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This is a list of Serbian manuscripts (Serbian: Srpski rukopisi), containing important works attributed to Serbia or Serbs. The majority of works are theological, with a few biographies and constitutions. The works were written in Cyrillic, except some early works in the Glagolitic script.

The number of early Serbian manuscripts, that is, those made before the end of the 14th century, is estimated at 800–1,000. The number of Serbian manuscripts dating between the 12th and 17th centuries that are located outside Serbia is estimated at 4,000–5,000. The largest number of the manuscripts are located in Europe. The largest and most important collection is housed at the Hilandar on Mount Athos. Next, the second largest collection is most likely found in Russia, where hundreds of manuscripts are held.[1] The Digital National Library of Serbia (abbr. NBS/НБС) has digitalized several manuscripts, included at their website.

Middle Ages[edit]

Work Date Author or editor Description Digital copy
Codex Marianus Codex Marianus, fol 36r.jpg 975–1025 Unknown Gospel Book (In Glagolitic)
Ostromir Gospels OstromirovoEvangelie.png 1056–57 Unknown Gospel Book
Grškovićev odlomak Apostola 12th century Unknown (In Glagolitic)
Mihanovićev odlomak 12th century Unknown (In Glagolitic)
Miroslav's Gospel Miroslav's Gospel 001.jpg 1185–86 Grigorije the Pupil for Miroslav of Hum Gospel Book at NBS
Charter of Hilandar 1189 Stefan Nemanja and Saint Sava Charter
Karyes Typicon Karyes Typicon and Sava's signature.jpg 1199 Saint Sava Typicon
Charter of Hilandar (II) Charter of Hilandar, revision.jpg 1200–01 Stefan the First-Crowned Charter (revision)
The Life of St. Symeon (Vita Simeonis) 1208 Saint Sava Hagiography (biography)
Studenica Typicon Studenica Typicon.jpg 1208 Saint Sava Typicon at NBS
Vukan's Gospel Vukan's Gospel, miniature.jpg 1202–08 Monk Symeon for Vukan Gospel Book
Psaltir Typicon 1200s Saint Sava Typicon
Letter to hegumen Spiridon 1200s Saint Sava Personal letter
Belgrade Prophetologion 1200s unknown Lectionary
The Life of St. Symeon 1216 Stefan the First-Crowned Biography
Zakonopravilo (St. Sava's Nomocanon) Savino Zakonopravilo - Ilovichki prepis, 1262.jpg 1219 Saint Sava Civil law and canon law (medieval constitution).
Bratko Menaion 1234 Monk Bratko Menaion
The Life of St. Sava 1242–43 Domentijan Biography
Ston charter 1253 Stefan Uroš I Charter
Dragolj Code 1259 Monk Dragolj Illuminated manuscript
The Life of St. Sava[2] The Life of St. Sava (by Teodosije), 1739 transcript.jpg 1261 Teodosije the Hilandarian Biography[3]
The Life of St. Symeon 1264 Domentijan the Hilandarian Biography[3]
Belgrade Macedonian Oktoih 13th century
Trebnik 13th century
March menaion 13th century
Hagiography 13th century Saint Sava Hagiography
Časoslov 1300–10
Život kralja Milutina (Life of King Milutin) 1323–26 Danilo II Biography
Život Stefana Dečanskog (Life of Stefan of Dečani) 1331– Danilo II Biography
Život arhiepiskopa Danila II after 1337 Danilo II's pupil Biography
Život kraljeva i arhiepiskopa srpskih 1337–40 Danilo II Biography
Life of St. Arsenije 1324–37 Danilo II Biography
Rodoslov (carostavnik) 1337 Archbishop Nikodim Biography
Dušan's Code 1349 Emperor Dušan Constitution
Nikola Stanjević Gospel 1350 Monk Feoktist Gospel Book
Dorotej 1370
Charter of Ravanica 1381 Prince Lazar Charter
The Serbian Alexandreid 14th century Life of Alexander the Great
Nikoljsko jevanđelje 14th century Gospel book, located in Ireland (Dublin RU 147)
Munich Serbian Psalter 1370–1395 Illuminated psalter
Oxford Serbian Psalter late 14th century Psalter
February Menaion
Life of St. Stefan of Dečani 1402–09 Grergory Tsamblak Biography
Karlovački rodoslov 1418–27
Radoslav's Gospel (Radoslavljevo jevanđelje) 1429 scribe Radoslav Gospel Book, located at the National Library of Russia in St. Petersburg at NBS
Charter to St. Paul Monastery[2] 1430 George Brankovic Charter
Služabnik 1453 Located in the National Library of Serbia (RS 538)
Varaždin Apostol 1454 three transcribers Apostol (Acts of the Apostles and the New Testament epistles)
Dečani chronicle second half of the 15th century 18th-century transcription
Cetinje Octoechos 1494 Hieromonk Makarije Octoechos
Rodoslov 15th century Konstantin Kostenski Biography
Bogorodičnik 15th century Theotokarion held in Hilandar.[4]
Goražde Psalter 1521 Teodor Ljubavić Printed psalter

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