List of members of the Parliament of Norway, 1997–2001

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List of all members of Stortinget (the Norwegian Parliament) in the period 1997 to 2001. The list includes all those elected to Stortinget.

There were a total of 165 representatives, distributed among 65 to Norwegian Labour Party, 25 to Christian Democrats, 25 to Progress Party, 23 to Conservative Party, 11 to Centre Party, 9 to Socialist Left Party, 6 to Venstre and 1 to the Coastal Party.

The 8 Leveling seats went to Akershus (2), Hedmark (1), Hordaland (1), Oslo (2) and Rogaland (2).


Name Party Comments
Gunnar Halvorsen Norwegian Labour Party
Åse Gunhild Woie Duesund Christian Democrats
Torbjørn Andersen Progress Party
Liv Marit Moland Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments
Jon Lilletun Christian Democrats Appointed to the cabinet. Dagrun Eriksen became his representative.
Aud Blattmann Norwegian Labour Party
Vidar Kleppe Progress Party
Ansgar Gabrielsen Conservative Party
Anne Brit Stråtveit Christian Democrats


2 Leveling seats.

Name Party Comments
Anneliese Dørum Norwegian Labour Party Died 4 November 2000, Rikke Lind took her place
Jan Petersen Conservative Party
Fridtjof Frank Gundersen Progress Party Independent from 5 February 2001.
Vidar Bjørnstad Norwegian Labour Party
Sonja Irene Sjøli Conservative Party
Kjell Engebretsen Norwegian Labour Party
Valgerd Svarstad Haugland Christian Democrats Appointed to cabinet. Einar Holstad became his representative.
Ursula Evje Progress Party
Grethe Fossli Norwegian Labour Party
Jan Tore Sanner Conservative Party
Rolf Reikvam Socialist Left Party
Sverre Myrli Norwegian Labour Party
Terje Johansen Venstre
Anne Enger Lahnstein Centre Party Appointed to the cabinet. Tron Erik Hovind became her representative.


Name Party Comments
Thorbjørn Jagland Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Frank Willy Larsen became his representative.
Kirsti Kolle Grøndahl Norwegian Labour Party
Ulf Erik Knudsen Progress Party
Trond Helleland Conservative Party
Erik Dalheim Norwegian Labour Party
Finn Kristian Marthinsen Christian Democrats
Sigrun Eng Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments
Karl Eirik Schjøtt-Pedersen Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Alf E. Jakobsen became his representative.
Mimmi Bæivi Norwegian Labour Party
Olav Gunnar Ballo Socialist Left Party
Randi Karlstrøm Christian Democrats


1 Leveling seat.

Name Party Comments
Sylvia Brustad Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Erling Brandsnes became her representative.
Einar Olav Skogholt Norwegian Labour Party
Eirin Faldet Norwegian Labour Party
Ola D. Gløtvold Centre Party
Per Roar Bredvold Progress Party
Grethe G. Fossum Norwegian Labour Party
Åse Wisløff Nilssen Christian Democrats
Bjørn Hernæs Conservative Party
Karin Andersen Socialist Left Party


1 Leveling seat.

Name Party Comments
Grete Knudsen Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Gard Folkvord became her representative.
Are Næss Christian Democrats
Hans J. Røsjorde Progress Party
Ranveig Frøiland Norwegian Labour Party
Oddvard Nilsen Conservative Party
Olav Akselsen Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Sigurd Grytten became his representative.
Anita Apelthun Sæle Christian Democrats
Terje Knudsen Progress Party Independent since 16 March 2001.
Lars Sponheim Venstre Appointed to cabinet. Harald Hove became his representative.
Erna Solberg Conservative Party
John Dale Centre Party
Leif Lund Norwegian Labour Party
Ågot Valle Socialist Left Party
Rita Tveiten Norwegian Labour Party
Ingebrigt S. Sørfonn Christian Democrats
May Britt Vihovde Venstre

Møre og Romsdal[edit]

Name Party Comments
Laila Kaland Norwegian Labour Party
Kjell Magne Bondevik Christian Democrats Statsminister i regjeringen Bondevik 1. Modulf Aukan møtte.
Lodve Solholm Progress Party
Asmund Kristoffersen Norwegian Labour Party
Petter Løvik Conservative Party
May-Helen Molvær Grimstad Christian Democrats
Gudmund Restad Centre Party Appointed to cabinet. Jørgen Holte became his representative.
Karita Bekkemellem Orheim Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Ottar Kaldhol became her representative.
Leif Helge Kongshaug Venstre
Harald T. Nesvik Progress Party


Name Party Comments
Hill-Marta Solberg Norwegian Labour Party
Breimo, Gunnar Norwegian Labour Party
Jan Sahl Christian Democrats
Kenneth Svendsen Progress Party
Odd Roger Enoksen Centre Party
Torny Pedersen Norwegian Labour Party
Ivar Kristiansen Conservative Party
Inge Myrvoll Socialist Left Party
Odd Eriksen Norwegian Labour Party
Steinar Bastesen Coastal Party Tverrpolitisk Folkevalgte
Kari Økland Christian Democrats
Tomas Norvoll Norwegian Labour Party


Name Party Comments
Haakon Blankenborg Norwegian Labour Party
Berit Brørby Norwegian Labour Party
Marit Tingelstad Centre Party
Torstein Rudihagen Norwegian Labour Party
Rigmor Kofoed-Larsen Christian Democrats
Thore A. Nistad Progress Party
Reidun Gravdahl Norwegian Labour Party


2 Leveling seats.

Name Party Comments
Jens Stoltenberg Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Anders Hornslien became his representative.
Per-Kristian Foss Conservative Party
Carl I. Hagen Progress Party
Marit Nybakk Norwegian Labour Party
Kristin Krohn Devold Conservative Party
Bjørn Tore Godal Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Shahbaz Tariq became his representative.
Kristin Halvorsen Socialist Left Party
Dag Danielsen Progress Party Independent since 2 February 2001.
Lars Rise Christian Democrats
Britt Hildeng Norwegian Labour Party
Inge Lønning Conservative Party
Rune E. Kristiansen Norwegian Labour Party
Siv Jensen Progress Party
Annelise Høegh Conservative Party
Inger Lise Husøy Norwegian Labour Party
Odd Einar Dørum Venstre Appointed to cabinet. Helene Falch Fladmark became his representative.
Erik Solheim Socialist Left Party


2 Leveling seats.

Name Party Comments
Tore Nordtun Norwegian Labour Party
Einar Steensnæs Christian Democrats
Jan Simonsen Progress Party
Jan Johnsen Conservative Party
Oddbjørg Ausdal Starrfelt Norwegian Labour Party
Hilde Frafjord Johnson Christian Democrats Appointed to cabinet. Olaf Gjedrem became her representative.
Øyvind Vaksdal Progress Party
Jan Petter Rasmussen Norwegian Labour Party
Magnhild Meltveit Kleppa Centre Party Appointed to cabinet. Unn Aarrestad became his representative.
Inger Stolt-Nielsen Conservative Party Coastal Party fra 21. mars 2001.
Gunnar Kvassheim Venstre
Hallgeir H. Langeland Socialist Left Party

Sogn og Fjordane[edit]

Name Party Comments
Kjell Opseth Norwegian Labour Party
Lars Gunnar Lie Christian Democrats
Jorunn Ringstad Centre Party
Astrid Marie Nistad Norwegian Labour Party
Sverre J. Hoddevik Conservative Party


Name Party Comments
Sigvald Oppebøen Hansen Norwegian Labour Party
Gunn Olsen Norwegian Labour Party
John I. Alvheim Progress Party
Bror Yngve Rahm Christian Democrats
Bent Hegna Norwegian Labour Party
Ingvald Godal Conservative Party


Name Party Comments
Bendiks H. Arnesen Norwegian Labour Party
Synnøve Konglevoll Norwegian Labour Party
Ivar Østberg Christian Democrats
Øyvind Korsberg Progress Party
Tor Nymo Centre Party
Svein Ludvigsen Conservative Party


Name Party Comments
Bjarne Håkon Hanssen Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Karin Kjølmoen became his representative.
Johan J. Jakobsen Centre Party
Aud Gaundal Norwegian Labour Party
Arne Lyngstad Christian Democrats
Jon Olav Alstad Norwegian Labour Party
Per Sandberg Progress Party


Name Party Comments
Gunhild Øyangen Norwegian Labour Party
Trond Giske Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Tore Nordseth became his representative.
Børge Brende Conservative Party
Christopher Stensaker Progress Party
Ola T. Lånke Christian Democrats
Gunn Karin Gjul Norwegian Labour Party
Morten Lund Centre Party
Ola Røtvei Norwegian Labour Party
Øystein Djupedal Socialist Left Party
Siri Frost Sterri Conservative Party


Name Party Comments
Jørgen Kosmo Norwegian Labour Party Appointed to cabinet. Karin Lian became his representative.
Per Ove Width Progress Party
Ole Johs. Brunæs Conservative Party
Anne Helen Rui Norwegian Labour Party
Elsa Skarbøvik Christian Democrats
Dag Terje Andersen Norwegian Labour Party
Per Erik Monsen Progress Party


Valgte representatives:

Name Party Comments
Gunnar Skaug Norwegian Labour Party
Ane Sofie Tømmerås Norwegian Labour Party
Øystein Hedstrøm Progress Party
Odd Holten Christian Democrats
Kjellaug Nakkim Conservative Party
Tom Thoresen Norwegian Labour Party
Signe Øye Norwegian Labour Party
Jørn L. Stang Progress Party Independent since 22 March 2001.