University of Queensland School of Medicine Herston, Brisbane 1936[17] MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT/UCAT
South Australia University of Adelaide Medical School Adelaide 1885[18] BMedSt/MD MBBS UCAT
South Australia Flinders University School of Medicine Adelaide 1974[19] BClinSci/MD, MD BMBS GAMSAT/UCAT/MCAT
Tasmania University of Tasmania School of Medicine Hobart 1965[20] BMedSc/MD MBBS UCAT/MCAT
Victoria Melbourne Medical School Parkville, Melbourne 1862 MD[21] BMedSc/MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
Victoria Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Clayton, Melbourne 1958 1966 BMedSc/MD MBBS (Hons) UCAT
Victoria Deakin University School of Medicine Geelong 2008 2011 MD BMBS GAMSAT/MCAT
Western Australia University of Notre Dame School of Medicine, Fremantle Fremantle 2005 2008[22] MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT
Western Australia University of Western Australia School of Medicine Perth 1956[23] MD MBBS GAMSAT/MCAT/UCAT
Western Australia Curtin University Curtin Medical School Bentley 2017 MBBS UCAT

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