List of medieval and early modern gunpowder artillery

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A wide variety of gunpowder artillery weapons were created in the medieval and early modern period.


Name Image Notes
Base A long, narrow 15th-16th century cannon[1]
Culverin 40KgWroughtIronMurderer1410France.jpg A long-range cannon, first mentioned in 1410[2]
Curtall cannon A type of cannon with a short barrel.[3]
Demi-culverin Demi-culverin-circa-1587.jpg A medium cannon, smaller than a culverin
Drake A 3-pounder cannon; alternatively, an adjective to describe a lighter variant of another cannon.[4]
Falconet HalfMoonFalconet.jpg A light cannon
Minion A small cannon used in the 16th and 17th centuries
Portpiece A large naval cannon
Saker Saker.jpg A medium cannon firing a 5 to 8 lb shot[5]
Serpentine [ru] T3- d353 - Fig. 211 — Serpentine de Charles-le-Téméraire.png A cannon similar to a culverin[6]
Sling A long, narrow 17th century cannon[7]


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